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CEO note: Another giant elephant hunted

CEO note: Another giant elephant hunted

News, Opinion Editorial

Another giant elephant trophy hunted – is this conservation?

Another giant elephant shot in Botswana. What are the consequences for elephants, local communities, and hunting operations?

Natural history

A journey to see Africa’s threatened sea turtles

Five of the world’s seven magnificent sea turtles swim Africa’s oceans and nest on the beaches – all are threatened by human beings

Decoding science, Natural history

Wildebeest sleep and the mysteries of slumber

Wildebeest sleep for just four and a half hours in a 24 hour period – most deeply in the dead of night – says new research

CEO note
Opinion Editorial

CEO note: The ‘elephant problem’

CEO note: The ‘elephant problem’

Destinations, Natural history

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area, with the famous crater at its heart, is a spectacular, year-round safari destination of abundance,breathtaking vistas and ancient history.

Natural history

Do we have an elephant problem?

The ‘elephant problem’ – ecologists, landowners and tourists are grappling with the elephant problem. But what does this mean?

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Mthimkhulu Game Reserve – a dream deferred

Mthimkhulu Game Reserve is 8000ha of prime land in the Greater Kruger, 50km north of Phalaborwa. It’s an area with a desperately sad past and a hopeful future. We went to have a look.

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: Okavango oil scam | Luangwa Valley | Rebranding wild dogs

CEO note: Okavango oil scam | Luangwa Valley | Rebranding wild dogs

Mining, News

Oil in the Okavango Basin – an investment scam?

Okavango oil exploration by ReconAfrica called a scam by Independent financial research organisation Viceroy Research – new report

Natural history

The science behind rebranding wild dogs

Rebranding wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) – new research suggests that “painted dog” triggers the most positive reaction from humans

Destinations, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle

Luangwa Valley – vast Zambian wilderness

The Luangwa Valley is a vast Zambian wilderness and playground for tourists seeking an authentic safari experience