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One eyed leopard braves a bask of crocodiles

one eyed leopard takes on crocodiles

A one eyed male leopard shows no fear as he fights crocodiles for food.

7 leopards, an aardvark and a caracal in South Luangwa


Fortune falls on guests at Nkwali Camp in South Luangwa, Zambia.

Zambia lifts big cat hunting ban

lion hunting

Zambia lifts ban on safari hunting to attract tourists.

South Luangwa’s best sightings

wild dog luangwa

4 amazing South Luangwa sightings!

A successful shoebill release

One shoebill’s stork’s flight to freedom!

Beautiful images of Bangweulu Wetlands

Interesting antelope, stunning birds and a caring community make Bangweulu Wetlands a place to visit in 2015!

10 lovely images that capture life in Liuwa

From herds of lechwe in the flood plains to the fishing festival of the Lozi people. Liuwa Plain National Park is place worth visiting!

Elephant survives attack by 14 lions

A young elephant somehow manages to bravely fend off an attack by a 14 member pride of female lions in Zambia.

Branch out and be the change

Pick up a spade and create some shade at the Greenpop Zambia Festival in 2015!

An adventure at Chishimba Falls

Visiting the magnificence of the Chishimba Falls National Monument in Zambia.

Rooting for trees

Bangweulu Wetlands law enforcement team successfully stops illegal timber trading in Zambia.

A good sign for the buffalo at Liuwa Plain National Park

The return of the buffalo to Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia

Liuwa’s sole male lion found dead

Liuwa Plain National Park has lost their last male lion, the cause is still unknown.

The story of Seymour the shoebill

The Bangweulu Wetlands Project’s latest member, Seymour, the little chick who survived.

Just cruisin’ on the Zambezi River

Three days on the Zambezi River, the 4th longest river in Africa, spotting crocs, hippos and a variety of birds.

Bangweulu Wetlands welcomes shoebill chicks

Breeding season has arrived in Bangweulu Wetlands situated in Zambia, with the hatching of adorable shoebill chicks.

Amazing wildlife sightings at Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge

January 2014 was an exhilarating month to be at Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge in Zambia. Guests got to see up close three giraffes who decided to pay a visit to the lodge, a leopard made a killing on the lodge’s lawn and a pack of six adult wild dogs.

Amazing wildlife sightings at Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge

January 2014 was an exhilarating month to be at Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge in Zambia. Guests got to see up close three giraffes who decided to pay a visit to the lodge, a leopard made a killing on the lodge’s lawn and a pack of six adult wild dogs.

50 years of Zambia’s independence

Independence is something worth celebrating and Zambia’s got 50 reasons to make a fuss of freedom in 2014.

50 years of Zambia’s independence

Independence is something worth celebrating and Zambia’s got 50 reasons to make a fuss of freedom in 2014.

My life with leopards safari

Join Fransje van Riel and Graham Cooke on a special safari as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of two leopard cubs in Zambia’s South Luangwa Valley.

A sports academy for Zambia’s orphans

The Nomad Sports Academy is the only sports academy for orphans and underprivileged children in Zambia, offering these children not only a place to sleep and eat, but a chance to do something amazing with their lives.

Three reasons to visit the Lower Zambezi

The Lower Zambezi in South-Eastern Zambia lies directly opposite its well-known neighbour, Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools. The park consists of over 4000km2 of wilderness and there is a rawness and beauty to it which isn’t found anywhere else in Southern Africa.

The Lower Zambezi beneath a copper sky

An Australian company’s scheme to mine copper in one of Zambia’s most pristine national parks.

Travelling into Zambia: South Luangwa

Follow Jeff and Kerryn as they continue their journey and travel into Zambia through South Luangwa.

The fight to save Nsumbu

In a far-flung corner of Zambia on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, a fledgling conservation organisation is making waves in an effort to help protect a biological wonder under threat… Nsumbu National Park. Sharon van Wyk took several cars, planes and boats to investigate.

Wild dogs collared in the name of research

An alpha female has been re-collared and two young wild dogs collared for the first time in the 13 member-strong pack at Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia, in anticipation of a natural split in the group. Read the full story here.

Travelling to Chundu Island

This blogger leaves Zambia to explore Chundu Island in the Zambezi River on the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls.

