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Crocodile leather – does luxury have to be cruel?

Crocodiles slaughtered for fashion

Graphic footage of farmed crocodiles being slaughtered for the sake of fashion.

New format for New Year Vic Falls Carnival

vic falls carnival

Rally your friends for this year’s Vic Falls Carnival and plan a New Year’s experience of a lifetime at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

8 things you should know about Victoria Falls

Rainbow over Vic Falls

Facts about Victoria Falls that most people don’t know but that everyone should.

Experience Hwange off the beaten track

Bush Dinner Hwange

Elephant’s Eye is a breath-taking 6,000 acre private concession bordering the Hwange National Park, the pearl of Zimbabwe.

The Boma at Victoria Falls: Best of Africa in an evening

Best of African dancing

A visit to The Boma in Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls makes Rachel blush with pride to have been born in Africa.

Walking in Mana Pools: Zambezi Society statement


The Zambezi Society speaks out with regard to the recent controversial banning of un-escorted walking in Mana Pools National Park.

14 year old eaten by lion while guarding family crops


14-year-old boy killed and eaten by a lion as he lay guarding his family’s crops in Zimbabwe.

No more walking in Mana Pools

mana pools

Wildlife authorities in Zimbabwe are about to stop visitors walking freely in one of the country’s best-loved national parks – Mana Pools.

Zimbabwe attempts to justify selling of elephants


Is Zimbabwe’s elephant population really as large as their environmental minister claims it is?

Pamela Anderson begs Zimbabwe to stop exporting baby elephants

Pamela Anderson has sent an urgent letter to Zimbabwe on PETA’s behalf to stop the exportation of baby elephants.

Pangolin poachers nabbed in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean police have arrested 12 pangolin poachers this year!

Chilli gun keeps elephants out of busy Zim town

Conservationists in northern Zimbabwe are using a gun that blasts a burning solution of chilli pepper to keep elephants away from a busy town.

Elephants at Siduli Hide in Zimbabwe

Oh the things you will see from Victoria Falls Safari Lodge’s Siduli Hide!

Zimbabwe government defends baby elephant sale

Zimbabwe defends decision to sell baby elephants to China, the United Arab Emirates and France.

Strategies in place to manage Botswana’s elephants

Minister Khama talks about the strategies that have been put in place to minimise conflicts surrounding Botswana’s elephant population.

Baby elephants abducted for Chinese zoo

A disturbing report claims that wildlife in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park is being abducted and shipped to Chinese zoos.

Man trampled to death by elephant

A body of a male was discovered in Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site on Saturday the 23rd August 2014. It is believed that he might have been trampled to death by an elephant.

Elephant poachers penetrate South African borders again

Breaking news: in what seems to be a recurring trend, another elephant has been poached in the Northern Kruger, close to the Zimbabwe and Mozambican borders.

A crocodile attacks a vulture

A crocodile attacks a vulture in the local watering hole at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s Presidential Elephants in peril

Sharon Pincott, who worked for 13 years under the banner of The Presidential Elephant Conservation Project protecting the Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe has announced that she has closed down her project.

Ban on ivory imports into the USA

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced the intention to stop all commercial trade in African elephant tusks and rhino horn, starting with a suspension on the importation into USA of sport-hunted African elephant trophies taken in Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

10 easy-to-see birds in Hwange

Here is a a list of ten easy to spot birds for any safari visitors out to explore Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Following the Zambezi through Zimbabwe

Kerryn and Jeff follow the Zambezi through Zimbabwe to Zambia. Along the way they discover that the hardest thing about travelling in Zimbabwe, is leaving Zimbabwe. Read all about their ups and downs in this blog.

Hooray for Hwange!

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest park, is the recent victim of an ongoing attack on Africa’s irreplaceable resources. See how they are responding to this poaching incident here.

Travelling to Chundu Island

This blogger leaves Zambia to explore Chundu Island in the Zambezi River on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls.

My road trip through Africa

This blogger embarks on a month long adventure in Northern Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia and tells us about his adventures.

What to expect on an elephant back safari

During a camping trip through Africa, this blogger found herself in Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls National Park riding an elephant and had these tips to share!

