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Spectacular sighting: Pangolin

At the start of October, myself and a group of friends were treated to a sighting of one of the most sought-after animals on safari – the pangolin. Any discerning safari goer places this animal at the top of their wish list, mainly due to the rarity of sightings and the uniqueness of these special animals.

Getting to the trunk of It

One of the most peculiar, yet fascinating appendages, on an elephant is its trunk. Rather like a combination of a nose and an upper lip, an elephant’s trunk is its lifeline. It would find it very difficult to survive without one.

Kruger elephant killed by lightning

Kruger elephant killed by lightning

Tourists early to hit the roads outside Satara rest camp in the Kruger this morning were greeted by the rather macabre scene of a large elephant carcass in the road – presumably killed by a lightning strike.

My ‘Delta Detox’ mobile safari experience

A tented mobile safari in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, offers guests incredible wildlife encounters and exclusive tailor-made excursions.

First wild black rhino born in Rwanda in over a decade

The eastern black rhino calf and mom in Akagera National Park, Rwanda © Augustin Manirarora / African Parks

On World Rhino Day, African Parks shared the exciting news that a rhino calf has been born in Akagera National Park in Rwanda – the first wild rhino birth for over a decade.

Appreciating the smaller sightings on safari

A wild leopard looks on in the wild bush

While it’s much easier to spot plains game than it is a leopard, sometimes it pays off to spend a little while ‘smelling the roses’ and observing the smaller things on safari.

Field notes: Western lowland gorillas feeding on seasonal fruits

A silverback western lowland gorilla relaxes in the trees in Odzala-Kakoua National Park, Congo

Odzala-Kokoua National Park guide, Alon Cassidy, enjoyed some wonderful sightings of western lowland gorillas enjoying some seasonal treats.

Fascinating animal eyes

The eyes of animals come in all shapes, colours and sizes, and are crucial to their survival and quite suited to their habits.

Breathing new life into Chad’s Zakouma National Park

aerial view of wildlife in Zakouma National Park in Chad

Breathing new life into Zakouma National Park has taken a great amount of time, energy and effort, but the rewards are slowly beginning to show. Part of this new lease on life, the park is sparking interest among many nature and safari lovers.

How African animals prevent sunburn

As the days get hotter and the nights get shorter, we switch our heaters for aircons, and pack away all the winter woollies. However, many wild animals have other (far more sophisticated) ways to cope with the heat.

A morning territorial battle between waterbuck

two waterbucks battle each other for territory

A morning drive provides a dramatic sighting as two big male waterbuck battle each other for territory.

Tourism model works for Kenyan community

rhino, Maasai

Community-owned conservancies earning income from ecotourism are quite common in Kenya, but Il Ngwesi is different.

Video: The birds are coming!

sandgrouse, waterhole, Saruni Samburu, Kenya

Epic video footage of sandgrouse swooping down at a waterhole for a drink in the Sera Conservancy in northern Kenya.

Video: The tree climbing lions of Ishasha

Witness the phenomenon of the tree climbing lions in Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

Video: Lions hunting buffalo in South Luangwa

In South Luangwa National Park, the dry season (also known as the high season) is well known for its excellent game viewing opportunities because the bush is dry and there is less water available, resulting in high game concentrations and density around the Luangwa River.

Five fantastic animal migrations in Africa

There’s nothing quite like seeing a large body of animals on the move. The scale, determination and distance covered can really carry through how it’s survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom.

Knowing when to put the camera down

Not all great sightings equal great photographs. You have to lower the camera and open your eyes to what’s in front of you. Drink it all in. Savour every moment.

Tracking tips from a safari guide

Other than barbecuing – sorry, ‘braaing’ – there’s nothing that awakens the natural instincts like learning how to track an animal.

Video: The best wildlife experience from a photographic hide

Experience the joy of watching wildlife from a hide!

Conducting a game census safari on horseback

The Ant Collection’s game census safari is an annual event, but this year it was even more essential to assess the grazer and browser populations on the reserve. The most efficient way to count the game is from horseback, and this year 19 guests and 19 guides took part.

Trekking the beautiful Bale Mountains in Ethiopia

This was an amazing opportunity to visit Ethiopia’s most important biodiversity hotspot and see some of the rarest creatures in the world.

What it means to be outbound in Africa

A wise man once said that even a bad day in Africa could be fixed when a fire is lit. People from different races, continents and religions can congregate around one fire and paint their own picture of their Africa.

