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Woman tragically mauled to death by lion at Victoria Falls


A lioness mauls and feeds on the dead body of a 52-year-old Zimbabwean woman who was trying to safeguard her livestock.

The hippos in the drought

©Karen Paolillo

How hippos are suffering in the drought in southern Africa.

Parties involved speak out about lion raffle

© Janine Avery

As news of a controversial lion raffle spreads, some of the parties that could stand to benefit from the hunt are speaking out about the hunt.

Zimbabwe to send more elephants to China

© Ryan Avery

Citing a “better and safer environment,” a high-ranking official in Zimbabwe states that more of the country’s wildlife will be captured and sent to China in 2016.

Raffle for lion hunt in Zimbabwe – also offered to non-hunters

© Janine Avery

Bubye Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe is raffling an 18-day lion safari. However, the winner can choose not to hunt the lion.

Local community rallies together to try to save elephants that are stuck in the mud


A tale of an attempt to rescue two elephants from the mud in Zimbabwe.

An African safari in a nutshell


The ins and outs of an African safari.

Baby elephant rescued from jaws of crocodile


A baby elephant gets the fright of its little life when a crocodile starts playing tug-of-war with its trunk!

Matobo and the ringing rocks

Looking at the ancient paintings

Exploring the beautiful landscapes of Matobo National Park and a quest to find the famous ringing rocks.

Victoria Falls has not dried up – here’s the proof

Vic Falls on 17 October 2015.

A number of photos have been circulating on the internet recently showing a very dry Victoria Falls but fear not, Vic Falls has not dried up!!

Clamping down on Hwange poaching syndicate

©Michael Sprague

Serious reforms in the wildlife industry are due in Zimbabwe as investigations into the cyanide poisonings in Hwange National Park continue.

Trophy hunting: a conservation concept vs. the reality

© Patrick Meier

A look at trophy hunting as a conservation tool vs. the reality of what is really happening on the ground.

Top cop fingered in elephant poaching saga

© Terry Feuerborn

A syndicate comprising police officers, Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers and Asians is behind the latest spate of elephant poaching in Hwange National Park.

Zimbabwe’s elephants ‘poisoned by dissatisfied rangers’

An elephant crosses the road in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe ©AP

Sources suggest that some of the 60+ elephants poisoned in the past month might have been poisoned by disgruntled and cash-strapped rangers.

The aftermath of Cecil – Interview with lion researcher, Brent Stapelkamp

©Scott Ramsay

An interview with Brent Stapelkamp, who has worked for nine years on the Hwange Lion Research Project, on what was illegal about the hunt of Cecil and what the effects have been.

More elephants poisoned in Hwange National Park

MAPP, via Facebook

22 more elephants have been killed by cyanide poisoning in Hwange National Park, which brings the total of elephants poisoned by poachers this month in Zimbabwe up to 62.

Crocodile kills 5 year old girl in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo

A 5-year-old girl is killed by a crocodile at a river crossing in Zimbabwe.

Buffalo with spear wounds attacks two people

©Nevit Dilmen

A 68-year-old woman in Zimbabwe has passed away after being trampled by a wounded buffalo that also attacked a 4-year-old girl.

Relief for an elephant’s painful penis problem

© Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust

A Zimbabwean elephant suffering from a leakage of fluid in the tissues around his genitals has been treated by vets from the AWARE Trust in Harare.

Zimbabwe elephant hunter identified as German property mogul


Animal rights group PETA says former friends of Rainer Schorr have identified him from photographs taken on the hunt of one of Africa’s largest elephant.

Hunted giant not Kruger elephant?


Bull elephant hunted in Zimbabwe is likely not Nkombo from the Kruger National Park.

Iconic elephant shot in Zimbabwe


An elephant with tusks estimated to weigh 120lb (54,4+kg) each was shot in the Malapati concession, located in southeastern Zimbabwe near Gonarezhou National Park.

Cecil the lion: No charges for Walter Palmer

Walter Palmer faced a huge backlash online over his killing of Cecil the lion

Zimbabwe’s environment minister said that the US dentist, Walter Palmer, could not be charged for an illegal hunt as all his “papers were in order”.

A local band on why Africa is amazing


The band GoodLuck answers some questions on what they are looking forward to at the Vic Falls Carnival, why they love Africa and what it means to be African.

14 elephants killed by cyanide poisoning in Zimbabwe

© AP

3 elephants have been killed in Matusadona National Park and 11 more pachyderms were found dead in two different spots in Hwange National Park. According to kidney and liver samples, all the elephants were killed by cyanide.

