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Kafue’s bountiful Busanga Plains; Photographer of the Year Week 5 gallery; a fully catered Moremi mobile safari and the best of Namibia – AG this week

Busanga Plains – jewel of Kafue

Busanga Plains, Kafue, is brimming with wildlife, yet not overwhelmed by tourists. Read Irene Amiet’s travel diary from this Zambian safari spot


New KAZA elephant analysis reveals vital details; Photographer of the Year – mesmerising Week 4 photos; Maasai Mara secret season safari and gorilla trekking in Uganda – AG this week

KAZA elephants – new analysis adds vital details

An analysis of elephant population trends in KAZA shows a worrying increase in poaching, slowed population growth, negative population trends outside of protected areas, and the need for more accurate information to combat threats


Photographer of the Year – spectacular Week 3 photos; Kingsley Holgate’s expedition to Majete; Masisi’s UK circus; and 2 tropical island safaris – AG this week


Photographer of the Year – award-worthy Week 2 photos; how a once-green Sahara changed our world; first pics emerge from Enduimet elephant trophy hunt; and the best Big 5 safaris – AG this week


Photographer of the Year 2024 is here – see the first photos; your guide to Mapungubwe; visit Vic Falls; and a desert and delta safari – AG this week

Mapungubwe National Park

Mapungubwe NP and World Heritage Site is one of South Africa’s most evocative protected spaces – a land of baobabs, elephants & rich history


Amboseli’s super tuskers down to 10, as trophy hunters in stealth mode; picture-perfect Liwonde; and top gorilla-trekking safaris – AG this week

Picture-perfect Liwonde

Kingsley Holgate & his Afrika Odyssey expedition team are connecting 22 parks managed by African Parks. Read about their trip to Liwonde NP


Holgate’s Nkhotakota expedition; wattled crane conservation; 2 iconic southern African safaris; and an exciting DRC discovery – AG this week


Two super tuskers hunted – our CEO responds; Photographer of the Year 2024 is live; Chitake Springs photo safari + gallery – AG this week

Chitake Springs photo safari

A photographic safari to Chitake Springs in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park offers an extremely wild, untamed safari experience


African raptors on the brink; Kingsley Holgate’s expedition to Bangweulu Wetlands; our adventure in Odzala-Kokoua, and discover Príncipe – this week with AG


Photographer of the Year is almost here; epic gallery from 2023’s winner; Kingsley Holgate’s expedition to Kafue; and colourful chameleons – this week with AG


Announcing the launch of Ukuri: safari camps for responsible travellers. Read all about our new booking platform for African Parks-managed safari camps – this week with AG


All about Mgahinga Gorilla NP; how elephants give each other names; and an iconic Chobe + Vic Falls safari – this week with AG

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla NP, on the forested slopes of 3 extinct volcanoes in Virunga Conservation Area, is an important home to mountain gorillas

Calling an elephant by its name

Do elephant rumblings contain names? Research shows elephants may have individual names, and they may use these names in their communication


A vivid Mashatu photo gallery; Botswana’s 90-leopard hunting quota; spotting (and counting) hyenas in Tanzania; and an iconic South African bush and beach holiday – this week with AG

Mashatu Magic

Simon Espley headed to Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana’s Tuli Block with Photographer of the Year’s 2023 winners

Spotting spotted hyena

New research using camera traps has measured spotted hyena population density in southern Tanzania – the first study of its kind for Tanzania


Your guide to the ultimate Big-5 safari; exploring Lake Mburo; and a professional photographic safari to Mara – this week with AG

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo is Uganda’s smallest national park, but offers ample natural diversity – from lakes to savannah, giraffes to leopards, and birding


2 super tuskers hunted in Tanzania; how giraffes choose their besties; AI for conservation; and experience Timbavati on an art safari – this week with AG


Exploring Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains; parenting, Wahlberg’s-eagle style; the rat with a lethal secret; Maasai Mara Champagne safari; and lion cub cuteness overload

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains NP is a world of towering peaks & other-worldly alpine flora – beckoning travellers to embark on a life-altering journey


Elephant poaching on the rise in Botswana; experience wild Africa on a walking safari; and early-bird savings on a Kafue safari – this week with AG


Epic black leopard pics; malaria-free safaris; buttered popcorn; lost mole finally found and how to plan your Jan safari – this week with AG

The incredible black leopard of Laikipia

Seeing a black leopard in the wild is an extraordinary feat. But Dan Peel has captured incredible photos of Laikipia’s now famous black panther. Check them out here.


