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New life for elephants in Nyika National Park

elephants leaving container, boma, translocation, Malawi

In early August, 34 elephants were translocated from Liwonde National Park to Nyika National Park, Malawi, in an effort to bolster the viability of the resident herd and fast-track recovery of critical numbers.

Malaysia seizes nearly $1 million in trafficked wildlife at airport

malaysia-pangolin-ivory-© Aqeela / TRAFFIC

Malaysia makes its eighth seizure of African pangolin scales and elephant ivory this year as a shipment was intercepted last Sunday.

No hunting permit for Kebbel the lion, says Namibian minister

male lion, Kebbel ('XPL81'), Namibia ©Inki Mandt

Amidst international and local pressure, Namibian Minister of the Environment and Tourism (MET) Pohamba Shifeta has stated to the Republikein newspaper that he has not issued a permit to trophy hunt Kebbel, the last remaining adult lion in the Sesfontein Conservancy in Namibia.

Rhino poaching: “We can make a difference,” say Vietnamese youth

The Wild Rhino demand reduction campaign focuses on tapping into the minds of Vietnamese youth and motivating change before it is too late to still save Africa’s iconic rhino.

Guests safe after elephant rolls vehicle in Namibia

© Gondwana Collection Namibia

In a rare elephant charge in Bwabwata National Park in the Zambezi region, Namibia, one of Namushasha’s game drive vehicles was overturned.

Tsavo ‘Super Tusker’, Ndawe, dies after multiple spear wounds

©Taru Carr-Hartley (left), ©Clifford Pickett (right). Source: www.biglife.org

Ndawe was the missing link, the proof that we were looking for. We were sure that elephants made the long journey between Tsavo and Amboseli, and he was the confirmation.

Ivory kingpin arrested in Mozambique

The notorious leader of an East African ivory poaching network – Mateso Albana Kasian – has been arrested in Mozambique. Mateso was wanted by both Tanzanian and Mozambican authorities for orchestrating the slaughter of hundreds, possibly thousands, of elephants across southern Tanzania and northern Mozambique since 2012-2013.

Aardvarks taking a beating from climate change

aardvark, Kalahari Desert, South Africa

The aardvark, a highlight for anyone on a game-viewing African safari, will become increasingly rare as the world warms and dries, and the consequences go well beyond a decline in aardvark safari encounters.

Tragedy as trained elephant kills handler in Vic Falls, and is subsequently shot

two elephants and their handlers, Adventure Zone, Vic Falls, Zimbabwe

A 50-year-old trained elephant handler has been killed in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, after he was trampled to death by a domesticated elephant bull.

Hluhluwe lions recaptured after escaping

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (Ezemvelo) has recaptured the eight lions that recently escaped from Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park (HiP) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Kruger lions shot dead

The three lions that escaped from Kruger National Park in South Africa have been shot dead.

Search continues for escaped lions from Kruger NP

SANParks, Kruger National Park

SANParks, together with Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) officials, made every effort yesterday and overnight to lure and catch the four lions that were first sighted wandering near the N4/Crocodile River gorge area which is managed by MTPA.

Escaped lions spotted outside Kruger National Park

SANParks, Kruger National Park

South African National Parks (SANParks) has received information that four male lions believed to have escaped from the Kruger National Park (KNP) last night, 9 July 2017 were spotted at Matsulu, a village outside the Park and would like to urge the residents to exercise extra caution.

Two more lions killed in Namibia

Two lions were shot and killed last week in communal farmland west of Etosha National Park in Namibia. The lions attacked a cow at night, and were killed in retaliation.

Hong Kong seizes 7.2 tonnes of elephant ivory

More than seven tonnes of ivory worth over US$9 million was seized in Hong Kong, officials said Thursday, the largest bust of its kind in the city in three decades.

Lions poisoned for bone trade

Poachers are using bait laced with poison to target and kill lions in Limpopo National Park, Mozambique, for the lion bone trade.

Kruger guest captures striking shot of Singita’s white lion

Singita in the Kruger National Park has shared a captivating pic of its Shangaan pride, which includes its striking white male lion, now almost two-years old.

500kg of horn for sale – rhino owner hosts controversial global online auction

The world’s biggest rhino breeder has announced plans to sell part of his massive stockpile of horns in a global online auction, sparking concern that this could undermine the 40- year-old international ban on rhino horn trading.

Mountain gorilla population bounces back, quadruples to 1000

The largest population of mountain gorillas in the world has grown to four times the size of its once-dwindling number, as poaching has become virtually non-existent among the magnificent apes of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Zimbabwe’s ‘Disneyland’ receives Chinese investment

Zimbabwe just got one step closer to its dream of building a “Disneyland in Africa,” at the site of Victoria Falls, one of the world’s biggest waterfalls.

Alleged rhino poaching brothers win bail, vow to fight US extradition

In South Africa, Dawie Groenewald, his wife Sariette, and nine others, including two vets and professional hunters, have faced a massive total of 1 872 charges since their arrest on World Rhino day, in September 2010.

Authorities excavated the carcasses of 26 rhino at the Groenewald’s Musina farm, Prachtig, that were allegedly illegally hunted and dehorned without permits. To date, the group, known as the Musina Mafia, have managed to stave off prosecution through a number of postponements and delays.

