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The ultimate Vic Falls activities list

Thursday, 31 August 2023

As the largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls needs little by way of introduction. Even to the uninitiated, the name conjures images of water thundering down into gorges, mist-soaked vistas, verdant vegetation, and adventure. The lively towns of Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side and Livingstone on the Zambian side are split down the middle by the Zambezi River at its most dramatic – the perfect escape for every traveller, from adrenaline junkies and budget-strapped students to families and romancing couples.

With a smorgasbord of natural, cultural, and gastronomic delights on offer and only a few days to enjoy them, deciding how best to spend one’s time can be something of a challenge! Have a look at our ultimate Victoria Falls to-do list to inspire your next itinerary. Then, check out all the info you need for planning your Victoria Falls safari here (including our ready-made packages). And search for the best accommodation in Victoria Falls here.

Grab your camera and set out on a tour of mighty Victoria Falls

It should go without saying that the magnificent waterfall should be the first port of call for any visit to the region. Here the mighty Zambezi River gathers its strength and tumbles off a plateau nearly two kilometres wide before plunging into a series of dramatic gorges 100 metres below. The tours through the forests and to the best viewing points are conducted in the morning and afternoon to showcase this spectacle of Africa in the best light. With shimmering rainbows, clouds of thick spray and the thundering power of the water, touring the Falls is an all-encompassing sensory extravaganza.

Victoria Falls
There are a number of excellent viewing platforms for experiencing Victoria Falls

Soak in the magic of the sunset on a Zambezi Dinner Cruise

Upstream of the Falls, the Zambezi River is gentle and serene, offering the perfect balm for the soul after an action-packed day. Decompress as the ripples of the river shimmer beneath one of Africa’s blazing sunsets and give way to the romance of the moment, replete with good food, fine drink and excellent company.

Enjoy delicious snacks and sundowners while listening for the cry of the fish eagle in the fading sunlight hours

Tour Livingstone Island, enjoy breakfast or high tea and take a dip in Devil’s Pool

Livingstone Island is often touted as the point at which David Livingstone first set eyes upon Victoria Falls (though one must imagine the noise might have tipped him off beforehand) and is positioned at the very edge of the Falls. Follow in David’s footsteps to the island in the company of experienced guides before sitting down to a hearty breakfast or high tea. Thrill-seekers can also swim into a rock pool (Devil’s Pool) and perch with elbows dangling out over the drop below!

It is important to note that this activity is only offered during the low-water months from August to January and can only be accessed from the Zambian side of Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls
Take a dip in hair-raising Devil’s Pool
Africa Geographic Travel

Spot the Big 5 on a game drive

Zambezi National Park (Zimbabwe), Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park (Zambia) and Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve (Zimbabwe) all provide exceptional opportunities to encounter the Big 5, along with a variety of other species. Climb aboard an open four-wheel drive vehicle and see if you can spot one of the region’s elusive black rhinos!

Victoria Falls
Spot the Big Five in one of the protected areas near the Falls

Take in the fascinating story of Victoria Falls on the Historical Bridge Tour

Transport yourself back in time to when Cecil John Rhodes envisioned a railway running from Cape to Cairo and the geographical impediments blocking its path. Descend onto the catwalks below the Victoria Falls Bridge and consider the feats of engineering involved in its construction at the very start of the 20th century. The tongue-in-cheek guides will provide a light-hearted but detailed history of this remarkable structure.

Victoria Falls
The historical Victoria Falls Bridge

Adventure to nearby Chobe National Park for the day

Botswana’s Chobe National Park is a name imbued with the spirit of safari legend – a land of dramatic wildlife viewing and hundreds upon hundreds of elephants. Set out on a short drive from the Falls to the nearest border post, where a Botswana guide will collect you for the day’s activities. Enjoy a morning boat cruise on the lazy Chobe River, admiring the wildlife on the floodplains before enjoying lunch and an afternoon game drive.

Enjoy sundowners on the Chobe River

Plunge through the rapids of some of the best white water rafting in the world

The rapids below the falls are classified as Grade V, and nothing is quite as humbling as experiencing the sheer power of the water, armed with just a plastic oar and a lifejacket. The mighty river will propel you through a thrilling series of twists, turns, and heart-stopping drops, interspersed with stretches of calm where you can catch your breath and soak in the beauty of the towering gorges and verdant surrounds.

