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Western Madagascar

Western Madagascar boasts iconic images and creatures – fossas, lemurs galore, upside-down trees and rocks with teeth!

Opinion Editorial

Rhino horn trade – yes or no

The ongoing slaughter of Kruger’s rhinos forces the debate about rhino horn trade into the open again. Tony Carnie reopens this can of worms

Natural history

Thomson’s gazelle – underappreciated speedster

The Thomson’s gazelle is an under-appreciated antelope of the Mara-Serengeti – a terrific athlete, and integral part of the Great Migration

Comment – teamAG
Opinion Editorial

Comment – teamAG – Friday 31 December 2021

Comment – teamAG – Friday 31 December 2021

Travel & Lifestyle

Madikwe adventure – a boy in the wild

My name is Luka and I am ten years old – I spent my school holidays learning what it’s like to work as a game ranger in Madikwe Game Reserve

Natural history, News

Lion nomad settles in Zinave NP – first in 30 years

A large nomad lion has settled in the remote Zinave NP, Mozambique; the first lion there in 30 years – major conservation success story

Natural history

Orange bat discovered in Guinea

A new (orange) bat species has been discovered in Guinea. With bright orange fur and black wings, Myotis nimbaensis is unlike any other bat

Opinion Editorial

Comment – teamAG – Friday 24 December 2021

Comment – teamAG – Friday 24 December 2021


Death of another iconic super tusker – Wide Satao

Super tusker ‘Wide Satoa’ has died of natural causes in Kenya. He was one of the few remaining elephants with tusks that touch the ground

community-based conservation
Hunting, Opinion Editorial

Furore over Namibian community-based conservation

Journalists target Namibia’s community-based conservation program. This is what 76 affected entities have to say – decide for yourself

Opinion Editorial

Demand for sustainable travel – what travellers can do to help build back better from COVID-19

Covid has taught us that we should prioritise responsible, sustainable options if we are to make a real difference when we travel. But how?

Comment – teamAG
Opinion Editorial

Comment – teamAG – Friday 17 December 2021

Comment – teamAG – Friday 17 December 2021