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Hunting: the colour game is over

The breeding of wildlife to produce unusually coloured animals, in the hope that hunters would pay a lot more to shoot them, has fallen flat in a spectacular manner — with the practice being widely condemned.

Lion bones: SA public has no time to contest sale

South Africa is about to permit the export of lion bones to produce fake tiger wine but has given the public almost no time to object. The permit will allow an annual export of 800 skeletons to Asia.

Lion skeletons – 800 to be exported annually

SANBI’s recommendation to the Department of Environmental Affairs to allow export of 800 captive-bred lion skeletons from South Africa is coming under fire from Humane Society International and the producer of the film Blood Lions.

Namibians challenge Chinese over wildlife crime

Outrage at the looting of Africa’s wildlife and environmental destruction by Chinese nationals boiled over in Namibia last month in a strongly worded letter of protest to the Chinese Ambassador, Xiun Shunkang, signed by almost every environmental protection and research organisation in the country.

Trophy Hunting: unethical Namibian hunters to blame for poor image

Hunters who engage in unethical and illegal practices are largely to blame for the decline in the “overall acceptance” of trophy hunting by the general public and influential institutions across the globe says Namibian Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) immediate-past president Kai-Uwe Denker.

Letter: flaws in plan to sell rhino horn

Examining the concept of a central selling organisation in the legalisation of the trade in rhino horn and how this is seriously flawed when compared to the diamond industry.

SANParks responds to Kruger off-takes

In line with its approved management plan, Kruger National Park is planning to sustainably harvest some of its wildlife in order to combat the effects of drought and distribute meat to disadvantaged communities.

A near total ban on ivory sales in the US

In an effort to stop the decimation of the African elephant population and halt the smuggling of ivory products, the Obama administration has fulfilled its pledge to implement a near total ban on the sale of ivory within the US.

Zimbabwe wants trade ban on ivory lifted

Zimbabwe will lobby for the lifting of an international ban on ivory sales, saying it would allow the government to raise money to combat poaching and for conservation programmes.

Swaziland proposes a regulated trade in rhino horn

In order to escalate security requirements to protect the country’s rhino populations, increase the salary of park employees, and cover supplementary food costs during drought periods, Swaziland proposes for a limited trade in rhino horn to be permitted.

African grey parrot bust in the DRC

Illegal shipments of African grey parrots intercepted in the DRC and local governors make efforts to crack down on the trade before it is too late.

Namib beetle inspires science

Drawing inspiration from the bumpy geometry of the Namib beetle, scientists have developed a material that could improve water harvesting and electricity generation.

WildAid calls for ban on synthetic rhino horn exports

U.S.-based entrepreneurs are developing synthetic rhino horn that can’t be differentiated from actual horn, but WildAid and the Center for Biological Diversity believe that this will only accelerate consumer demand in Asia for illegal wildlife products.

Zimbabwe to send more elephants to China

Citing a “better and safer environment,” a high-ranking official in Zimbabwe states that more of the country’s wildlife will be captured and sent to China in 2016.

France bans import of lion hunting trophies

French officials have been told to stop issuing import permits for lion hunting trophies, including heads, paws and skins, while country considers stricter controls on other species.

Tanzania’s most wanted elephant poacher and ivory trafficker arrested

A major ringleader, who is also a supplier of weapons, ammunition and cars to poaching syndicates, is arrested. And with both ‘Shetani’ and the ‘Queen of Ivory’ now in custody, there is a chance to crack down on the international networks involved in the illegal trafficking of ivory.

Zimbabwean hunter loses bid to have Cecil case dropped

Accused of “failing to prevent an illegal hunt” of Cecil the lion, Theo Bronkhorst’s application for his case to be referred to the constitutional court has been dismissed, and the case will be adjourned on 20th November.

Iconic elephant shot in Zimbabwe

An elephant with tusks estimated to weigh 120lb (54,4+kg) each was shot in the Malapati concession, located in southeastern Zimbabwe near Gonarezhou National Park.

Cape parrot identified as new species

The endangered cape parrot really is a distinct species, according to a newly-published molecular study – a finding that could impact conservation decisions and strategies in South Africa for decades to come.

Zimbabwe lifts nationwide trophy hunting ban

The nationwide ban on hunting lions, leopards and elephants in Zimbabwe has been lifted, but a ban is still in force in a limited area including on the farm where Cecil was killed and on another farm where a second lion was hunted.

US dentist thought lion hunt was legal

An American hunter accused of illegally killing a protected lion in Zimbabwe said that he wasn’t aware of the animal’s status “until the end of the hunt.”

Female elephant mistakenly shot by hunters

A female elephant was accidentally killed instead of an allegedly ‘damage causing’ bull elephant when a hunting permit was suspiciously issued at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve.

Plan B for rhinos

Enjoy a talk in Cape Town that will discuss the solutions to saving rhinos.