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Africa’s disappearing lions; jaw-dropping special offers in Botswana for SADC residents; Maasai Mara champagne safari; Mozambican beach bliss; and searching for gorillas in Mgahinga – this week with AG


Tragic loss in Kasungu following elephant translocations, the rare species of Selati Game Reserve, scary snakebite stats, and an epic cross-country South African safari – this week with AG

Selati Game Reserve

Selati is a secret Big 5 safari haven on the outskirts of Greater Kruger. It is also home to specials like sable & the rarest cycad on earth


The forest whisperers of Kenya’s tropical coast, elusive aardvarks, specialist photographic safaris & slurping elephants – this week with AG


The elusive aardvark is a keystone species, shaping the landscape around it and providing dwellings for other mammals, reptiles and birds

Forest Whisperers

Simon set out to Arabuko-Sokoke Forest and Mida Creek in Kenya to find out how community members are restoring threatened forests


Armchair conservation; Zambia’s untamed Kafue National Park; deadly domestic cats; and festive season safari tips – this week with AG

Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park is Zambia’s oldest and largest national park – known for sweeping plains and wetlands, and abundant and unique wildlife


Explore Kenya’s Gedi Ruins, the state of Africa’s rhinos, awesome special offers to Botswana for SADC residents, and roaring roosters – this week with AG

The state of Africa’s rhino

Here’s our analysis of the IUCN report containing the most recent rhino numbers, trends, poaching incidents, conservation measures & trade updates

Gedi Ruins

Gedi was an important medieval East African city of trade. Today, you can visit Kenya’s Gedi Ruins to discover a lost Swahili civilisation


Wall-to-wall wildlife action in Khwai, leopards and lions surviving snares, a Southern African mega safari and a quick trip to Okavango Delta – this week with AG


Exploring Kenya’s ancient Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, the ultimate in beach holidays, good news for planet Earth, nocturnal elephants and saving rare cycads – this week with AG

Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

Kenya’s ancient Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, home to endangered creatures found nowhere else on earth, is a birder’s dream


Gorilla trekking in Bwindi, the ultimate beach holiday in Mozambique, the miniature owls of Africa and giant otters – this week with AG

The miniature owls of Africa

Africa hosts a variety of miniature owls. From scops-owls, to white-faced owls & owlets, here is the rundown of these small, endearing birds

Walking with gorillas

Trekking through the ancient rainforests of Bwindi, Uganda to find mountain gorillas brings Ryan Biller face-to-face with a childhood dream


Tips on where to safari right now, planning your festive adventures, all things snakes, and a different perspective on Pongola’s elephant crisis – this week with AG


Primate quest in Central Africa, why lions target particular types of cows, a safari with Jamie in Sabi Sands, a champagne safari in the Mara, and tricksy, fibbing hyenas – this week with AG


Our favourite bushveld dining spots, Kalahari’s vanishing hornbills, insider safari tips, the beginning of the end for captive lion breeding, and another leopard incident in Greater Kruger – this week with AG

Dine out in the bushveld

No African safari is complete without a dining experience out in the wilderness. Here are our favourite spots to enjoy dining in the bushveld


A healing safari in Zim, Hawaii’s conspicuous African chameleons, Maasai Mara migration madness and the birth of a rhino calf – this week with AG

Healing in Hwange

Can an African safari bring healing? Aaron Gekoski heads to Zimbabwe to explore Hwange and Matobo National Parks to find out


Moving elephants across Malawi, running for rhinos in Timbavati, the ultimate Serengeti migration safari and examining spider’s dreams – this week with AG


We’re exploring wild and wonderful Akagera National Park in Rwanda, delving into new research on the behaviour of wild dog pups, and searching for new responsible safaris for you – this week with AG

Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is Rwanda’s last refuge for savannah-adapted wildlife, and safeguards Central Africa’s largest protected wetland

Habituating leopards

Following the death of leopard Hosana, Jamie Paterson & Maxine Gaines take an in-depth look at leopard habituation & tourism ethics


