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save a pangolin

Save a pangolin

  Help save pangolins poached from the wild Introduction The bushveld winter is pangolin POACHING SEASON and trafficked pangolins requiring treatment and rehabilitation are placed in the hands of the team at Provet Wildlife Services in the bushveld town of Hoedspruit, near the Greater Kruger. Numerous pangolins  are taken to Provet requiring intensive care for months …

Natural history

White-bellied pangolin pups in Nigeria

White-bellied pangolin pups, rescued from an animal market in Lagos, desperately need help from Namibian pangolin expert Maria Diekmann

Natural history

Rescued pangolins given a rare second chance

Seven rescued pangolins rehabilitated and moved to a new home that is secure and ready to once again play host to pangolins

Decoding science, Natural history

Secretive forest species such as giant ground pangolins and Congo peafowl revealed by camera traps in DR Congo

Secretive forest species such as giant ground pangolin, Congo peafowl and cusimanse revealed by camera traps in DR Congo.


NEWSDESK: Elephants kill 2 Zimbabweans + US$74bn Chinese wildlife trade explained + Coronavirus link to bats and pangolins (new research from China)

Elephants kill 2 in Zimbabwe + US$74bn Chinese wildlife trade explained + Coronavirus link to bats and pangolins (new research from China)

Jessica Nabongo eats pangolin
Natural history, News, Poaching

Video: Instagram influencers eat pangolin in Gabon – call it ‘armadillo’

Instagram influencers Jessica Nabongo and Sal Lavallo ate pangolin in Gabon hotel

Natural history, News

Video: Three pangolins returned to the wild in Malawi

Good news as three pangolins have been successfully released back into the wild in Malawi after being confiscated.

Natural history, Poaching

Saving trafficked pangolins, one release at a time

A story about releasing trafficked pangolins back into the wild, thanks to a dedicated team of people fighting to ensure the survival of these threatened creatures.

Natural history, People, Poaching

My fight to save Liberia’s pangolins

Two steps forward, one step back in pangolin conservation. Liberia is a country in West Africa that has overcome civil war, battled through the Ebola crisis and is currently recovering from the impacts. But there is one more issue to confront – the illegal wildlife and bushmeat trade.

Natural history, People

Giant rats: A pangolin’s best friend

The pangolin, the world’s most trafficked animal, might have just found a new best friend – the African giant pouched rat.

Destinations, Kalahari, Natural history, People, South Africa

Pangolin research in the Kalahari

Little is known about how pangolins might cope with the direct and indirect effects of a changing climate. A PhD researcher is therefore investigating the body temperature, diet, and activity patterns of free-living ground pangolins in a semi-arid environment in South Africa.

Natural history, Poaching

Pangolin trafficking: Research reveals new routes

A recent study has revealed that pangolin smugglers are constantly opening up new global trade routes every year to avoid law enforcement agencies.


Protecting pangolins with the Tikki Hywood Trust

The Tikki Hywood Trust is doing great things to protect the remaining wild populations of pangolins – the most trafficked animal in the world

Natural history

A closer look at pangolins and the pangolin men

Imagine the possibility of walking with pangolins. Adrian Steirn’s recent photographic series The Pangolin Men captures a unique and exceptional scenario of beasts and men.

Natural history

Do or die – deciding the pangolin’s fate at CoP17

To date the pangolin has remained under the radar of mainstream conservation campaigns, but the pangolin’s plight is indeed a global one.

Natural history, Poaching

A very special pangolin rescue

This is a story of two rescued pangolins, a story of compassion and transboundary teamwork to help two endangered mammals

Black bellied pangolin
Natural history, Poaching

Hand-rearing a black-bellied pangolin

Joel Gunter meets a critically endangered black bellied pangolin.

Natural history

Fascinating Pangolin Facts

Get to know more about the pangolin, one of Africa’s most elusive creatures

Natural history, Poaching

Pangolins: chinks in the armour

How pangolins end up in medicine, on menus and electric fences.

Natural history, Poaching

The Luckiest Pangolin Alive

The story of a little pangolin who’s making a big difference.

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