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Bone trade: Are Africa’s leopards next?

According to a report, China is issuing permits to trade in leopard bones for use in Chinese medicinal products, despite there not being enough leopards left in that country to supply the trade volumes on the permits. As Africa has the largest wild leopard population, should we be worried more than usual about the fate of these big cats?

Video: Lions make a comeback

With wild lions under pressure from so many threats, this is a wonderful story of lions being reintroduced to an area that used to have lions.

Will Zambia’s Luangwa River be dammed? Have your say

Zambia’s wildlife paradise and legendary safari mecca of Luangwa Valley may in future partially function as one giant tap for some of Zambia’s growing water needs. Gone will be the seasonal, natural water cycles that sustain and nurture this incredibly fecund river valley. You see, a sizeable chunk of Luangwa Valley may be dammed in the near future, at Ndevu Gorge

Zambia’s hippo cull: Valid concerns and questions from those affected

A showdown is looming between tourism operators in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park and trophy hunters, in the wake of the Zambian government’s decision to cull up to 2,000 hippos over a 5-year period in Luangwa Valley, across the river from the tourism lodges – and to award the culling contract to a South African trophy hunting outfit Umlilo Safaris (so much for the empowerment of local people and generation of revenue that stays in Zambia).

Why Namibia’s desert lions are being killed

Namibia’s desert-adapted lions in the Tomakas region of Namibia are being killed off in a sad whirlpool of human politics, with the recent killing of the last of the famous ‘5 Musketeers’ being one such example.

Massive Noah’s Ark project attracts critics

The plan is to move 6,000 animals during the coming three years – and in the coming eight weeks alone the project will move 50 elephants, 100 giraffe, 900 impala, 300 wildebeest, 50 kudu, 200 zebra, buffalo and eland.

Let’s boycott African tourism. Not.

Some keyboard warriors regularly call for the boycott of an entire country’s tourism industry in reaction to the death of animals that could conceivably have been prevented.

Rhinos to Australia: is this conservation?

There are plans afoot to move rhinos from Africa to Australia as an ‘insurance policy’ and for ‘safekeeping’ in large grass paddocks amongst the gum trees. Is this a valid conservation project (as claimed) or a misdirection of energy and resources by a well-meaning Western society intent on privatising African conservation into their own backyard?

Why conservation is failing

Free roaming wildlife populations in Africa are crashing, and natural habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. There is a war going on, and the other side is winning hands down – why is that?

Book Review: Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott

Every now and then a book comes along that breaks through the wallpaper of life and delivers its message intravenously. Elephant Dawn by Sharon Pincott does that – it is an intense read, inspiring and moving.

Rehabilitated Cape parrot thriving

A wild-born female Cape parrot rehabilitated from a deadly viral infection and released back into the wild in 2011 has been seen on several occasions, apparently healthy and living the life.

Please stop shouting at me

Are you, as a marketer, simply shouting meaningless messages at your audience or are you actively engaging with your customers on an emotional level? We plead with advertisers to stop shouting at us!

Searching for turtles…

Join us as we join a private turtle nesting beach drive in the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve in Mozambique.

Travel marketers must go Native

A “Native Advert” is loosely defined as where the marketing message is part of the content. And it’s a very important and growing aspect of travel marketing.

Getting the most out of TripAdvisor

If there’s one online platform all establishments HAVE to be involved in, it’s TripAdvisor. This blog post could never address all you need to know, but I will tell you what, why and how and give you a few tips. As for the rest, get stuck in and find out for yourself. What is it? […]

That perfect blog post for travel marketing

It’s been said before, but a well-crafted blog post is “the gift that keeps on giving” – it enjoys an extended online life and delivers an endless stream of readers.  Perhaps great online content is the “new advertising”, and that’s why Content marketing is creating such a buzz in the advertising industry. Here then are […]

8 essential elements of your online travel marketing strategy

Its so tough to keep up with the rising flood of new digital tools, devices, buzzwords and strategies. A bit like that lioness charging into a herd of dashing zebras – all stripes, dust and chaos. In amongst all the clutter I like to focus on 8 core travel marketing tools and activities.  This then is […]

What makes a good hotel web site?

I was recently emailed the question “what makes a good hotel web site?” Here then is my list of what I look out for in a web site, plus two excellent examples.    Fast loading, uncluttered, easy navigation; Use really great photos, videos and short bursts of informative text; Commission a pro photographer for your […]

How CHANGE is affecting the travel industry

Change is sweeping through the travel industry as the revolution gives travellers greater control over their holiday planning and provides the travel industry with effective tools and communities for marketing, sales and reservations. Change driven by the digital revolution The past few years have seen a massive digital revolution that has empowered us ALL […]

Why is Branson promoting this man?

As a young scientist Allan Savory provided advice to the Zimbabwean government that directly resulted in the slaughter of 40,000 elephants. See more about that here. Apparently Savory has learnt by his mistakes and is now considered the ‘father’ of holistic ecosystem management! And now Richard Branson, in his blog post, suggests that we trust […]

Race for the Rhino

Written by: Simon Espley (Proud member of the Race for the Rhino 2013 team) We all know that South Africa is losing 3 rhino a day to poaching.  There seems to be no end to the demand for horn in the Far East and countless greedy and ruthless people to supply that demand.  So what […]

It’s all about the Long Run

I’m skeptical about big business and the lightly veneered “sustainability” PR spin that we so often see. And then there are the CEOs of cash-flush companies that defend a complete lack of investment into people and the planet, with statements like “we can’t do sustainability if there is no financial return”. Huh? And so I sit […]