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Madagascar, Natural history

“Lost” species of chameleon found in hotel gardens

A ‘lost’ species of chameleoln – Voeltzkow’s chameleon – has been found in a hotel garden in Madagascar after it had been assumed extinct

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: Perfect storm alert + Mana Pools

CEO note: Perfect storm alert + Mana Pools

Decoding science

COVID-19 ‘perfect storm’ threatens conservation in Africa

A new report examines just how bad COVID-19 is for Africa’s wildlife and protected areas and what needs to be done to save our wild spaces

Destinations, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Mana Pools

Mana Pools is Africa’s iconic park for bush walking without a guide – renowned for encounters on foot with wild dogs & relaxed elephant bulls

Natural history, Photo Galleries

Africa’s Wild Dogs – A Survival Story

Africa’s Wild Dogs – A Survival Story is a photographic book celebrating these charismatic predators and telling their story

Decoding science, Poaching

Saving rodents, losing primates – we need tailored strategies to manage bushmeat trade

Viewing all bushmeat trade through one lens over-simplifies the complex situation and could lead to accelerated disappearance of some species

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: Strawberry leopard + here be dragons + living next door to a poacher

CEO note: Strawberry leopard + here be dragons + living next door to a poacher

Natural history

Strawberry leopard – a first for Gauteng

Photos: The ‘strawberry leopard’ is a genetic rarity that seldom occurs, and is almost never seen. Well, one has now been seen in South Africa

Natural history

HERE BE DRAGONS – The Nile crocodile

The Nile crocodile has evolved over millennia to be a cunning, patient and ferocious predator that is capable of taking down large prey

Natural history, Poaching

Cycads: Are you living next door to a poacher?

The most endangered living organisms in the world today are not rhinos, elephants, or even pangolins – they are plants called cycads

Destinations, Namibia, Photo Galleries, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay

The Colours of Salt

AERIAL ART is a coffee table book by photographers Jay & Jan Roode who celebrate the spectacular Namibian coastline with astonishing images

Destinations, Ruaha, Tanzania


The ancient Ruaha landscape, dominated by huge baobabs & elephants, is home to a wide variety of wildlife for the prefect wilderness safari