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Help save the pangolins, Photographer of the Year finalists and the resident roundworms of black rhinos – this week with AG


Our 101 Photographer of the Year favourites, the tragic spearing of lions in Amboseli and the possibility of mining in Mana Pools – this week with AG

Mining in Mana Pools

Mining in Mana Pools? Zimbabwean government announces application by Shalom Mining to explore one of Africa’s greatest wilderness areas


A trilogy of phenomenal galleries for our final Photographer of the Year 2023 weekly selection, some epic travel inspiration and exploring Uganda’s secret valley – this week with AG

Semliki Valley

Semliki Valley is a land of extraordinary wild beauty, dense forest, vast savannah and magical hot springs – and Uganda’s best kept secret


Brand-new rhino conservation safari, magnificent Photographer of the Year galleries and the world’s largest antelope – this week with AG


The eland is the largest antelope in the world. Sometimes tricky to find, ticking them off your African safari list is a rewarding experience


The competition heats up with our Photographer of the Year Week 11 selection + the biodiversity of De Hoop – this week with AG

De Hoop Nature Reserve

De Hoop Nature Reserve in South Africa’s Western Cape offers sea, wetlands, rare plants, diverse wildlife and hiking trails


New snapshots from our Photographer of the Year entrants + assessing Madagascar’s tragic biodiversity loss – this week with AG


The gorgeous gelada is one of Ethiopia’s most striking primates + Photographer of the Year heats up – this week with AG


With intricate social structures & complex vocabularies, the cliff-dwelling gelada of the Ethiopian Highlands is one of Africa’s most striking primates


More incredible images as our Photographer of the Year competition heats up + a pending insect ‘apocalypse’ – this week with AG


The rebirth of Malawi’s Liwonde National Park + another phenomenal gallery of photographs – this week with AG

Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park is an exceptional safari destination, revived from the brink of destruction & now a key protected area in Malawi


More inspiring images from our Photographer of the Year entries + the plight of Namibia’s wild horses – this week with AG


Our Photographer of the Year entries continue to amaze + some facts about South Africa’s private rhino industry – this week with AG


More stunning Photographer of the Year entries + the one big cat safari you should not miss – this week with AG

A Sabi Sands leopard safari

Jamie Paterson spends time with the famous leopards of Sabi Sands Game Reserve, Greater Kruger, on a specialised leopard safari


A cheetah passage to India; action-packed Photographer of the Year pics; and a Maasai Mara migration safari – this week with AG


Announcing our huge news; celebrating elusive bongos; Photographer of the Year extraordinary pics; and an epic Ugandan gorilla trekking safari – this week with AG

The bongo

The bongo is one of Africa’s most attractive antelope yet its shy nature keeps it off the safari radar. We shed light on this alluring mammal


Pics from Photographer of the Year Week 1; putting elephants on the map; a Sabi Sands big-cat safari and cunning dragonflies – this week with AG


15 top African wildlife experiences; all about giraffes; gorilla trekking in Rwanda and raw wildlife action at Chitake Springs – this week with AG


The giraffe is a wonder of evolution, and a vital part of Africa’s ecosystems. Read all there is to know about the planet’s tallest creature


Rhino poaching on the rise in Namibia; exploring the forest kingdom of Kibale NP; and Photographer of the Year is open! – this week with AG

Kibale National Park

The forests of Uganda’s Kibale National Park are an oasis for countless primate species, including chimpanzees, and an array of fauna and flora


Busting safari myths; coexistence with crop-raiding elephants in Amboseli ecosystem; and can you help save these wild dogs? – this week with AG

Seven safari myths – busted

Can you separate fact from fiction when it comes to the tall tales told about Africa’s wildlife? Our experts bust common safari myths


Treehuggers + a guide to your mid-year safari + marvellous warthogs + are black kites pyromaniacs? – this week with AG


Warthogs are the fast and courageous tusked pigs of Africa. Known for their haggard looks, the warthog is an entertaining sight on any safari

Safari Season – visit Africa in Jun, Jul, Aug

When is the best safari season in Africa? We answer one of the most common safari questions with a comprehensive look at the best African destinations and when to visit them in June, July and August.


Announcing Photographer of the Year 2023; fab photos from our 2022 Photographer of the Year winner; and delving into the complexities of giraffe social structures – this week with AG


All about African penguins; the best spots for your 2023 safari; celebrating our 16 million followers; Maasai Mara photographic safari & special offer Zanzibar beach holiday

African penguin

The African penguin is an endangered bird found along the coasts of southern Africa, drawing thousands of tourists every year

Safari Season – visit Africa in Mar, Apr, May

When is the best safari season in Africa? We answer one of the most common safari questions with a comprehensive look at the best African destinations and when to visit them in March, April and May.


Our 2023 resolution is to continue to uncover new, responsible safari options and fascinating stories for you – our tribe of passionate travelling conservationists.


Ultimate bush + beach safari combos; human population growth threatens Africa’s habitats and species; the year that was & the sound of reindeers (or elands?)

Ultimate bush and beach combo safari

Bush or beach? There’s no need to choose! We bring you the best combo safaris featuring epic beach & bush destinations for the ultimate African holiday


Remarkable Virunga; your say on safari discounts; good news for big cats in the USA; and COP19 – win or fail? This week with AG

Virunga National Park

Virunga NP offers unparalleled biodiversity. Rain forests, gorillas, endemic birds, bubbling volcanoes, and safari favourites await


Kruger’s declining rhinos, the best malaria-free safari destinations & a southern African mega safari – this week with AG


Trekking Tsavo in the footsteps of tuskers, affordable Madikwe & empowering women in tourism to aid economic recovery – this week with AG

Women in Africa: picking up the post-pandemic pieces

Women in rural Africa are particularly vulnerable to crises, due to low job security & discrimination. In a post-pandemic landscape, empowering women in the tourism sector is helping communities recover, contributing to economic empowerment

Tsavo National Park’s Great Walk

Ever dreamt of walking in the footsteps of tuskers on Tsavo National Park’s Great Walk? Norman Owen-Smith traversed 160km of this Kenyan park


Niger’s daring translocation to save the West African giraffe, another iconic tusker dies, temporary relief for Africa’s zoo-bound elephants, all about Cape porcupines, & adventures to Zim & Kenya – this week with AG

Cape porcupine

Cape porcupines are fascinating creatures. Protected by deadly quills, they are the largest rodents in southern Africa


CoP19 proposal to uplist hippos, photo safari at Oltepesi, giant elephant birds, art on safari, and humans reach the 8 billion mark – this week with AG

Hippos to be uplisted? CITES CoP19

Ten African states have proposed the transfer of the hippo from CITES Appendix II to Appendix I ahead of the 19th Conference of the Parties. What does this entail?


Magical Bazaruto; mitigating human-wildlife conflict in Namibia, bidding farewell to fallen tusker Dida, Okavango Delta safari and more – this week with AG

Bazaruto Archipelago National Park

Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago has the ingredients of a sublime safari: fascinating creatures, breathtaking scenery & amazing biodiversity


Africa’s disappearing lions; jaw-dropping special offers in Botswana for SADC residents; Maasai Mara champagne safari; Mozambican beach bliss; and searching for gorillas in Mgahinga – this week with AG


Tragic loss in Kasungu following elephant translocations, the rare species of Selati Game Reserve, scary snakebite stats, and an epic cross-country South African safari – this week with AG

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