41 elephants poisoned with cyanide

41 elephants have been killed by cyanide which had been added to the waterholes from which they drink in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

African Four Corners

Original source: leeabbamonte.com The African four corners is a name given to the approximate meeting place of four nations: Namibia;,Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. The Caprivi Strip of Namibia, which has long been a disputed region is kind of a dividing

Elephant 'tramples to death suspected poacher'

Original source: telegraph.co.uk “A suspected poacher has reportedly been trampled to death by an elephant as he tried to shoot the beast in Zimbabwe. The bloodied remains of Solomon Manjoro were found by rangers after what was thought to be

Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana – A photo exploration continued

Below you will find the remainder of photographs taken whilst on safari in Ethiopia, Zambia and Botswana. If you missed the first part to this blog post, which contains a collection of portrait photographs, you can read it here. All photos

Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana – A photo exploration

I’d like to share some pictures from my recent trip to Africa. It was an amazing experience. I had no phone or internet connection for most of the trip! At times I’d put down my camera and just immerse myself

Mana Magic!

In 2010 I was flying back home after my second visit to Botswana when I met a cameraman from the BBC. I remember asking him which, in his opinion, were the most magnificent places he had ever visited in Africa,

Rangers catch and put down killer lions

Original source: News24 Wildlife rangers in Zimbabwe said on Friday three lions that killed two people near a suburb in the northern resort town of Kariba have been caught and put down. The state wildlife department said a lioness and two “sub-adult”

Lions kill two people in Zimbabwe resort town

Original source: guardian.co.uk Wildlife rangers in Zimbabwe say they have put the northern resort town of Kariba on full alert after rogue lions mauled two people to death. The National Parks and Wildlife Authority said fliers were being handed out in

The Naked Baboon

Photos by Ann Warner These pictures were taken outside the complex of the Caribbea Bay Hotel, Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Says Ann Warner: “We were coming back to the hotel about 4.30pm in the afternoon, when I could not believe

Elephants get Wet n' Wild in the Waterholes of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park

The dry season in Hwange National Park attracts enormous numbers of elephants to the park’s drinking holes, and occasionally also for afternoon tea. An elephant approaches the main area at Davison’s Camp just in time for tea and cake After

New Year's Eve at Victoria Falls and Botswana's Beautiful Makgadikgadi Pans

Date: 30th Dec 2012 – 5th January 2013 Location: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, Botswana So I arrived at the the Stanley & Livingstone safari lodge, to be greeted by super friendly staff and checked into the… Honeymoon suite!

Christmas Spent 'Rocking Out' in Zimbabwe

I arrived at The Bulawayo Club – an ex- gentlemen’s club turned boutique hotel, situated in the heart of historic Bulawayo. It was built for those successful businessmen, miners and ranchers among the then settler community. The materials for fittings

In search of Mozambique’s Green-Headed Oriole and Camping out at Zimbabwe’s Chilojo Cliffs

Date: December 2012, 14th to 21st. Location: Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park to Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou National Park The most wonderful thing about this trip is the surprises it has in store for me. Just when I am doubting myself and thinking of

24 Hours in Paradise: A Game Count in Zimbabwe

I’m tired but happy. I’ve counted 14 different species and there are literally hundreds of animals spread out before me, cropping the fresh emerald grass that is sprouting through the black ash left by a veld fire that tore through

More battles for the Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe

We featured Sharon Pincott’s conservation work with the Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe in our March 2011 magazine. Sharon recently released a second book about her ongoing work, titled Battle for the President’s Elephants. Her courageous battles are ongoing. She is

Zimbabwe: safe as houseboats

Return to Eden is a good name for a houseboat. Every time I come back to Lake Kariba I find I’ve forgotten just what a paradise it is. The winter days are sunny and warm and the nights are mild.

10 Reasons Everyone Should Go on Safari in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the most unique nations on Earth, it encompasses all of Africa’s Big 5, is home to the largest waterfall on the continent, plays host to the mighty Zambezi River and is the birthplace of the Southern

Why Africa? Novelist Tony Park on his Addiction to Africa

I’m an Australian who writes novels set in Africa and I spend six months of every year travelling in Africa, researching and writing my books. Not surprisingly, the second question most people ask me (after ‘how long does it take

The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes

The above image was recently entered into our Safari Readers’ Gallery. The photographer, Vanessa Bristow, called it The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes. Within minutes of posting this magical picture, there was an enormous flood of comment and feedback. Amongst

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