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Giant elephant Satao 2 poached in Tsavo, 6 super tuskers left

SATAO 2 is dead, and another of the last super tuskers left in Africa has been poached, leaving only 6 of these giants in the Tsavo Conservation Area in southern Kenya.

Acclaimed filmmakers gored by buffalo in Botswana

Award-winning filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert were gored by a buffalo on Thursday night in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Rhino orphans released into iSimangaliso

On Monday, three white rhino orphans were peacefully released into their new home within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

Pangolins: Chinese meat banquet under investigation

An investigation will begin in China after online images were found showing local officials enjoying a banquet of pangolin meat – the most trafficked animal in the world.

New species of dwarf lemur discovered in Madagascar

In the forests of northern Madagascar, scientists have discovered a new species of dwarf lemur.

Hunting: the colour game is over

The breeding of wildlife to produce unusually coloured animals, in the hope that hunters would pay a lot more to shoot them, has fallen flat in a spectacular manner — with the practice being widely condemned.

Lion bones: SA public has no time to contest sale

South Africa is about to permit the export of lion bones to produce fake tiger wine but has given the public almost no time to object. The permit will allow an annual export of 800 skeletons to Asia.

Sylvester the lion: released into the wilderness at last

Sylvester the lion has finally been released into the 15,000ha Kuzuko contractual area of Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

Crocodile kills guide at Cape Town tourist facility

Tragedy struck at the Le Bonheur crocodile farm in Paarl, near Cape Town, when well known guide and artist Johann Burger was attacked and killed by a crocodile.

Beyond the China ivory ban

China to ban all domestic ivory trade and processing by the end of 2017 offers a glimmer of real optimism in the fight against elephant poaching.

Lion skeletons – 800 to be exported annually

SANBI’s recommendation to the Department of Environmental Affairs to allow export of 800 captive-bred lion skeletons from South Africa is coming under fire from Humane Society International and the producer of the film Blood Lions.

Constitutional Court Breakthrough for Animal Welfare

A new Concourt recognises the intrinsic value of animals and allows NSPCA to prosecute.

Rhino Poaching: Kruger Park confirms arrests of 11 suspected poachers


South African National Parks (SANParks) today, 16 January 2017, confirmed the arrest of 11 suspects in anti-poaching operations inside and outside the Kruger National Park on Friday the 13 January 2017.

Governments are not doing enough to stop wildlife crime

A new report shows that key countries affected by wildlife crime have failed to halt poaching and illegal trafficking of endangered animals as a result of widespread corruption and inadequate law enforcement, thus putting increasing numbers of species at risk of extinction.

Namibians challenge Chinese over wildlife crime

Outrage at the looting of Africa’s wildlife and environmental destruction by Chinese nationals boiled over in Namibia last month in a strongly worded letter of protest to the Chinese Ambassador, Xiun Shunkang, signed by almost every environmental protection and research organisation in the country.

Hunting: Namibian government issues permit to hunt N$1,4m rhino

GOVERNMENT last month issued a permit to a private farmer to shoot a white rhino bull as a trophy worth N$1,4 million for a Chinese client.

North West Province ducks R100m game donation questions

Parliament is struggling to get answers out of the North West province’s Department of Rural, Environmental and Agricultural Development about a suspicious “donation” of 130 buffalo, 50 white rhino, 50 sable and 32 nyala worth about R100 million to a company with ANC connections. The “donation” has destroyed provincial breeding programs.

Video: buffalo gives birth in the Timbavati!

This special and heartwarming moment of a buffalo giving birth was captured in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve by field guide Morné Hamlyn.

Trophy Hunting: unethical Namibian hunters to blame for poor image

Hunters who engage in unethical and illegal practices are largely to blame for the decline in the “overall acceptance” of trophy hunting by the general public and influential institutions across the globe says Namibian Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) immediate-past president Kai-Uwe Denker.

Remembering Mohawk the magnificent lion

A personal account remembering Mohawk the magnificent lion of Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Video: rhinos charge tourists on walking safari

Watch this video of rhinos charging tourists on a walking safari in the Kruger National Park.

A dominant silverback gorilla dies in Bwindi, Uganda

Ndahura, Uganda’s dominant male gorilla died on Sunday morning after falling off a tree branch in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park located in South Western Uganda

Ivory trade: China to set date to close factories

Preparation is under way in China to bring in a ban on their domestic ivory trade, following a promise made with the US earlier this year.