NEW weekly video series: Escape to Africa with Robin Pope Safaris

For those moments when you just can’t get out of the office and into a game vehicle, Robin Pope Safaris launched a YouTube video series: Safari Diaries. Every Monday, a new 60-second video is released and takes you on a virtual safari through the Zambian, Zimbabwean and Malawian wilderness.

Adventure travel: 5 great reasons to visit Uganda

We give you five fantastic reasons why you should definitely include Uganda on your travel list.

12 inspirational reasons to love Tanzania

Tanzania is 12 holidays in one. Its varied, beautiful landscape is home to the rooftop of Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro – and it also has some of the best diving sites in the Indian Ocean. It’s packed full of World Heritage areas such as the plains of the Serengeti and the unique Ngorongoro crater, both buzzing with the most amazing wildlife, including the Big 5.

Photoseries: The best wild mothers of the African bush

A few fun facts about the wild mothers of the Animal Kingdom in celebration of Mother’s Day on 14th May.

The link between hunting & tourism in Namibia

I am not a hunter. Nor have I ever been. I am a vegetarian (since the age of about 11), I am part of the environmental NGO sector and I have interests in the tourism industry in Namibia. So, it might surprise you that I am a strong supporter of the hunting industry in Namibia, and indeed, throughout Africa.

Thank you for 25 years of conservation success

Eagles Crag is a luxury private lodge in the breathtaking Shamwari Game Reserve, home to one of the most successful private conservation initiatives in Southern Africa.

10 stunning wildlife shots from Madagascar


Madagascar is an untouched paradise with majestic scenery, tropical nature reserves and it is Home to 5% of the world’s animals and plant species!

5 facts about elephant shrews

See one of the Big 5 and one of its Little 5 namesakes in the same spot at the same time.

8 amazing facts about lions

Changa Safari Camp have put together some interesting facts about lions

Video: criminal porcupine caught stealing!

Criminal porcupine caught in the act of stealing from lodge fridge!

Video: fun facts about Hippos

They’re not everyones cup of tea, but like them or not, you have to admit that hippos are weighty creatures. Makakatana Bay Lodge have put together an interesting list of facts about these burley beasts.

8 things to see and do on a trip to Bwindi Impenetrable forest.

Visiting Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable forest goes beyond just a gorilla experience. There is so much else to see, do and experience.

The Tanda Tula ‘track it’ challenge

Tanda Tula recently reintroduced their #trackitthursday challenge and want you to try and guess who these tracks belong to!?

A youthful World Wildlife Day 2017

Friday, March 3rd we celebrate World Wildlife Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for the plight of our world’s wildest and most endangered creatures.

Video: how not to behave during a self-drive safari

A self-drive safari drive is a wonderful and sometimes even spiritual experience.

5 ways to see wildlife on an African safari

Traditionally, when one took an African safari, the only way to view wildlife was on a game drive. Today there are more options for game viewing

Video: The game drive of your life in South Luangwa

There is nothing quite like a game drive in the South Luangwa National Park, and we can boast that our slice of heaven is even more spectacular.

African Parks: the NGO that is changing the game


African Parks is an NGO on an epic journey towards a better future for wildlife in Malawi.

The Little 5: heroes of the African bush

The Big 5, a term from the old hunting days, devoted to the 5 most dangerous animals to hunt, has been a target for the avid Safari goer since the birth of Photographic tourism in Africa.

The Bushtracks bucket list for 2017

If your thoughts align with those of Brad Paisley, then right now your pen is poised and your fingers twitch. As we stand on the threshold of 2017, Bushtracks is ready to help you make this year’s book a number one best seller.

A Summer Storm at Rhino River Lodge

Guests find respite in air-conditioned rooms before climbing into game drive vehicles with beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads. It’s hot during the day but a Summer storm is looming and will soon cool the area.

The best time to visit the fabulous Fanjove island

It’s a great time to visit, winds are light and it’s cool – set against the spectacular backdrop of the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean, Fanjove Island is the perfect location to relax. It’s a dream island! With a max capacity of 12 guests, you will have a private and intimate experience on one of the most pristine Islands in the world. Conservation is the aim of the people who run the lodge and look after the island.

A trip to the eden of the Okavango Delta

There is no better way, I believe, to conquer a fear of flying, than to visit the Okavango Delta! Of course, I knew that this piece of paradise was well visited and had much to offer – but nothing prepared me for the immense beauty of this country they call “Botswana”.

Why you should visit Nairobi National Park

To the north, the skyline of Nairobi looms, as surreal as Manhattan seen from Central Park. Both parks are listed by Birdlife International as Important Bird Areas, vital oases for winged species.

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