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Friday, 01 May 2020

Our Photographer of the Year 2020, with a stunning safari prize provided by Djuma Private Game Reserve, is now in full swing.
The overall winner, first runner-up, and second runner-up (along with their partners), will experience the ultimate private safari at Djuma Private Game Reserve, located in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve in the Big 5 Greater Kruger, South Africa. Read about the safari enjoyed by the 2019 winners here.

There are four galleries showcasing this week’s Weekly Selection. To see the other gallery click here: Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3 

📷 The long eyelashes of a bashful-looking secretary bird. Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa © John Vosloo

📷 Suricate (meerkat) pups cling to their caregiver. Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa © Kerry-Lee Roberg

📷 A lioness swiftly takes down a male wildebeest. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © Krishnan Gopala

📷 A leopard locks its powerful jaws onto the throat of a Thomson’s gazelle. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © Linda Klipp

📷 A lioness bathed in golden light. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © Magal Sanjeev

📷 A black rhino having spent the day wallowing in a waterhole. Namibia © Marta Nieto Aicart

📷 A Fischer’s lovebird peeks out from a woodpecker’s nest cavity. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania © Natalia Mroz

📷 A majestic portrait of a dominant male lion of the Marsh pride. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © Patrice Quillard

📷 The world’s second tallest waterfall, the picturesque Tugela Falls plummets an impressive nine-hundred metres. Drakensberg Park, South Africa © Rudi van den Heever

📷 A speckled Cape cobra rears and flares its hood. Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa © Thilo Beck

📷 A lioness watches and listens. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © Amish Chhagan

📷 The complex greeting ceremonies of a spotted hyena clan. Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia © Andrew Macdonald

📷 A silverback mountain gorilla enjoys a plant snack. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda © Arlette Magiera


📷 A lioness slinks forward to chase hyenas off a kill. South Luangwa National Park, Zambia © Catherine Allen

📷 A hyena carries off a rack of zebra ribs to enjoy. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania © Chiara Melone

📷 A mother zebra kicks out at a cheetah trying to catch her foal. Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa © Cornel Eksteen

📷 A terrified young African buffalo swims across a river, escaping the jaws of a crocodile. Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia © Courtney Hoffman

📷 A lesser galago (bushbaby) wipes urine on its hands and feet to lay a scent trail as it jumps from branch to branch. Buffelsdrift Game Lodge, South Africa © Dean Polley

📷 A female caracal remains low and inconspicuous in the grass. Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa © Dominique Maree

📷 Sparring zebras using their teeth to express their displeasure. Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa © John Vosloo

📷 An unusual xanthochroic (yellow morph) black-collared barbet. Kloofendal Nature Reserve, South Africa © Ernest Porter

📷 A red-billed oxpecker pulls a tuft of hair from a young impala as it combs for ticks and parasites. Chobe National park, Botswana © Eugene Armer

📷 A female black-backed jackal regurgitates food to feed her pup. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa © Francois van der Watt

📷 A pygmy goose carries a water lily flower in flight. Chobe River, Botswana © Francois van der Watt

📷 Volcanic sediments from Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano make colourful, intricate patterns against the blue waters of Lake Natron, Tanzania © Gary Krosin

📷 A lioness lit by a safari vehicle as it strolls along a dusty road. Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa © Hilton Kotze

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