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Friday, 17 April 2020

Our Photographer of the Year 2020, with a stunning safari prize provided by Djuma Private Game Reserve, is now in full swing.
The overall winner, first runner-up, and second runner-up (along with their partners), will experience the ultimate private safari at Djuma Private Game Reserve, located in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve in the Big 5 Greater Kruger, South Africa. Read about the safari enjoyed by the 2019 winners here.
There are three galleries showcasing this week’s Weekly Selection. To see the other gallery click here: Gallery 1, Gallery 2 

📷 A pair of shy Knysna turacos. Wilderness, South Africa © Marc Cronje

📷 A caravan moves across the dunes of the Sahara, Morocco © Marcus Westberg

📷 A desaturated and cropped photograph of thirsty eland eagerly queuing for a drink at one of the few remaining waterholes. Etosha National Park, Namibia © Elize Labuschagne-Hull

📷 Water drips from an elephant’s mouth as it quenches its thirst. Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa © John Vosloo

📷 A golden monkey surveys its verdant surroundings. Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda © Marcus Westberg

📷 Twelve tiny painted wolf (African wild dog) pups appear out of a former aardvark den to greet the alpha male. Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa © Noelle Van Muiden

📷 A Boaedon brown house snake. Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda © Ricardo Ferreira

📷 An approaching fossa on a mission to find a meal. Kirindy Forest Reserve, Madagascar © Elize Labuschagne-Hull

📷 Two rain-soaked lion cubs. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © Sergi Ortega

📷 A green water snake in search of a meal. Galana Conservancy, Kenya © Steve Holroyd

📷 A disgruntled leopard. Kruger National Park, South Africa © Wilmari Porter

📷 A portrait of a male lion with the moon in the background. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania © Yaron Schmid

📷 A pack of cheeky painted wolves (African wild dogs) single out a lone spotted hyena. Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa © Marc Mol

📷 A silverback mountain gorilla dozes off with his head in his hand in the warmth of the sun. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda © Marcus Westberg

📷 A rare and elusive aye-aye. Madagascar © Elize Labuschagne-Hull

📷 A dazzle of zebras kick up golden dust. Onguma Private Reserve, Namibia © Marcus Westberg

📷 A rare encounter with an endangered walia ibex. Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia © Paul Brennan

📷 Two yellow-billed shrikes rest on top of a buffalo skull, scanning the sky for insects. Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda © Ricardo Ferreira

📷 A spotted hyena snatched the remains of a cheetah’s Thomson’s gazelle kill. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © Tufayn Mangal

📷 A portrait of an African wild cat. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa ©Vittorio Ricci

📷 Two springbok rams fight for dominance and mating rights. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa © Wilmari Porter

📷 A graceful serval turns to look at its admirer. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania © Yaron Schmid

📷 Four young lions avoid the scything horns of a gemsbok making a courageous stand. Etosha National Park, Namibia © Elize Labuschagne-Hull

📷 At sunrise, a Malawian ranger takes in all that he helps to protect. Thuma Forest Reserve, Malawi © Marcus Westberg

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