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New Tanzanian reserve declared to protect invaluable forest

A rich forest teeming with unique and endangered wildlife in Tanzania has finally been placed under protection, supported by World Land Trust and other partners.

Video: Third arrest made as China customs dismantle major ivory trafficking syndicate

Chinese authorities have nabbed all three identified members of a major ivory trafficking syndicate first exposed by the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) in 2017.

2 Countries want changes to white rhino CITES listings, to permit trade

Proposed changes in CITES have been released, with Namibia proposing to downlist its population of white rhinos to Appendix II, to allow only international commercial trade in live animals and hunting trophies, and Eswatini seeks to allow unrestricted international commercial trade in all specimens of its white rhino population, which is currently included in Appendix II.

Former Botswana President Khama appointed as founding patron of Tuli Conservation Trust

Tuli Conservation Trust is proud to announce the appointment of former President of Botswana, His Excellency Lieutenant General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama, as its founding patron.

Africa is divided over ivory trade ahead of wildlife meeting

Several African countries with some of the world’s largest elephant populations will push this year for looser controls on legal ivory trade, while another group of countries on the continent says more restrictions are the best way to curb the illegal killing of elephants for their tusks.

World’s rarest duck released back into the wild

A duck thought to be extinct for 15 years has been brought back from the brink and given a new home on a remote lake in Madagascar.

Somaliland wildlife medicine and husbandry: new partnership announced

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) has announced a new international partnership between European and African institutions to enhance Somaliland’s ability to treat and care for confiscated wildlife.

Tragic news: Field ranger killed by elephant in Madikwe Game Reserve

In a tragic incident, a field ranger has died after being attacked by an elephant bull in musth in Madikwe Game Reserve.

4 Elephants die as mercy mission goes wrong during heatwave

Tragedy as four elephant bulls that were causing havoc in the Gravelotte area in Limpopo die during relocation attempt.

Elephant experts respond regarding proposed citrus farm on Kruger border

Elephants Alive has released a comprehensive report regarding the proposed 120ha citrus farm development on the border of the Greater Kruger National Park.

NEWS WRAP: Famous super tusker rescued + 2.8 tonnes of pangolin scales torched

In this week’s news wrap the famous super tusker elephant, Tim, was rescued from certain death; Malaysia torched 2.8 tonnes of African pangolin scales; the Kruger National Park 10-year management plan was approved by acting Environmental Affairs Minister; the lion bone quota was reduced to 800 skeletons from 1,500; an American woman was attacked by a hippo after her canoe capsized on the Zambezi River; an anthrax outbreak in Mana Pools in Zimbabwe has killed 100 impala; and eight West African giraffe have been reintroduced to Gadabedji Biosphere Reserve in Niger after a 50-year absence.

Malaysia torches 2.8 tonnes of African pangolin scales

Malaysia on Thursday torched nearly three tonnes of seized scales of endangered pangolins worth $9 million in a bid to deter illegal wildlife trafficking from Africa.

Animal advocacy course – raising awareness through effective campaigning

Join Chris Mercer from Campaign Against Canned Hunting for a week-long course on Animal Advocacy.

West African giraffe return to Gadabedji after 50 years of absence

Eight West African giraffe travelled over 800 kilometres in 48 hours to be safely re-introduced to the Gadabedji Biosphere Reserve in Niger, after an absence of almost 50 years.

Famous super tusker Tim rescued from certain death

Tim, an icon of Amboseli and one of Africa’s largest and most magnificent elephants, has been rescued from certain death.

Lion bone quota now reduced to 800 skeletons from 1,500

The quota for the lion bone trade has been reduced from 1,500 to 800 lion skeletons, according to a media statement from the DEA.

Big news as Kruger National Park 10-year management plan approved by Minister

South Africa’s Acting Minister of Environmental Affairs Derek Hanekom has officially approved the ground-breaking and visionary 10-year Kruger National Park Management Plan.

NEWS WRAP: 8 arrested for possession of lion bones and meat + warden convicted after illegal collared elephant hunt

In this week’s news wrap eight people have been arrested for illegal possession of lion bones, meat and tiger skin; a warden was convicted after an illegal collared elephant hunt in Greater Kruger; Malawi investigates the deaths of at least 22 hippos at Liwonde National Park; and a High Court ruling proves a huge victory for Xolobeni community over an Australian mining company.

Balule responds regarding traumatising elephant hunt incident

Balule Nature Reserve responds to the incident regarding a traumatising elephant hunt.

Eight arrested for illegal possession of lion bones, meat and tiger skin

Eight people have been arrested in connection with the illegal possession of lion meat, lion bones and a tiger’s skin outside Klerksdorp in the North West.

Illegal collared elephant hunt in Greater Kruger – warden convicted

A warden has been convicted in court after a collared elephant was illegally hunted.

High Court ruling huge victory for Xolobeni community over Australian mining company

A community on the Wild Coast has won a historic victory in the High Court which has ruled the Mineral Resources Department cannot issue mining rights license without obtaining consent from the affected community.

Rhino Walking Safaris wins prestigious Kudu Award

Rhino Walking Safaris, a private concession located entirely within the Kruger National Park, has won the South African National Parks’ prestigious Kudu Award for the 2018 Business Partner of the Year.

Video: Malawi gains new giraffe population in Majete Wildlife Reserve

Thirteen South African giraffe have been translocated over 2,500 km and safely released into Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve, establishing its first population.

Global petroleum company brings fracking threat to Drakensberg

An international petroleum exploration company has fired up a fresh application to explore for products in prime farmland in the central Drakensberg and Free State.

