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Friday, 27 March 2020

Our Photographer of the Year 2020, with a stunning safari prize provided by Djuma Private Game Reserve, is now in full swing.
There are two galleries showcasing this week’s Weekly Selection. To see the other gallery click here: Gallery 2 

📷 A crash of white rhino at sunset. South Africa © Kevin Dooley

📷 A cheetah enjoying a morning roll in the sand. Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, South Africa © Lauren Cohen

📷 A female ring-tailed lemur and her four-week-old twins. Anja Community Reserve, Madagascar © Myra Cardellina

📷 A chimpanzee contemplates its surroundings. Kibale National Park, Uganda © Omer Faragi

📷 A cheetah scans for a suitable target as the wildebeest gallop past. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © Yaron Schmid

📷 Surrounded by his family in thick forest, a four-month-old gorilla climbs up a tree vine. Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda © Andrew Campbell

📷 A pair of zebra walk through the grass of the vast and rich plains of southern Serengeti as a storm builds in the background. Tanzania © Annamaria Gremmo

📷 Brown hyena cubs remain close to the safety of their den at sunset. Makgadikgadi
Pans, Botswana © Artur Stankiewicz

📷 A lioness and hippo make eye contact through the thicket. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © Christian Laurent

📷 A chimpanzee caught in a moment of repose. Kibale National Park, Uganda © Christian Passeri

📷 A lion cub gnaws on the nose of a red lechwe ram. Okavango Delta, Botswana © Christopher Weber

📷 The perfect sunlit outline of a Cape fox kit. Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana © Didier Couvert

📷 A leopardess darts up a tree limb to reach her stashed prey. Khwai Concession, Botswana © Elena Hanak

📷 A pangolin digs for insects after being rescued, rehabilitated by @johannesburgwildlifevet and then released back into the wild by @africanpangolinconservation. © Gareth Thomas

📷 The unique and exceptional sighting of thousands of box jellyfish. Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town © Geo Cloete

📷 A hamerkop captured mid-flight carrying nesting material. Chobe River, Botswana © John Mullineux

📷 Social grooming reinforces the tight bond between these cheetah brothers. Kruger National Park, South Africa © Vittorio Ricci

📷 A portrait of a magnificent female black rhino and her young calf. Kenya © Michel Ghatan

📷 A giant kingfisher skilfully scoops up a tilapia. Intaka Island, Cape Town, South Africa © Juan Venter

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