Botswana bans elephant-back rides

From the end of this month, no elephants will be permitted to be ridden in Botswana. Abu Camp, the only facility that allowed elephant back riding in the country, has been directed to terminate its elephant back safaris.

Video: Lion kills hyena cub

This is an amazing video of two male lions taking a stroll near a hyena den. They noticed a small hyena snoozing and decided to get rid of it by chasing it and giving it a bite of death.

South African arrested in Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park on poaching charge

A South African, Pieter Jansen van Rensberg, has been arrested on a charge of poaching inside the protected buffer zone of the Mozambique’s Parque Nacional de Limpopo (PNL).

Protecting gorillas at all costs: park rangers of the Congo

In the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, the government is trying to develop tourism. But the lives of rangers who patrol areas popular for rare gorillas are on the line.

Horses are now rhino’s new best friends

Horses are now being again deployed for anti-poaching patrols in Kruger.

Giraffes uplisted by IUCN

IUCN Red List confirms that giraffes are under threat.

Elephant ambassador Charlie felled by poacher’s guns

World famous Kruger National Park is being blindsided by its attachment to Mozambique’s Parque Nacional de Limpopo on its eastern boundary and Charlie the elephant is its latest victim.

Tusk Awards: Prince William honours Africa’s conservation heroes

Conservation legend Sir David Attenborough and the royal patron of TUSK, HRH Prince William, a local champion for black rhino, Cathy Dreyer, was awarded the prestigious Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa.

Chinese company seeks to capture orcas in Namibia

Proposal points to troubling explosion in captive animal entertainment in China and their interest in capturing orcas in Namibia

Video: hippo attacks and bites car

In this video, watch some incredible footage of a hippo attacking and biting a car, filmed by Wikus Ceronie in the Kruger National Park.

Wildlife crime: Malawi makes history and sets precedent

Wildlife crime history was set in Malawi today with not one, but two unprecedented court rulings – the first ever conviction of an individual dealing in rhino horn and, in a separate case, the first ever policemen to be convicted for wildlife trafficking.

Breaking: European MEPs declare war on wildlife traffickers

Today European MEPs have voted for tough measures to combat the growing trade in illegal wildlife products which is destroying the planet’s ecosystem.

Sylvester the lion becomes king of his kingdom in Addo

The country’s most famous lion, Sylvester, has taken the first step towards reigning supreme over his new kingdom at Addo Elephant National Park.

Hunting: Botswana remains strong under fire from EU and SADC

dead elephant

Tshekedi Khama, Botswana’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, says his country is under unprecedented pressure from the pro-hunting lobby in the European Union and regional neighbours to allow lift the hunting ban imposed in 2014.

PHASA to defend captive-bred lion resolution

lion cubs

The Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) is to defend its position on captive-bred lion hunting and breeding in the Pretoria High Court on 22 November.

Zimbabwe wants to sell ivory stockpile to China

A Zimbabwean minister wants to sell her country’s supposed US$10 billion ivory stockpile to China using a possible international legal loophole.

Breaking: State Security Minister allegedly involved in rhino poaching syndicate

Relocating a white rhino from South Africa to Texas

State Security Minister David Mahlobo has allegedly been hanging out with a Chinese organised crime figure who traffics rhino horns and openly brags about bribing South African justice and immigration officials.

Video: incredible ostrich mating dance


Watch this video of tourists witnessing an incredible ostrich mating dance!

Helpless baby elephants to head for Chinese zoos

Thirty seven baby elephants forcibly taken from their mothers in the wild in Hwange National Park are about to be flown to Chinese zoos, despite an international outcry against previous exports.

Silver trees return to Tokai

After over a century of absence, silver trees reappear in Tokai!

Video: Lion pride takes down hippo

lion attack hippo

In this video from the Kruger National Park it is incredible to see how a pride of lion attempt to take down a fully grown hippopotamus.

Zambian poaching crisis fuelled by Chinese military

Zambia game rangers

Zambia’s elephant population has declined by about 90% due to poaching. Its black rhino population, estimated at 13,000 in 1981, is now extinct.

Video: baby elephant just wants to have fun

baby elephants

Watch this funny baby elephant behaviour captured on a trip to Addo Elephant National Park.

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