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NEWS WRAP: 3-month-old baby elephant rescued + pangolins returned to the wild

In the latest news wrap a three-month-old baby elephant has been rescued after being found wandering on its own in the Maputo Special Reserve in Mozambique; three pangolins have been released back into the wild in Malawi after being confiscated; an almost blind collared elephant bull was successfully treated for serious injuries after a suspected tusking by another bull; and South African National Parks (SANParks) has begun dehorning selected rhino cows in the southern reaches of Kruger National Park to reduce the impact of poaching losses on its population.

Rescued baby elephant stabilised, awaits permits for transfer to care centre

A 3-month-old baby elephant found wandering alone in Mozambique has been rescued, and awaits the necessary permits for transfer to a care centre in South Africa, for eventual release back into the wild.

Video: Three pangolins returned to the wild in Malawi

Good news as three pangolins have been successfully released back into the wild in Malawi after being confiscated.

Elephant bull with failing eyesight treated for serious injuries

A collared elephant bull, called Matambu, has been successfully treated for a serious injuries after a suspected tusking by another bull.

Elephant management plan announced for KAZA countries

Elephant management plan announced by southern African countries that host more than 50% of the remaining African savannah elephants.

Giraffes may receive USA protection after lawsuit

Giraffes may at last qualify for USA protection after a lawsuit filed by conservation groups. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that giraffes may qualify for protection under America’s Endangered Species Act.

Another giant elephant taken by trophy hunters

Another blow for Africa’s remaining large-tusked elephants, as trophy hunters kill another massive elephant in Gonarezhou, Zimbabwe. The surgical removal of Africa’s giants continues.

Breaking: STROOP beats media giants to take top film prize

The groundbreaking South African film, STROOP – Journey into the Rhino Horn War, has taken one of the world’s top wildlife prizes, ‘Best of Festival’, at the International Wildlife Film Festival in the United States.

WILDTRUST joins global parties in a bid to stop shark finning

An anti-shark finning letter in a bid to stop finning from being “tolerated” has been signed by 57 signatory parties from academia, retail, fisheries, and the NPO sector.

Kruger citrus farming impact report rated as ‘poor’ – serious questions asked

The Draft Impact Report compiled for the proposed citrus farm near Kruger has been deemed ‘poor in analytical components’ and ‘unsatisfactory because of omissions or inadequacies’ according to Elephants Alive researcher.

Massive rhino dehorning operation in Balule, Greater Kruger

The entire rhino population of Balule (Greater Kruger) has been dehorned, in a massive operation.

Video: The unintended victims of a hidden killer

The piece of looped wire doesn’t look like much. But place this wire in the hands of wildlife poachers, and it becomes one of Africa’s most deadly weapons.

Ride the Beloved Country: Joberg2C mountain biking event empowers communities

This mountain biking event brings genuine empowerment and revenue to local communities. Joberg2C is now 10 years old, and growing from strength to strength.

NEWS WRAP: Singapore seizes record haul of pangolin scales + death row “nuisance” elephant Riff Raff gets a reprieve

In the latest news wrap Singapore has seized 12.9 tonnes of pangolin scales found in a shipping container destined for Vietnam, the biggest seizure of its kind globally in five years; death row “nuisance” elephant Riff Raff gets a reprieve as judge intervenes to prevent shooting; three rhino poachers from the notorious Ndlovu gang were sentenced to an effective 25 years behind bars; and two field rangers were attacked and injured by an elephant in the Kruger National Park while conducting a routine patrol.

Death row “nuisance” elephant Riff Raff gets a reprieve as judge intervenes to prevent shooting

Wildlife groups say Riff Raff is a victim of human-elephant conflict, call for review of decision that would sentence him to death.

NEWS WRAP: World’s largest ivory seizure + captive lion breeding here to stay, says DEA

In this week’s news wrap Vietnamese customs have seized over nine tonnes of ivory in a container shipment from the Republic of Congo, thought to be the largest ivory seizure ever made; the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) has proposed that the captive lion breeding industry should continue; three KwaZulu-Natal rhino poachers have finally been convicted after a 10-year trial; celebrities have called on European Union to protect giraffes from wildlife trade; and Japan is to make carbon dating of ivory mandatory for trade, tightening controls on oft-criticised market.