Relocated rhino gives birth in Botswana

© Shutterstock

One of the eight black rhino airlifted from southern Zimbabwe to Botswana’s Okavango Delta has given birth!

A walk on the wild side in Gonarezhou


Take a walk through Gonarezhou National Park – the wilder side of Zimbabwe.

Zim cops arrest Cecil hunter for smuggling sables

Theo Bronkhorst. © Zinyange Auntony, AFP

Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter involved in the killing of Cecil in early July, is now also under suspicion of smuggling 29 sables.

Why you should visit Mana Pools


Exploring Mana Pools and why you should support Zimbabwean wildlife.

South Africans caught smuggling sables out of Zimbabwe

© Paul Maritz

Police in southern Zimbabwe have arrested three South Africans trying to smuggle 29 sables across the border.

Zimbabwean justice system fails to punish Cecil’s killers

© Daughter#3

No charges have been filed against Walter Palmer for the killing of Cecil the lion and the Zimbabwean police have not supplied the required documentation for his extradition.

Video: Bull elephant crashes into tourists at Mana Pools


A poor sighted bull elephant knocks into a table of safari enthusiasts in Zimbabwe.

Video: Elephant attack in Hwange

elephant attack Hwange

Footage has emerged from Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe showing an elephant attacking a safari vehicle.

Baby elephant rescued after being hit by car

The baby elephant at Wild is Life.

Vets rush to the aid of a baby elephant that was hit by a car near Kariba in Zimbabwe.

Elephant tramples Zimbabwe curio seller to death

© Janine Avery

A Zimbabwean man has been trampled to death by an elephant in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Lion kills safari guide in reserve where Cecil lived


A professional guide was fatally mauled by a male lion whilst out on a walking safari in Hwange National Park after doing everything he could to successfully protect his guests and ensure their safety.

25 hyenas killed in Zimbabwe

© Janine Avery

Villagers in the district of Buhera in Zimbabwe have trapped and killed 25 hyenas over the past two weeks that have been attacking people and livestock.

Hunting lions for fun

© Beverly Joubert/beverlyjoubert.com

Award winning filmmaker, Dereck Joubert, explores the viability and ethics of hunting in the hope that Cecil the lion has died for at least some cause: to rally everyone to get important legislation passed and to stop the killing of lions for fun.

Zimbabwe lifts nationwide trophy hunting ban

Cecil, one of Zimbabwe's most famous lions, rests in the wild as the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority takes a photo. Uproar followed his death at the hands of Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer on July 6.  © Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority via European Pressphoto Agency

The nationwide ban on hunting lions, leopards and elephants in Zimbabwe has been lifted, but a ban is still in force in a limited area including on the farm where Cecil was killed and on another farm where a second lion was hunted.

Cubs doing okay after Cecil’s death

Cecil's pride drinking together before his untimely death.

The light at the end of the tunnel: Cecil’s story not only raises awareness about conservation issues, but it also sends the message that people care about the future of his offspring and his kind. Here are some fantastic photos of his cubs to ease your minds.

Excellent quotes and updates on Cecil the lion

© Wikimedia

Debate, drama and decisions in the wake of the death of Cecil, Zimbabwe’s iconic lion.

US dentist thought lion hunt was legal

Cecil the lion in Hwange National Park. © Bryan Orford, YouTube

An American hunter accused of illegally killing a protected lion in Zimbabwe said that he wasn’t aware of the animal’s status “until the end of the hunt.”

Cecil the lion’s killer revealed as American dentist

Walt Palmer, left, and one of his many trophies

A Minnesota father of two is discovered to be the hunter who shot dead Cecil – one of Zimbabwe’s most loved lions.

Two arrested for killing of Cecil the lion while authorities track hunter

Cecil the lion in Hwange National Park. © Bryan Orford, YouTube

Zimbabwe authorities are trying to track down the Spaniard that allegedly paid €50,000 to kill Cecil, one of Africa’s most famous lions.

Zimbabwe elephants sold to Chinese zoo malnourished and injured

© Chunmei Hu/Nature University

Pictures taken by a local wildlife charity activist of the elephants in quarantine pens at Chimelong Safari Park show young elephants in visibly poor conditions with protruding bones.

Elephants surprise guests at the pool


Guests at an African Luxury Hideaways lodge in Zimbabwe had a lucky encounter with one of the Big Five when one of Hwange’s large elephants herds paid a visit to the lodge’s eco-pool.

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