Rise in jumbo population lifts tourism recovery bid

The population of elephants in Maasai Mara and Tsavo parks has increased to 15,360 elephants in three years on reduced poaching, offering a major boost to Kenya’s rebounding tourism sector.

Are elephants more at risk from poaching or habitat loss?

Ivory poaching is the most immediate, urgent threat to Africa’s elephants. But even if that can be tackled, they will have to fight humans for land, food and water.

Two arrested at OR Tambo with rhino horn worth almost R5m

Two Chinese nationals who were arrested for attempting to smuggle 10 rhino horns out of the country in violation of international laws, appeared in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Man dies as elephant falls on his car in Victoria Falls

A 44-year-old man has died after an elephant fell on top of his car in Victoria Falls, reports said Tuesday.

Rhino anti-poaching good cop being set up?

Warrant officer JP van Zyl-Roux is facing an internal disciplinary hearing this week for allegedly failing to hand over a docket to anti-corruption investigators‚ having private firearms at work and bringing the force into disrepute.

Breaking news: R.I.P Tullamore, the last lion of the 5 Musketeers

Tullamore, the last of the famous ‘5 musketeers’ desert lions of northern Namibia has been killed in the Okongue area, along with a lioness and two cubs, in the ongoing battle between rural cattle farmers and free-roaming lions. The lions were

Tragic news: Rhino kills ecologist

It is with utmost regret that I inform you that Krisztián Gyöngyi was killed this morning by a rhinoceros in Akagera National Park in Rwanda while out tracking animals in the park. Kris was instrumental in supporting the reintroduction efforts of the black rhino into Friends of Akagera National Park, and was on the ground training rangers how to track and protect them.

China’s ivory ban sparks dramatic drop in prices across Asia

Prices of raw ivory in Vietnam have fallen, which traders are linking to China’s announcement of its domestic ivory ban, according to new research.

Two former circus lions poached at sanctuary

In 2016, 33 lions freed from circuses in Peru and Colombia were transported to South Africa to live out their days in a wildlife refuge. Last week, poachers broke into the sanctuary, killing two of the big cats.

Rhino Conservation Awards 2017 nominations now open

Since 2012, the Rhino Conservation Awards have been held annually, honouring those that put themselves between Africa’s rhinos and those who seek their destruction.

Hunting body president resigns over canned lion dispute

lion in crate, Blood Lions

The president of the Professional Hunting Association of South Africa [Phasa], Stan Burger, unexpectedly announced his resignation on Tuesday with immediate effect.

Kruger invites public opinions at city meetings

SANParks, Kruger National Park

To broaden the consultation process for the Management Plan review, the Kruger National Park (KNP) will hold structured meetings at major cities in the country from 17 to 27 May 2017 and would like to invite interested members of the public to come and give input.

No golden bullet to eliminate poaching in the Kruger National Park

Defense Web, anti-poaching

In spite of a drop in rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park, South African National Parks (SANParks) officials have cautioned that there is no single solution to eliminate wildlife poaching and a wide variety of tools are needed to address the problem.

Conservationist Kuki Gallmann shot by armed Laikipia raiders, airlifted to Nairobi

Kuki Gallmann

Gunmen wounded Italian-born conservationist Kuki Gallmann at her conservation park in Laikipia on Sunday.

Key SA leopard population ‘crashing’, study warns

leopard, Africa

The leopard population in a region of South Africa once thick with the big cats is crashing, and could be wiped out within a few years, scientists warned on Wednesday.

Search called off for missing hunter after possible remains found in crocodiles

Scott van Zyl

Teams searching in Zimbabwe for missing SA hunter Scott van Zyl, 44, have found what is possibly human remains in two crocodiles they shot.

Permit scheme will control SA rhino horn sales, says DEA

A permit system for the local sale and possession of rhino horn is in place, the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) says.

Giant elephant Satao 2 poached in Tsavo, 6 super tuskers left

SATAO 2 is dead, and another of the last super tuskers left in Africa has been poached, leaving only 6 of these giants in the Tsavo Conservation Area in southern Kenya.

Acclaimed filmmakers gored by buffalo in Botswana

Award-winning filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert were gored by a buffalo on Thursday night in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Rhino orphans released into iSimangaliso

On Monday, three white rhino orphans were peacefully released into their new home within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

Pangolins: Chinese meat banquet under investigation

An investigation will begin in China after online images were found showing local officials enjoying a banquet of pangolin meat – the most trafficked animal in the world.

New species of dwarf lemur discovered in Madagascar

In the forests of northern Madagascar, scientists have discovered a new species of dwarf lemur.

Hunting: the colour game is over

The breeding of wildlife to produce unusually coloured animals, in the hope that hunters would pay a lot more to shoot them, has fallen flat in a spectacular manner — with the practice being widely condemned.

Lion bones: SA public has no time to contest sale

South Africa is about to permit the export of lion bones to produce fake tiger wine but has given the public almost no time to object. The permit will allow an annual export of 800 skeletons to Asia.

Sylvester the lion: released into the wilderness at last

Sylvester the lion has finally been released into the 15,000ha Kuzuko contractual area of Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

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