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Dear John, our response to your rhino horn auction

Black Rhino Conservation with WWF - John Hume Rhino Horn Auction Arguments

Rhino farmer, John Hume, will be auctioning 500kgs of rhino horn online today (23 August 2017). He presents arguments for his rhino horn auction, which Dr Simon Morgan – co-founder of Wildlife ACT, debunks.

The rhino in the room: South Africa’s domestic trade in rhino horn

On the surface, the upcoming legal auction of rhino horn set to begin on August 21 might appear to be a harmless propaganda exercise, but it may in fact signal a deepening of the rhino crisis.

The BIG LIE about lion trophy hunting

The trophy hunting of Africa’s wild, free roaming lions is not sustainable and has to stop.

Why not auction Namibian desert lions that are to be trophy hunted?

Kebbel (XPL 81) ©Inki Mandt

An interesting idea has emerged about the way in which desert-adapted Namibian lions could potentially be saved from trophy hunting: put them up for auction.

The uphill battle to move Zululand’s alleged rhino kingpin trial to High Court

Early this week the Sunday Times revealed the contents of a shocking affidavit claiming that bribes had been paid so that the alleged rhino poaching kingpin of Zululand, Dumisani Gwala, never saw the inside of a jail cell.

Jacis Lodges
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