A baby ellie takes a nap

When it’s hot outside the cool tiled floor of Mfuwe Lodge’s reception area is the perfect spot for a quick snooze for this baby elephant.

The wooden makoro, a Zambezi specialty

On the Zambezi, we discover the makoro, the traditional dugout canoe that has been making river life easier for the area’s inhabitants since it was introduced several centuries ago.

My road trip through Africa

This blogger embarks on a month long adventure in Northern Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia and tells us about his adventures.

African Four Corners

Original source: leeabbamonte.com The African four corners is a name given to the approximate meeting place of four nations: Namibia;,Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. The Caprivi Strip of Namibia, which has long been a disputed region is kind of a dividing

Scientists discover new giant mole rat in Africa

Original source: focusingonwildlife.com Although the term “giant mole rat” may not immediately inspire love, the mole rats of Africa are a fascinating bunch. They spend practically their entire lives underground building elaborate tunnel systems and feeding on plant stems. This

Elephant Charge Rally

by Sarah Davies It’s all about dust, sweat and gears! In October 2013 the sixth Elephant Charge will take place in the Zambian bush raising funds for wildlife conservation. This year promises to be the biggest and best yet… Originally

Innovative Reforestation: Greenpop’s Trees for Zambia

Greenpop. Cape Town’s coolest and fastest growing environmental enterprise. After launching two years ago, Greenpop certainly have their feet planted firmly in the ground, with over 17,000 trees planted in 210 locations, benefiting almost 100,000 people. Greenpop have stepped outside

Fingers Off the Trigger: Zambia Cancels All Trophy Hunting Licences

Towards the end of last week Zambian wildlife authorities suspended the tender process for hunting concessions and cancelled all hunting licences for the foreseeable future. According to sources and local news reports, Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo has

Hungry Elephants and the Fruits of Temptation

Location: Mkushe, Zambia to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. Date: November 2012, 25-30th  I left Kapishya early-ish to get on the road headed to Mkushi where I stayed at the Forest Inn for a night. I needed to break up the

Shiwa N’gandu, Zambia’s Enchanting English Estate

Northern Zambia. Shiwa N’gandu to Kapiysha Hot Springs. 22- 24th November 2012 After leaving the Great North Road, I drove along a dirt track until I came to a surreal visual. The scene was old, English countryside brick houses and an

Rare Snow-White Baby Baboon Discovered in Zambia!

By Ian Salisbury I first caught a glimpse of a “white” baby baboon around the Mfuwe Lodge grounds about six weeks ago. With his unusual pale colouring he was very noticeable and really stood out amongst the rest of his

Behind the Scenes: Photographing October’s Cover Star

Shoebills are a rarity that few get to see, but I was fortunate to spend a few weeks in Bangweulu Wetlands, Zambia, up close and personal, with cover model Kapotwe.* This isn’t Kapotwe’s first brush with fame. Earlier this year,

Fantastical Shoebills: 7 Fab Facts

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you King Whale-Head (the English translation of Balaeniceps rex), cover star of the October issue of Africa Geographic. From the front he appears to me like an old university professor, big-nosed, peering over his spectacles.

Pedalling for orphaned elephants

Numerous young elephants are orphaned every year due to poaching and human elephant conflict. Without help, the chances of their survival in the wild are perilous. The Elephant Orphanage Project does sterling service to rehabilitate the youngsters, but support is

Zambia’s ‘Project Luangwa’ helps educate kids in the bush

In South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, a group of otherwise competing safari camps and lodges have come together to make a difference in the lives of the people of the Luangwa Valley. South Luangwa has often been called one

Meet Malindi: Zambia’s Barman turned Teacher

Click on the photograph to enlarge it and read Malindi’s story written on the blackboard.

The tales and toils of travelling on Africa Time

Trying to reach Kubu Island in a smart car was a really dumb idea. We made it onto the Magadikgadi pans but destroyed the fan belt and water pump in the process. With no way of fixing it out on the

Tracks of Giants – kayaking the mighty Zambezi to the half-way mark!

Yesterday afternoon, after an exciting day of kayaking down the mighty Zambezi River, we reached the Waterfront on the edge of Livingstone, Zambia. It brought to an end another incredible leg on the TRACKS expedition – 232kms down one of

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