Balule teams bust three suspected rhino poachers

Three suspected rhino poachers were apprehended on Balule Nature Reserve on Tuesday morning after a well-coordinated effort between numerous anti-poaching, security, aviation and policing personnel took place through the night.

NEWS WRAP: Mountain gorilla status improves + giraffes under threat

In this week’s news wrap the IUCN has updated the status of mountain gorillas, officially changing them from ‘Critically Endangered’ to ‘Endangered’, though the list also reveals that giraffes are in serious trouble; the IUCN also stated that certain Lake Malawi fish species are at risk of extinction; a new parliamentary report has called for a ban on captive lion breeding for hunting and the lion bone trade in South Africa; China has now postponed the lifting of a ban on the trade of rhino horn and tiger parts for medicine and other uses; the African Carnivore Initiative has been established to help conserve Africa’s largest carnivores; and more than 400 buffaloes drown in the Chobe River.

Lake Malawi fish species at risk of extinction

The latest update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has revealed that overfishing is causing fish species in parts of the developing world to decline, with 9% of the 458 fish species assessed in Lake Malawi at high risk of extinction.

Rare conservation win: Mountain gorilla population ticks up

The IUCN has updated the status of mountain gorillas, officially changing them from ‘Critically Endangered’ – the highest level of threat – to ‘Endangered’.

Giraffes are in trouble, says IUCN status update

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species is once again drawing attention to the plight of giraffes.

Captive lion breeding and bone trade: MPs call for an end to the practice

The Environmental Affairs Committee has called for a policy and legislative review on captive lion breeding for hunting and lion bone trade.

Good news as China now reverses decision to lift ban on trade in tiger and rhino parts

China has postponed the lifting of a ban on the trade of rhino horn and tiger parts for medicine and other uses, the government said on Monday, after a storm of protest from conservation groups over a plan to water down the decades-old prohibition.

Mass drowning of buffaloes in Namibia

More than 400 buffaloes have drowned in the Chobe River after a stampede was sparked by a large pride of lions.

NEWS WRAP: Outrage as China lifts ban on rhino horn + tragedy as elephants kill Botswana soldier

In this week’s news wrap China has lifted the ban and legalised tiger bone and rhino horn for medical purposes; a soldier in Botswana was tragically trampled by elephants; thousands of radiated tortoises were seized from traffickers in Madagascar; five men linked to rhino poaching were arrested in the Northern Cape in South Africa; a South African teen won the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018; and the South African rhino film, STROOP scooped 10 international awards.

Botswana’s president addresses the issue of game farms and hunting in Botswana

Botswana’s president addresses the issue of game farms and hunting in Botswana.

SA teen wins Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018

Sixteen-year-old South African Skye Meaker has been named Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 with his charming portrait of a leopard waking from sleep in Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana.

China lifts ban and legalises tiger bone and rhino horn for medical purposes

China has revised a law on the ban of rhino horn and tiger bone products that would now allow domestic trade and use of the products for scientific, medical and cultural purposes.

Tragedy as elephants trample and kill Botswana soldier

The Botswana Defense Force (BDF) has confirmed an incident in which a soldier was attacked and killed by a herd of elephants on Thursday morning.

NEWS WRAP: Two black rhino carcasses found in Zakouma + eight poachers arrested in Kruger

In this week’s news wrap two black rhino carcasses have been discovered in Zakouma National Park; eight suspected rhino poachers were arrested during counter poaching operations inside the Kruger National Park; Uganda gets three new gorilla trekking groups after successful habituation; and a young elephant has been rescued and reunited with its family after it was caught in a wire snare in Liwonde National Park in Malawi.

Two black rhino carcasses discovered in Zakouma

Two of the black rhinos reintroduced into Zakouma National Park in Chad earlier this year have died. They were not poached, however, the exact cause of death is not yet known.

NEWS WRAP: US wildlife official resigns after killing baboon family + Kruger’s security measures intensified

In this week’s news wrap a top Idaho wildlife official has resigned amid outrage over a photo of him posing with a baboon family he killed in Namibia; SANParks have intensified security measures in the Kruger to tackle the rise of elephant poaching; 13 rhino horns shipped from South Africa were seized in Vietnam; a New Zealand drone company is helping in the fight against South African rhino poachers; South African rhino film wins top awards at US film festivals; and Ugandan ranger wins prestigious Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2018.

SA rhino film wins top awards at US film festivals

The South African feature documentary STROOP – Journey into the Rhino Horn War has won the coveted Best Documentary award at the prestigious San Diego International Film Festival held this past weekend.

Ugandan ranger wins prestigious Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2018

Ugandan Wildlife Ranger Julius Obwona has been announced as the winner of the prestigious Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2018.

Buffalo leaves farmer in critical condition after attack

A farmer has been airlifted to a specialist hospital in Johannesburg after he was attacked by a buffalo on a farm in Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga.

NEWS WRAP: Elephants trample tourists in two incidents + massive pangolin scale seizure

In this week’s news wrap there have been two cases of an elephant trampling a tourist in Zimbabwe; authorities in Vietnam discovered almost a ton of pangolin scales and ivory flown in from Nigeria; the DR Congo president torched an ivory and pangolin scale stockpile; an analysis revealed social media’s role in advertising illegal wildlife trade, including cheetah trafficking; and Singapore Airlines has announced that it has stopped accepting lion bones for cargo.

DRC president torches ivory and pangolin scale stockpile, releases parrots

Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila on Sunday set light to an ivory stockpile to highlight the problem of poaching in the central African country.

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