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Greater Kruger
Decoding science

The real economic value of Greater Kruger National Park

A 2020 study has revealed the considerable economic, social and political contributions of the Greater Kruger National Park

Opinion Editorial, Poaching

Lion cubs to bones – we interview Lord Ashcroft about ‘UNFAIR GAME’

We spoke to Lord Ashcroft about his book UNFAIR GAME – a must-read exposé of South Africa’s morally bankrupt captive lion breeding industry

Natural history

Leopards: silent, secretive and full of surprises

Leopards: These breathtakingly beautiful, charismatic, powerful & mysterious creatures are the top request on safari. Learn about them here.


20 roan antelope die of dehydration in fenced Kruger camp – ranger dismissed

Tragic death by neglect of 20 roan antelope in a Kruger breeding camp leads to the dismissal of a Kruger section ranger

Botswana elephants dying
News, Poaching

Botswana elephant graveyard: mystery death toll rises to 400

What we know about elephants dying under mysterious circumstances near the northern Botswana village of Seronga, north of the Okavango Delta

Boteti, Natural history, Salt Pans

Botswana’s zebra migrations

Botswana hosts two zebra migrations, one of which is the longest mammal migration in Africa. The zebras travel in search of water and grazing

Natural history, Opinion Editorial

Can CITES be fixed? Practical suggestions that make sense are being ignored

CITES is failing to protect species from too much international trade. Here are some practical solutions to CITES problems

Destinations, Serengeti, Tanzania


The vast Serengeti in northern Tanzania is home to an extraordinary amount of wildlife and plays host to the greatest show on Earth – the Great Migration

compassionate conservation
Opinion Editorial

Battle for the soul of conservation – compassion vs biology

An academic war of words has been waged in the field of conservation science over the seemingly innocuous term ‘compassionate conservation’

Decoding science, Natural history

The rat with a deadly secret

Deadly secret: the crested rat transfers poison from the bark & leaves of a highly toxic tree to its fur as a predator-evasion strategy

Kruger, Opinion Editorial, Travel & Lifestyle

COVID-19 safari during lockdown: we test-drive

What will a Covid-19 safari be like under South Africa’s levels 2 & 3 lockdown? We test-drive a lockdown safari in Timbavati, Greater Kruger

Opinion Editorial

Rhino horn trade – Tourism & conservation leaders lobby SA minister Creecy

Rhino horn trade: submission to the advisory committee of South Africa’s Minister of the Environment Barbara Creecy about trade