Tanzania’s safari circuits explained; discovering riverine rabbits; gorilla trekking in Bwindi; and animals in mirrors – this week with AG

The safari circuits of Tanzania

Tanzania is a bucket list destination for safari enthusiasts & wildlife lovers. Here’s the lowdown on its four unique safari circuits


All the tips for your December safari; experience the cultural nirvana of Ethiopia, the wonders of hamerkop nests; beachside bliss in De Hoop – this week with AG


Fragile lion kingdoms; the ultimate South African safari guide; Botswana mobile safari and the head of a starfish – this week with AG


Kingsley Holgate’s expedition to Matusadona; elephants vs trees; Mumbo Island escape and a rare rain frog rediscovered – this week with AG


Desert-adapted lion hunted under suspicious circumstances; our guide to Africa’s wild pigs; zombie ants; an Okavango Delta safari & a Mana Pools special offer – this week with AG

The wild pigs of Africa

There are six species of wild pigs in Africa: common and desert warthogs, bushpigs, red river hog, giant forest hogs and North African boars


Kruger rhino population update; Makgadikgadi’s archaeological magic; Mara secret-season safari; & the banks fuelling endangered animal trade – this week with AG


East vs Southern African safari; the animal toll of electric fences; combination Big-5, chimp & gorilla safari; and Africa’s deadliest cat – this week with AG


The cheetahs of southern Tanzania; Botswana’s salt pans; how you can save lions; two island-style tropical breaks, and the savannah’s hierarchy of fear – this week with AG

Botswana’s salt pans

Botswana’s salt pans, including Makgadikgadi Pan, are of the largest on earth. The site of zebra migrations, the pans are an epic safari spot

The cheetahs of southern Tanzania

A new study, aimed at aiding the conservation of Tanzania’s cheetahs, reveals the secrets of the cheetahs of the Ruaha-Rungwa ecosystem


The hybrid elephants of Kibale; Lake Manyara NP; a new pangolin; and a prime-season safari to Botswana at a special early-bird rate – this week with AG

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara, home to millions of migratory flamingos & high elephant densities, is the perfect base from which to start your Tanzanian safari


The science of keeping Kruger’s rhinos safe; help collar lions to secure their future; ultimate Cape Town to-do list; and see the zebra migration – this week with AG

Cape Town: the ultimate to-do list

The city of Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations – for good reason. Here’s our ultimate Cape Town to-do list

Botswana’s zebra migrations

Botswana hosts two zebra migrations, one of which is the longest mammal migration in Africa. The zebras travel in search of water and grazing


Your November safari sorted; Mara photo safari; Serengeti tented adventure & down with Botswana/Namibia vet fences? – this week with AG


Tanzania’s rugged Nyerere NP; sexually deceptive orchids; an epic photo trip to Tuli; a safari to Congo’s forests and the shared experiences of penguins and space telescopes – this week with AG


African Parks solves John Humes’ rhino crisis; KAZA elephant survey results; an epic South Luangwa safari; kids stay free in Okavango Delta; and don’t forget the hirolas – this week with AG


The ultimate Vic Falls to-do list; farewell to Jamie; iconic kudus; Malawi bush & beach safari; and a big thank you from the pangolins – this week with AG

Things to do in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations – for good reason. Here’s our ultimate Victoria Falls to-do list


Known for impressive spiral horns & doe-eyed, graceful countenance, the kudu is a fascinating antelope and an icon of the African safari


More on that trophy hunt; hyenas released in Maputo NP; epic Namibian safari; all about the dwarf mongoose & the cost of rhino conservation – this week with AG

Dwarf mongoose

The dwarf mongoose is Africa’s smallest mammalian predator. With complex social structures, they are fascinating to see on safari


Elegant impala; talking testes; desert + delta; a rescued pangolin pup & is October the best safari time? – this week with AG


Impala are one of the most common antelope species, often seen on safari. This remarkable African mammal is doe-eyed, resilient & athletic

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