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Elephants just want to have fun


To witness animal behaviour that has rarely, if ever, been documented before is probably one of the greatest factors that feeds my addiction to the African bush and its fascinating inhabitants. This young elephant bull gave a us the performance of a lifetime.

30 years of memories at Robin Pope Safaris


The story of Robin Pope and his safari dream.

Suspected Zambian poachers shot dead in Zimbabwe

News-Elephant Tusks

State game rangers in northern Zimbabwe shot dead two suspected poachers from Zambia this weekend.

Zambia goes wild for the music at EleFest 2016


Zambian music festival, EleFest, to support the work of WWF Zambia.

Caption this video and win!


Leave your own caption for this hilarious elephant video and you could win a copy of the Did You Know book from Bushcamp Company.

The women of Mambwe gather for gender equality in Zambia


The women of Mambwe met to celebrate International Women’s Day and discuss the steps that still need to be made for gender equality in Zambia.

Zambia Great Elephant Census results announced

"Poaching is like water – it moves to the path of least resistance. When one area is better patrolled, poachers go elsewhere so we have to keep the pressure on." Photo, Kenneth C. Coe

The results of the Great Elephant Census in Zambia show that the elephant population may be stable however there are large differences between different parts of the country.

Curiosity killed the crocodile


A lion cub has enough of a newly-hatched crocodile.

Leopard spotting in South Luangwa


From exceptional hunting skills to beautiful poses, leopards seem to have stolen the show during game drives in South Luangwa recently.

4 reasons to visit Zambia in the wet season

Lions relax at sunset in the South Luangwa Valley ©Robin Pope Safaris

Four great reasons to visit Zambia in the Emerald Season.

New luxury safari lodge for Liuwa Plain, Zambia


African Parks teams with Norman Carr Safaris to construct a luxury camp in honour of two remarkable residents of Liuwa Plain National Park.

The Lower Zambezi is the world’s first carbon neutral national park


The Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia has achieved the prestigious status of being the world’s first carbon neutral national park.

An attempt at lunch before lion love


A lion rendez-vous in South Luangwa…

Top 5 reasons to visit Zambia


A local explains why you should visit Zambia on safari.

A strawberry blonde lion

The strawberry blonde lion © Irwin Seigel

An unusual sighting of a golden-coloured lion in Zambia.

When is it safari time?


When is the best time to go on safari in Africa and where?

A warthog kills an impala


An unexpected attack by an unexpected predator, the wild warthog, in Kafue National Park.

Victoria Falls has not dried up – here’s the proof

Vic Falls on 17 October 2015.

A number of photos have been circulating on the internet recently showing a very dry Victoria Falls but fear not, Vic Falls has not dried up!!

Video: the great bat migration of Kasanka


Going batty with 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats in Kasanka National Park, Zambia.

Safari adventures with kids in Zambia


Two Zambian lodges that know how to take care of children on safari!

Bloody tsetse flies and Kingsley Holgate’s return to the source of the Zambezi


Adventurers on the Heart of Africa expedition battle with the continent’s best little conservationists – the tsetse flies – while the source of the Zambezi brings back memories for Kingsely Holgate.

A baby giraffe is dinner for three lions


The reality of the African wilderness is captured in a series of photos that show three lions with their recent kill while the rest of the baby giraffe’s family looks on.

A lion cub and the supermoon eclipse


A month of planning + a BeetleCam + a supermoon eclipse + a lion cub = the perfect shot to last another 18 years.

4 reasons to safari in Kafue National Park


One of the largest parks in Africa, the pristine wilderness of Kafue National Park in Zambia is one of the last places where you can enjoy the diversity of nature in peace.

Southern carmine bee-eaters are back in South Luangwa


South Luangwa National Park is well known for its colonies of colourful southern carmine bee-eaters, a summer migrant to Zambia.

‘Rivers of acid’ in Zambian villages

A court case will decide if a copper mine has been polluting the water these women are carrying

Zambian villagers are taking a multinational copper mining firm to court, accusing it of poisoning their water and causing damage to the farmland, water supplies and people’s health.

Take a walk on the wild side in Zambia


Follow in the footsteps of Robin Pope by going on a mobile walking safari through the varied landscapes of South Luangwa National Park.

Hyenas hound wild dogs for their meal


A group of hyenas try to cheat a pack of wild dogs out of their impala.

10 reasons to go on safari in South Luangwa National Park

© Penny Lotz

Famous for its resident hippo and home of the walking safari, it’s easy to see why South Luangwa National Park is one of the best places in Africa to go on safari.

5 reasons to go on a Zambian adventure with Pioneer Safaris


If you’re looking for a unique safari experience in Zambia that is flexible to your needs, Pioneer Camp, Lodge and Safaris may have just the thing for you.

Happy 20th birthday, Pioneer!

Cosy dinner at Pioneer Lodge, Camp and Safaris

Pioneer turns 20 and celebrates by reminiscing over the years gone by and redecorating their chalets.

Melanistic genet sighted in Kafue

Melanistic Genet

A rare melanistic genet spotted in Zambia’s Kafue National Park!

8 things you should know about Victoria Falls

Rainbow over Vic Falls

Facts about Victoria Falls that most people don’t know but that everyone should.

Season starts in South Luangwa

dinner on river

Enjoy the dry season in Zambia with just the wildlife and sounds of the bush for company.

One eyed leopard braves a bask of crocodiles

one eyed leopard takes on crocodiles

A one eyed male leopard shows no fear as he fights crocodiles for food.

7 leopards, an aardvark and a caracal in South Luangwa


Fortune falls on guests at Nkwali Camp in South Luangwa, Zambia.

Zambia lifts big cat hunting ban

lion hunting

Zambia lifts ban on safari hunting to attract tourists.

South Luangwa’s best sightings

wild dog luangwa

4 amazing South Luangwa sightings!

A successful shoebill release

One shoebill’s stork’s flight to freedom!

Beautiful images of Bangweulu Wetlands

Interesting antelope, stunning birds and a caring community make Bangweulu Wetlands a place to visit in 2015!

10 lovely images that capture life in Liuwa

From herds of lechwe in the flood plains to the fishing festival of the Lozi people. Liuwa Plain National Park is place worth visiting!

Elephant survives attack by 14 lions

A young elephant somehow manages to bravely fend off an attack by a 14 member pride of female lions in Zambia.

Branch out and be the change

Pick up a spade and create some shade at the Greenpop Zambia Festival in 2015!

An adventure at Chishimba Falls

Visiting the magnificence of the Chishimba Falls National Monument in Zambia.

Rooting for trees

Bangweulu Wetlands law enforcement team successfully stops illegal timber trading in Zambia.

A good sign for the buffalo at Liuwa Plain National Park

The return of the buffalo to Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia

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