Captive lion breeding is here to stay, says DEA

The Department of Environmental Affairs has rejected the Portfolio Committee’s resolution to end the captive breeding of lions.

New research study looks to empower Namibian communities to champion environmental conservation

A new environmental research and education organisation will work with rural communities in Namibia to promote nature and wildlife conservation.

Luxury lodge closes as loggers move in to make way for dam in Selous Game Reserve

Azura Selous, a luxury game lodge situated along the banks of the Great Ruaha River in the remote Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania, has announced its sudden closure due to the unexpected arrival of loggers in the area.

Botswana government questions elephant survey report by Elephants Without Borders

Botswana’s government has questioned a new report by Elephants Without Borders detailing their 2018 elephant aerial survey.

Namibia culls hyenas to save its wild / feral horses

Shooting hyenas to save wild horses raises heated debate about whether conservation authorities should intervene between endemic wildlife and ‘feral’ animals.

Video: Elephant experts condemn Zimbabwe’s inhumane capture of wild baby elephants for Chinese zoos

Elephant experts condemn Zimbabwe’s inhumane capture of wild baby elephants for Chinese zoos as video emerges showing animals in distress.

Hunting ban in Botswana should be lifted says government committee, and elephants culled

Hunting ban should be lifted and elephants culled, says Botswana’s government committee. Other recommendations include growth of the hunting industry, some animal migration routes closed and human-wildlife conflict strategies implemented.

NEWS WRAP: ‘Ivory Queen’ sentenced to 15 years + rangers get closer to capturing escaped lion

In this week’s news wrap a prominent Chinese businesswoman dubbed the “Ivory Queen” was sentenced to 15 years in prison by a Tanzanian court for smuggling the tusks of more than 350 elephants; rangers have edged closer to catching a lion that has escaped Karoo National Park; four alleged rhino poachers, including a SANParks employee, were arrested in Kruger National Park; and China’s efforts to ban ivory trade have received worldwide acclaim as the effects of its strict measures are starting to be felt.

Researchers discover tiny new frog species in Ethiopia

A new species of puddle frog has just been discovered by researchers on the unexplored and isolated Bibita Mountain in southwestern Ethiopia.

Updated rhino poaching stats – what is not being disclosed – comment from award-winning filmmakers

Award-winning filmmakers Susan Scott and Bonné de Bod comment on the latest rhino poaching statistics released by the Department of Environmental Affairs.

Award-winning STROOP now available via download

Acclaimed South African documentary ‘STROOP’ continues award sweep… and releases on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vimeo.

NEWS WRAP: Record seizure of pangolin scales + cameras find lone female elephant roaming Knysna forest

In this week’s news wrap Hong Kong customs have seized a record haul of pangolin scales bound for Vietnam; camera-trap technology has captured what is suspected to be the last elephant in Knysna forest; the South Africa parliament has attacked the Kruger agreement with neighbouring private reserves; Uganda seized ivory and pangolin scales worth an estimated $8 million; 20 endangered vultures die of poisoning near the Maasai Mara; thousands of baby flamingos have been rescued in South Africa as drought has put their breeding ground in peril; and a new widow spider species has been discovered – the first in 29 years.

Pangolin rescued from poachers in Limpopo

Earlier this February, Welgevonden Game Reserve’s anti-poaching unit received word of a pangolin sale which they intercepted, arresting five suspects and detaining two.

Parliament attacks Kruger agreement with neighbouring private reserves

The South African Parliament has strongly criticised South African National Parks for signing a formal agreement on 5th December to ratify a long-standing cooperation arrangement between Kruger National Park and several neighbouring private and community game reserves, which together form an area known as “Greater Kruger”.

Special airlift for flamingo chicks in peril

A special airlift for thousands of baby flamingos is under way in South Africa as drought has put their breeding ground in peril.

First new widow spider species discovered in 29 years

Potentially the largest widow spider in the world has been discovered in the critically endangered sand forest of South Africa.

