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CEO Note
Welwitschia mirabilis – an ancient survivor of the Namib Desert, Namibia. 2021 Photographer of the Year entrant © Hesté de Beer

CEO NOTE: 15 January 2021

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I had a brief discussion on Facebook with a guy who felt that his ‘2 minutes of research’ (his words) trumps my 30 years of experience in the topic at hand. I don’t often get involved in social media discussions any more, but because he was using factual inaccuracies to challenge an AG post, I engaged with him. It was like talking a cat out of a tree, and a good reminder for me to continue avoiding social media discussion.

Yay, it’s time to celebrate again! Submissions for our 2021 Photographer of the Year have started trickling in, and we have some stunners! Entrants are competing for prestige, US$10,000 cash and a Botswana safari – we expect the pace to pick up as the word gets out. Check out our first story below for a celebration of Africa at her finest.

Our second story is about Africa’s rarest parrot. I wonder how many people even know that Cape parrots cling to existence in the few remaining patches of mistbelt forest in South Africa. Centuries of logging of the old yellowwood trees on which they depend, disease and the caged bird industry are significant threats. And then along came climate change and Asian borer beetles …

And finally, our third story below is exciting – the possibility that we can monitor wildlife populations from space.

Story 1
Week one of our 2021 Photographer of the Year has produced some stunners.

Story 2
The Cape parrot is found only in small fragmented patches of the remaining mistbelt forests in South Africa

Story 3
Artificial intelligence and satellite images can help conservationists count elephants from space, says new research.

CEO note



Simon Espley – CEO, Africa Geographic


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