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Why a blanket ban on wildlife trade would not be the right response to Coronavirus – Oxford Fellows

A panel of Oxford University Fellows suggests that a blanket ban on wildlife trade, as suggested by some NGOs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, would not achieve the desired results. They suggest that blanket bans will not benefit people or wildlife and are unfeasible in any case, because of the complexity of the wildlife trade. Instead, they argue that improved regulation, if implemented well, would achieve the desired results of reduced disease outbreaks and biodiversity protection.  Read more: The Conversation

  Venison meat industry in South Africa exposed to zoonotic diseases – industry expert

An independent meat safety expert has warned that South Africa’s meat safety regulations are difficult to understand and implement by the 13,000 operating game farms. He continues: “Unfortunately, what we’ve often seen on a large scale is poorly handled and poor-quality game meat coming out of the industry. This situation needs to be corrected urgently.” What Bergh finds particularly worrying is that the many zoonotic diseases historically found mainly in livestock are now increasingly common in wildlife. These diseases, therefore, pose a growing risk to human health. Read more: Farmers Weekly

Lion bone trade & big cat captive breeding – call for moratorium until more is known about risk to human health

Lawyers for the EMS Foundation have forwarded a request to relevant South African ministries to impose a moratorium on the ongoing breeding of big cats and harvesting of bones for sale to the Asian markets – until scientific consensus has been reached on the following matters: 1. the danger to workers from handling big cat carcasses; 2. the health threats to humans of consuming big cat body parts; and 3. the threat to captive-bred big cats of COVID-19 infections. Read more: EMS Foundation

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