NEWS WRAP: Six animals electrocuted in Kruger + wildlife trafficking kingpin’s case dismissed

In this week’s news wrap a freak accident in the Kruger National Park has resulted in six animals, including a white rhino and two lions, being electrocuted; a suspected wildlife trafficking kingpin accused of smuggling $1 million worth of rhino horns to Thailand has had the case against him dismissed; two people were arrested at O.R Tambo International Airport after police found R2 million worth of rhino horn hidden in their luggage; and Vietnam customs forces have discovered nearly 1.4 tonnes of pangolin scales and 20 elephant tusks hidden inside a container shipped from Nigeria.

NEWS WRAP: Hong Kong failing to tackle illegal wildlife trade + elephant poaching numbers down in Tanzania

In this week’s news wrap a new study has revealed that Hong Kong’s illegal wildlife trade is contributing to a global extinction crisis; the Tanzanian government announced that elephant poaching has declined in Tanzania’s national parks; China customs dismantled a major ivory trafficking syndicate after arrests were made; and a new Tanzanian reserve has been declared in order to protect invaluable forest.

New Tanzanian reserve declared to protect invaluable forest

A rich forest teeming with unique and endangered wildlife in Tanzania has finally been placed under protection, supported by World Land Trust and other partners.

Video: Third arrest made as China customs dismantle major ivory trafficking syndicate

Chinese authorities have nabbed all three identified members of a major ivory trafficking syndicate first exposed by the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) in 2017.

2 Countries want changes to white rhino CITES listings, to permit trade

Proposed changes in CITES have been released, with Namibia proposing to downlist its population of white rhinos to Appendix II, to allow only international commercial trade in live animals and hunting trophies, and Eswatini seeks to allow unrestricted international commercial trade in all specimens of its white rhino population, which is currently included in Appendix II.

Former Botswana President Khama appointed as founding patron of Tuli Conservation Trust

Tuli Conservation Trust is proud to announce the appointment of former President of Botswana, His Excellency Lieutenant General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama, as its founding patron.

Africa is divided over ivory trade ahead of wildlife meeting

Several African countries with some of the world’s largest elephant populations will push this year for looser controls on legal ivory trade, while another group of countries on the continent says more restrictions are the best way to curb the illegal killing of elephants for their tusks.

World’s rarest duck released back into the wild

A duck thought to be extinct for 15 years has been brought back from the brink and given a new home on a remote lake in Madagascar.

Somaliland wildlife medicine and husbandry: new partnership announced

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) has announced a new international partnership between European and African institutions to enhance Somaliland’s ability to treat and care for confiscated wildlife.

Tragic news: Field ranger killed by elephant in Madikwe Game Reserve

In a tragic incident, a field ranger has died after being attacked by an elephant bull in musth in Madikwe Game Reserve.

4 Elephants die as mercy mission goes wrong during heatwave

Tragedy as four elephant bulls that were causing havoc in the Gravelotte area in Limpopo die during relocation attempt.

Elephant experts respond regarding proposed citrus farm on Kruger border

Elephants Alive has released a comprehensive report regarding the proposed 120ha citrus farm development on the border of the Greater Kruger National Park.

NEWS WRAP: Famous super tusker rescued + 2.8 tonnes of pangolin scales torched

In this week’s news wrap the famous super tusker elephant, Tim, was rescued from certain death; Malaysia torched 2.8 tonnes of African pangolin scales; the Kruger National Park 10-year management plan was approved by acting Environmental Affairs Minister; the lion bone quota was reduced to 800 skeletons from 1,500; an American woman was attacked by a hippo after her canoe capsized on the Zambezi River; an anthrax outbreak in Mana Pools in Zimbabwe has killed 100 impala; and eight West African giraffe have been reintroduced to Gadabedji Biosphere Reserve in Niger after a 50-year absence.

Malaysia torches 2.8 tonnes of African pangolin scales

Malaysia on Thursday torched nearly three tonnes of seized scales of endangered pangolins worth $9 million in a bid to deter illegal wildlife trafficking from Africa.

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