White water rafting is only guaranteed in August and September, though the season may vary depending on water levels.

Victoria Falls
Experience world-class white water rafting below the Falls

Immerse yourself in a gourmet experience at the Dusty Road Township Dining Experience

Situated deep in the heart of the bustling Chinotimba township, not far from Victoria Falls town centre, Dusty Road offers a vibrant dining experience unlike any other. Amidst rustic tables and flickering lanterns, indulge your tastebuds with a tantalizing array of flavours crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

Victoria Falls
Enjoy the tasty delights of the Dusty Road Township Experience

Chase that adrenaline rush on the flying fox/gorge swing/zipline/bungee jump

Victoria Falls is considered Africa’s adventure capital and is overflowing (literally?) with electrifying activities for thrill-seekers. The bungee jump off the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge is one of the world’s highest jumps. The gorge swing will pendulum you out over Batoka Gorge in an exhilarating zero-gravity experience. Intrepid travellers on the zipline (foefie slide) will reach speeds of over 100km/hr over the gorge, while those looking for a more sedate (but still vertigo-inducing) approach can opt for the flying fox.

Victoria Falls
The Gorge Swing is only for the brave

Embark on a journey through time (and enjoy a scrumptious meal) on the Steam Train

Climb aboard the luxury steam train at Victoria Falls station and let it transport you to a bygone era of splendour. The train will stop on the Victoria Falls Bridge just in time to watch the sunset in one of the most magical spots in Africa. Then it is time to sit down to a gourmet dinner as the train chuffs its way through the bushveld.

Victoria Falls
Experience the elegance of a steam train dinner
Africa Geographic Travel

Take to the skies and admire the scenery of Victoria Falls from above on the ‘Flight of Angels’ helicopter trip

David Livingstone was so taken with the beauty of the Falls that he famously suggested that “scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight”, so how better to appreciate them than from the sky? The helicopters have cleverly designed bubble-shaped windows to enjoy the panoramic views over the falls and surrounds.

Victoria Falls
Enjoy a flip to experience an epic view of Victoria Falls

Keep on track on a Bicycle Tour along the Zambezi River

Cycle along the Batoka Gorge, stopping every now and again to take in the breath-taking views before encountering the world-famous Big Tree (a massive baobab believed to be 3,500 years old) and cycle across the Victoria Falls Bridge, all in the company of an expert guide.

Dine out on the world-famous experience at The Boma

The Boma restaurant is about more than ordering dinner; it is a complete Zimbabwean cultural experience. Join the hand-washing ceremony before sampling the traditional beer to whet the appetite before dinner. During the varied meal of everything from venison to mopane worms, Tsonga dancers, storytellers and entertainers will hold the floor. Then take to the dance floor and show off your newly-mastered dance moves!

Enjoy the electric atmosphere while dining at The Boma
Africa Geographic Travel

Saddle up and canter out into the wilderness on horseback (all experience levels are catered for!)

Exploring the wilderness on horseback is a unique experience, not least because the wild animals do not perceive the horses as a threat, allowing for unusually close encounters with otherwise shy ungulates such as kudu or impala. Spend the day tracking elephants and buffaloes in the deep shade of the Zambezi River’s riverine forests and perhaps even stop for a brief siesta during the day’s hottest hours.

Victoria Falls
Horse ride through this beautiful corner of Africa

Clip on a harness and swing out on a Canopy Tour

With a network of nine slides over the gorges, trails and a ropeway bridge through the hardwood forests, the Victoria Falls canopy tour offers some of the area’s best views. Furthermore, this experience is open to adventure-seekers of all ages, including families and groups.

Victoria Falls
Ziplining provides a whole new perspective on the Falls

Go curio and craft shopping and find the perfect souvenir from the perfect Victoria Falls holiday

Enthusiastic shoppers will find their senses overwhelmed on this daily tour of open-air markets, crochet halls, galleries and boutique stores selling handcrafted works of art. Admire the stone sculptures, wooden carvings, textiles, jewellery and crochet lovingly created by local artisans and pick out gifts for loved ones back home.

There are so many curios to choose from when shopping in and around Victoria Falls

Now that you are armed with our ultimate Victoria Falls to-do list, it’s time to start planning your holiday! Contact our travel experts to explore one of the world’s most incredible natural marvels.

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