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A TRIBUTE TO THE WORK OF A CONSERVATION GIANT It was with great sadness that we learned on Sunday 1 December 2014 of Dr Ian Player’s passing at the age of 87. Dr Player was a giant of conservation, his most notable achievement being his role in the return of the southern white rhino from […]


Photographic encounters at the very heart of Africa.

The Tribe

A photographic tribute to Kenya’s Samburu people which will have you contacting Africa Geographic to arrange your next safari

Gallery – The Meaning in the Masks

WEIRD AND WONDERFUL CHARACTERS IN ONE OF AFRICA’S GREAT MASQUERADES Images by Andrew Brukman 7 November, 2014 In the gule wamkulu, or great dance, hundreds of different characters guide society in the moral code of the Chewa people. Some are in the shape of animals, some are roughly humanoid, and some are completely outlandish. Here […]

Gallery – Heinrich van den Berg’s Photo Tips

FINGER PHOTOGRAPHERS, EAR JUDGES AND MIRROR WATCHERS Images and writing copyright of HEINRICH VAN DEN BERG 31 October, 2014 Don’t photograph with your finger I have been a finger-photographer for most of my life. I thought it would be possible to capture the perfect moment by keeping my shutter pressed in until my knuckles become […]

Meet the Wolfpack

Gallery of fantastic images documenting the journey of an Ethiopian wolf pack from den to fully fledged members of the pack

Himba – Wild Born

The ritual journey of a Himba girl into womanhood. The Himba are an indigenous tribe from the arid region of north-western Namibia.


A collection of the finest images of the rare & elusive pangolin. The world’s most trafficked animal, pangolins face serious survival threats

The painted ape

The mandrill is the most colourful of all monkeys & occurs in the dense rainforests of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo & Gabon