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Natural history

The Sad 5: Endangered animals you don’t see in the headlines

With the lion’s share of international hype seized by flagship species, lesser known endangered animals seem to succumb to the shadows. These five species are among Africa’s most endangered, yet many people don’t even know they exist.

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Tantalising Tswalu: The Kalahari’s diamond in the rough

It was like a scene out of the movie Jurassic Park. You know, that adrenaline-fuelled, chaotic scene when the bad guys arrive on the island in their vehicles and speed through the bush while dinosaurs scatter out of their way as they hunt for the ultimate dinosaur trophy. Well, this was like that, except I …

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Photographer of the Year: Best Photos from 2017

December 1st marks the start of our Photographer of the Year 2018 competition! To celebrate the occasion, we have taken a stroll down memory lane to look back at our previous year’s winners and finalists. In this edition, we share with you the selection of world-class photos that made the finals of the 2017 competition. We …

Black-maned lion in the Kalahari
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South Africa’s top tourist attractions

If there was a checklist for the perfect travel destination, South Africa would tick most of the boxes. Famed for its amazing wildlife and landscapes, superb local cuisine, warm hospitality and great weather, (plus the added bonus that its affordable) it’s easy to understand why tourism is so big in South Africa.

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Rhino horn: Recipes for disaster

In the middle of the sixth mass extinction, when 50% of the living species are at risk of extinction due to the ever growing, destructive human hands, the six rhinoceros species are at the tip of the pyramid, among the most endangered species on Earth.

leopard peering into the camera with technology icon overlay
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Kruger: Is this the technological future?

Presently, we are able to instantly globally share everything we see and hear in Kruger and just about every other destination on earth. Animal sightings and locations are given in real time and we are able to send photos and videos across a host of social media platforms.

Vehicles joust for a good view of a leopard in Kruger National Park, South Africa
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Kruger: Impact of social media and mobile phones – good or bad?

Technology and social media have shaped the Kruger experience into something radically different from what it was ten years ago.

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Moremi Magic

My Moremi glamping safari. There’s something immensely satisfying about discovering Africa on a mobile tented camp safari. G&T anyone?

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Hippo teeth: Hong Kong trade threatens species in Africa

Hong Kong has always been regarded as the epicentre of the global wildlife trade. It appears however that this trade is not adequately controlled by authorities and may lead many species to the brink of extinction. Unfortunately, many news headlines announce illegal elephant ivory and rhino horn trade being processed through Hong Kong’s borders. Many …

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Photographer of the Year 2017 Finalists

Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2017 Top 101 Finalists – images that will have you grabbing your camera and booking your next safari

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year 2017 Semi-finalists Part 1

Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2017 Top 101 Finalists – images that will have you grabbing your camera and booking your next safari

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year 2017 Top 101 Finalists Part 2

Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2017 Top 101 Finalists – images that will have you booking your next safari

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South Luangwa: dog detection unit hounds poaching

In eastern Zambia, Conservation South Luangwa, in partnership with Working Dogs for Conservation and Zambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife has launched a fantastic initiative: Zambia’s first ever canine wildlife detection unit.

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Video: Johannesburg market sells illegal wildlife products

Footage emerges of body parts of endangered species being sold in a South African muthi market, highlighting “how little is actually being done on the ground” in spite of CITES’ intellectual discussions.


CITES CoP17 – Africa in a nutshell

A brief summary of the main decisions taken at CITES CoP17 that affect African wildlife species.

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Kgalagadi versus Kruger

A daring comparison of two popular Southern African transfrontier parks.

People, Poaching

Who’s protecting our rhino?

A behind-the-scenes look at the anti-poaching heroes and their dedication to saving rhinos in Kruger.


What will Africa propose to CITES?

A provisional list of proposals by African states for amendment of current trade allowances at CITES for endangered species

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Buy No Rhino

Meet the two South African sisters who cycled 6,000km across South-East Asia to save the rhino.

Opinion Editorial, Poaching

How China’s taste for wildlife feeds a killing frenzy

Africa’s extraordinary and charismatic wildlife is clearly under siege from the wrecking ball that is China.

Golden Triangle
Opinion Editorial, Poaching

Asia’s Golden Triangle – a conduit of death for Africa’s animals

The Asian end of the grisly wildlife trade business and a place that has become China’s illegal wildlife supermarket.

Natural history

Rescuing Beatrice the baby aardvark

‘A’ is for aardvark – a strange nocturnal creature that wanders some of Africa’s drier areas. ‘B’ is for baby aardvark that was rescued

Natural history

PALF’s dogs sniff out illegal bushmeat

Crocodiles and turtles are released after the PALF dog team sniffs them out in a road block.


16 pics of sniffer dogs at work in Congo

The Republic of Congo has a new canine crime unit to protect its wildlife.


Elephants rejoice: China to end ivory trade

Shutting down commercial ivory markets worldwide is the single biggest step that governments can take to end the elephant poaching crisis.

Destinations, Namibia, Natural history

Wild Horses of the Namib

Wild horses of Aus in Namibia’s Namib Desert are tough and resilient – and yet at the mercy of drought and hyenas. A story of survival

Destinations, Gabon, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Finding Gold in Gabon

I was used to working in the savannahs of eastern and southern Africa, where the animals I studied roamed in full sight. I was used to the relative comfort and safety of getting around in a 4×4, and my camera went everywhere with me. Then, in 2010, I arrived in the Central African country of …


End of the game for Namibia

Having been involved in Namibia’s community-based conservation programme over the past 20 years, Christiaan Bakkes is questioning whether the programme is still the success it has been hailed as.

Natural history

Life in the Ashes

Walking through the ashes of Table Mountain National Park after last week’s monumental fire, I didn’t expect to see it as a landscape teeming with life, and yet it was. The sensation was one mixed with awe at the devastation, and wonder at the nature that has survived or is already emerging. For 5 days …


NSPCA’s formal stance on the selective breeding of wild animals for colour mutations

The NSPCA speaks out on why selective breeding for colour morphs has absolutely no benefit to the individual animal, the species, biodiversity or conservation as a whole.


When the buying stops, the killing can too

A look into the illegal wildlife trade and how to reduce the demand that is fuelling the illegal poachers who take the lives of thousands of rhinos and elephants every year.


Demanding an end to the slaughter of rhinos and elephants

The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER) is taking place in more than 120 cities across the world on October 4 this year. It will see the delivery of memoranda of demand and proposed changes to South Africa’s legislation delivered to key government representatives across the globe.


Ramping up support for elephants and rhinos

In just a few short weeks the world will be taking to the streets in support of our endangered, iconic wildlife species, courtesy of the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, which takes place on World Animal Day – October 4.


African inspired art making a difference

Jacha Potgieter tells us how his African animal inspired artwork is raising awareness for conservation issues around the world.


Kafue: paradise waiting to be reborn

Kafue National Park, spoken of as the lungs of Africa, is doing great things for conservation with their Elephant Orphanage Project.

Natural history

Snared elephant – report back

A young, snared elephant bull would have been put down were it not for Elephants Without Border’s help. Photos of the bull and news on his recovery here.

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