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Elephants kill two Zimbabweans

A farmer and mopane worm harvester were killed by elephants in Zimbabwe, in separate incidents this past week. The 50-year-old farmer from Mbire was trampled and killed while trying to scare a herd of elephants away from his sorghum crop. The 58-year-old woman and two friends from Beitbridge East were harvesting mopane worms about 7km from her homestead when they encountered a herd of elephants. During the ensuing chaos, the three ladies were separated, and the deceased was trampled. Read more: African Sustainable Conservation

Chinese wildlife trade explained

According to a report released by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the industry is valued at US$74 billion and employs more than 14 million people. The Chinese government has long encouraged the commercial use of wild animals and, although Beijing recently banned the industry, many people in the conservation sector fear that the ban will soon be lifted, once the current COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. This brief description of the Chinese wildlife trade includes educational illustrations. Read more: South China Morning Post

New results show Coronavirus link to bats and pangolins

A paper by Chinese researchers suggests that a combination of bat and pangolin coronavirus strains jumped to humans in the form of COVID-19. The research reveals that bats were the original hosts and pangolins the most likely intermediate hosts before humans became infected. Read more: bioRXiv

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