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Decoding science, Hunting

Trophy hunting – how do African people feel?

Trophy hunting: How do African people perceive and react to trophy hunting compared to those from the Western public – research

Kenya, Maasai Mara, Natural history

The Power of Unity – Cheetah coalition in Maasai Mara

This is the story of a cheetah coalition of five males – the Tano Bora coalition, meaning ‘The Magnificent Five’ – in Kenya’s Maasai Mara


POACHERS – the people behind the statistics – a reality check

POACHERS – who are they and what motivates them? TRAFFIC investigates the driving factors of poaching activities and suggests solutions

Opinion Editorial

Ignorant complicity amongst some safari guides

This refreshingly honest opinion editorial looks at eco-ethics amongst safari guides as they go about finding animals for guests

Natural history

Bee wise

On the south-western tip of Africa, a bee conservation group has spent the last seven years discovering the wisdom of our wild honeybees

Natural history, News

Tembe elephant bull relocated to community-owned reserve

A large young elephant bull has been relocated from Teme Elephant Park to Somkhanda Community Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal

Travel & Lifestyle

ZAMBIA IS OPEN: 3 Top Places to Visit and Why

Zambia is open to international travellers. Time + Tide’s expert guides described their favourite safari havens – South Luangwa, Liuwa Plain and Lower Zambezi

Destinations, Etosha, Namibia


Etosha offers that iconic African safari experience: a waterhole packed with thirsty animals and the drama of stalking big cats seeking a meal

Opinion Editorial

The great elephant balancing act

Elephants are amazing animals and a favourite for holidaymakers on safari. BUT meeting an elephant at night near your home can be terrifying

Destinations, News, Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Nyungwe NP in Rwanda under African Parks management

African Parks has announced the signing of a 20-year agreement with the Government of Rwanda to manage the biodiverse Nyungwe National Park

Hunting, Opinion Editorial, Poaching

Lion farming – Lord Ashcroft submission to South African High Level Panel

Lion farming presentation by Lord Ashcroft to the High-Level Panel looking at the management of lions and other species in South Africa

Natural history

Kruger waterhole problems

Kruger waterhole problems are being reported, and it is not clear which waterholes are closed as per the Kruger ecosystem management plan