Our favourite tented camps, the wonders of giraffe evolution, celebrating rangers and an art safari in Timbavati – this week with AG

Africa under canvas

Camping in the bushveld is an immersive experience. Here are the best tented camps in Africa – from basic budget options to luxurious glamping


An in-depth look at leopard habituation, a guide to vibrant Majete & an epic Big 5 safari in South Africa – this week with AG

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve is a booming Big 5 destination. Be drawn by epic scenery, cheetahs & wild dogs, & the mighty Shire River


Fascinating behaviour observed in Kgalagadi cheetahs, self-medicating chimpanzees, big cats adopting orphans & gorilla trekking in Rwanda


Explore Northern Madagascar, question the role of trophy hunting in lion conservation & head to Mara for a champagne safari

Northern Madagascar

Northern Madagascar – biodiversity, lush rainforests, mangroves, azure lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, lemurs and ferocious fossa


Explore Kenya’s resilient Meru National Park, read about Pongola Game Reserve’s elephant management crisis, and plan an epic photo safari to Maasai Mara – all this week with AG

Meru National Park

Meru National Park is a resilient expanse of vital Kenyan wilderness. This Big 5 safari destination of ‘Born Free’ fame is a land reborn.


Surviving post-pandemic Zim, gorilla trekking in Volcanoes NP, & learning lessons about context in Luangwa NP – all this week with AG

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is a leading gorilla trekking destination in Africa. This volcanic landscape offers stunning scenery & biodiversity

Surviving in post-pandemic Zimbabwe

As tourism slowly recovers in post-pandemic Zimbabwe, hunger still stalks the country. Many resort to the basics to survive the loss of income


The science behind hunting tuskers; sleep out under the stars; spot shoebills; & a Big 5 safari in Madikwe – all this week with AG.

Sleep out under the stars

Stargazing under African skies from a comfortable bed will add magic to any safari. Here are our top spots for sleeping out under the stars


Greater Kruger’s latest wildlife count, celebrating magnificent hippos & searching for lowland gorillas – all this week with AG


The hippopotamus – a large semiaquatic mammal – is one of the most powerful, speedy and feared animals in Africa


Photographer of the Year announced, plan your dream safari, speedy evolution & 3 epics safaris – all this week with AG.


Photographer of the Year finalists, rhino-horn consumers and the great trade debate, and gorilla trekking in Rwanda – all this week with AG.


Of mammoths and tuskers, visiting south and central Madland, and contemplating horny toads – all this week with AG.

How much to kill a woolly mammoth?

The trophy hunting of 2 of Botswana’s largest tuskers threatens community wealth, a wildlife corridor & tusker survival. By Simon Espley

South and central Madagascar

South and central Madagascar is popular with tourists who enjoy the spiny forests, elegant sifakas, ring-tailed lemurs and desert canyons


The Top 101 Photographer of the Year entries (4 galleries), an in-depth look into famous leopard Hosana’s death, & delving into Namibia’s iconic Himba tribe – all this week with AG.


Our last week of Photographer of the Year entries (in 2 galleries), your guide on the best places to see leopards, female birdsong in swallows and changing seasons – all this week with AG.


Last chance to enter Photographer of the Year, true safari romance in Tarangire National Park, sibling bonding in hyenas, walking with giants in Kenya and bidding farewell to Amboseli’s super tusker Tolstoy – all this week with AG.

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park has magnificent scenery, giant baobabs & an abundance of wildlife – all the ingredients for the perfect safari


Epic pics and your last chance to enter Photographer of the Year, special offer on a Mara family safari, warfare ecology reflecting on the polarising tusker-hunt debate, and the best swimming pools in Africa – all this week with AG.

Africa’s 30 best swimming pools

Here’s our list of THE 30 best swimming pools in Africa – to round out your safari. Best views, best sightings, spots for sundowners & more!


Tuskers hunted in Botswana, best photos, 3 days in glorious Victoria Falls, and the dependability of the marvellous honeyguide – all this week with AG.


Glamping in Moremi, the week’s best pics, SA’s tiger farming industry, and controversy around proposed Chobe developments

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