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Caged white lions kill owner

White lions have killed their owner at a lodge near Hoedspruit. 2 years ago the same lions attacked two firewood collectors, killing one

Natural history

Are Namibia’s carnivores at risk? Calling on citizen scientists

Namibia is conducting an assessment of its carnivores and you can help by using an app to report your sightings as a citizen scientist

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Natural history, Uganda


Bwindi is the fairy-tale forest we dreamed about as children; it is also where you can meet and spend time with gentle mountain gorillas

Decoding science, Kruger, South Africa

“Living dead” – elephants in Kruger NP are sterilizing palm trees, says research

Elephants feeding on fan palm trees are preventing the palms from reaching full size & reproductive potential in Kruger NP, says new study

Hunting, Opinion Editorial

Lion trophy hunting – we interview Craig Packer

We interview researcher and conservationist Craig Packer about lion trophy hunting – with a focus on Tanzania, his former home

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year


This fantastic photo gallery of wildlife coated in mud will have you contacting Africa Geographic to arrange your next safari


Elephant kills safari guide in Greater Kruger

An elephant has killed a safari guide in Thornybush Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger. The tragedy occurred while the guide was conducting a routine fence patrol

Natural history


The sitatunga is Africa’s only amphibious antelope; specially adapted to their habitat by virtue of elongated, widely splayed hooves

Decoding science, Madagascar

Tiny primate: new species of mouse lemur discovered

Scientists have discovered a new species of mouse lemur in Madagascar – which is already threatened by habitat loss & climate change

Decoding science, Natural history

Roan antelope conservation challenges

Roan antelope populations have dropped to perilously low levels, and there is every chance they could disappear from the areas such as Kruger National Park

Botswana, Khwai, Moremi, Okavango Delta

Understanding the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is an enormous watery oasis, home to an astonishing variety of wildlife and host to some of the best Botswana safaris

Mauritius oil spill

Mauritius oil spill – pictures, map and details

The oil spill threatening the Mauritius south-east coastline was caused by a Japanese ship that is carrying almost 4,000 tons of oil