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Kruger waterhole problems

Kruger waterhole problems are being reported, and it is not clear which waterholes are closed as per the Kruger ecosystem management plan

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Khwai in Northern Botswana is a wildlife haven. Bordering the Okavango Delta, Moremi & Chobe – Khwai is an iconic safari destination

Human-wildlife conflict, Poaching

Human-lion conflict in a key lion population area

Human-lion conflict is a major issue for the conservation of wild lions – we look at the successful Kwando Carnivore Project in KAZA

Decoding science

How much water should lodges be using?

How much water should safari lodges be using? The lowering of groundwater levels could compromise the ecosystem and wildlife.

Natural history

Selous be dam(n)ed

Selous is facing changes – from increased conservation status to a huge hydro-electric dam being built on the pristine Rufiji River

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Africa’s Wild Dogs – A Survival Story

Africa’s Wild Dogs – A Survival Story is a photographic book celebrating these charismatic predators and telling their story

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Elephants & cattle – restoring soil nutrient levels

Research shows that elephants can assist farmers by restoring soil nutrient levels when cattle have depleted those nutrients

Destinations, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most popular tourism destination, for obvious reasons – offering tree-climbing lions to chimpanzees


Donkey smugglers profit off wildlife trafficking routes

Cross-border donkey smugglers in Zimbabwe and Botswana are operating pipelines used for ivory, pangolins and Covid-19 contraband

Decoding science

Cyanobacteria to blame for elephant deaths – Botswana officials

Elephant deaths: The sudden deaths of over 300 elephants in Botswana were caused by cyanotoxins produced by blue-green algae, say officials

Natural history

Swimming blind – why critically endangered blind cave catfish needs research

The blind cave catfish, only found in a cave in Namibia, lives in total darkness. It is one of the rarest freshwater fish species in the world

Natural history

FOSSA: 5 fascinating facts

The fossa of Madagascar has the predatory skills of mongooses and civets – acrobatic and lightning-fast – and the strength of a cat