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News wrap: Lions kill over 250 livestock + Tanzania ends UAE hunting deal

Tanzania, Arusha Region, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, Maasai in Ngorongoro Crater with their herds of cattle

In this week’s news wrap a lion pride has killed over 250 livestock in Namibia in the last week; Tanzania terminates hunting deal with Dubai royal family; a top anti-poaching cop is fired; and two tragic cases where elephants have killed tourists – one occurring in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and the other in Livingstone in Zambia.

Opinion: Too many lions in Kunene

Whether tourism operators and armchair lion-lovers like it or not, there are now too many lions in some parts of the Kunene region. Trying to save the lions that are killing livestock, or harassing the farmers who kill them, including impounding their firearms, will not serve the interests of conservation in the region.

Problem lions announcement: Conservationist challenges Namibian minister

desert-adapted lions © Ingrid Mandt

Conservationist challenges Namibian minister in open letter regarding decision to relocate or kill problem lions in the Kunene region.

Lion pride kills over 250 livestock in Namibia in one week of carnage

Over 280 goats and sheep have been killed by the same lions in two different locations over the past week in the Kunene region in Namibia.

Iconic lion Kebbel believed poisoned

, Kebbel ('XPL81'), Namibia © Inki Mandt

Iconic Namibian desert-adapted lion Kebbel is now believed to be dead, most likely poisoned by herdsmen in the arid Damaraland region of Namibia.

Namibia: By nature, a country of contrasts

An elephant makes its way to a waterhole in Etosha © Wim van den Heever

Vast open spaces. Spectacular scenery. Magnificent wildlife. Beautiful contrasts. Welcome to Namibia!

News wrap: Cyanide killing Zim’s elephants + rhino injures poacher

In this week’s news wrap a report claims that over 250 elephants have died in Zimbabwe due to cyanide poisoning since 2013; South Korea clamps down on ivory smuggling; while North Korea is accused of rhino horn and ivory smuggling; a suspected poacher is injured by a rhino he was tracking; and questions are raised over Namibia’s killing of desert elephants.

Questionable killing of Namibia’s desert elephants

Two of the only five remaining mature desert elephants bulls that occupied the Ugab region of Namibia have recently been hunted.

Rhino injures suspected poacher in Namibia

A rhino turned the tables on a suspected poacher in Namibia, charging and injuring the man while he was allegedly tracking it.

Magical sighting: Porcupine family with babies

© ZURI Orphanage

A magical sighting of two adult porcupines with their two babies at ZURI Orphanage in northern Namibia.

News wrap: Hippo deaths + donkey population crisis

In this week’s news wrap we have an anthrax outbreak in northeast Namibia where hippos and buffaloes are dying; NGO African Parks expands its conservation management in Chad; the world’s donkey population is in crisis due to China’s increased demands; and two elephants die – one from a suspected lightning strike, and the other shot by Kenyan authorities.

Lions escape from Etosha, kill livestock

A number of goats dead after lions attacked

Lions from Etosha National Park in Namibia have reportedly escaped into the neighbouring Sesfontein Constituency and have managed to kill 19 goats in one night.

Namibia hopes for 80% drop in human-wildlife conflict

The National Policy on Human Wildlife Conflict by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism addresses the human-wildlife conflict that occurs all too often between wildlife and the rural communities and farmers in Namibia that share the same land. It is important that such a policy exists as the human-wildlife conflict will never disappear, but at least it can be effectively managed.

Himba: Photographing from the shadows

Young Himba child contemplates his grandmother busy with chores in Kunene, Namibia

In 2014, I visited a Himba group in the Kunene region in Namibia as a run-of-the-mill tourist with a guide, bringing gifts to the chief to be allowed into his kraal to take photographs. I loved the experience – the women were so beautiful and captivating, and the children so photogenic.

The best places to see wild lions in Africa

lion viewing from a game drive vehicle, Khwai, Botswana

Aptly named the ‘King of Beasts’, lions are an iconic African wildlife species and are often high up on many travellers’ list of things to see when visiting Africa.

Namibia: Safari gems worth visiting

Kolmanskop, Namibia

Vast and desolate in many areas, Namibia has the appeal of a remote and adventurous land, while still providing the convenience of a country geared towards travellers.

Waiting for a lion in the dark

camera trap, lioness and cubs, Namibia

An exciting opportunity came up for staff at Nkasa Lupala in Namibia to accompany a wildlife veterinarian in Nkasa Rupara National Park. Their mission? To collar a male lion.

No hunting permit for Kebbel the lion, says Namibian minister

male lion, Kebbel ('XPL81'), Namibia ©Inki Mandt

Amidst international and local pressure, Namibian Minister of the Environment and Tourism (MET) Pohamba Shifeta has stated to the Republikein newspaper that he has not issued a permit to trophy hunt Kebbel, the last remaining adult lion in the Sesfontein Conservancy in Namibia.

Guests safe after elephant rolls vehicle in Namibia

© Gondwana Collection Namibia

In a rare elephant charge in Bwabwata National Park in the Zambezi region, Namibia, one of Namushasha’s game drive vehicles was overturned.

Why not auction Namibian desert lions that are to be trophy hunted?

Kebbel (XPL 81) ©Inki Mandt

An interesting idea has emerged about the way in which desert-adapted Namibian lions could potentially be saved from trophy hunting: put them up for auction.

Hunters to target last remaining adult male lion in Namibian conservancy?

male lion, Kebbel ('XPL81'), Namibia ©Inki Mandt

A suspicious trophy hunting advertisement has been placed online for a threatened Namibian desert lion. And this time it would appear that the target is the only known adult male lion in the Sesfontein Conservancy.

A lucky lion pride sighting!

lion pride eating buffalo carcass, Namibia

The staff at Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge in Namibia were treated to a great lion pride sighting in Nkasa Rupara National Park.

Northern Namibia: Untouched and unrivalled

If you are looking for peace, beautiful scenery and a sense of adventure, consider Namibia. It won’t disappoint you.

Africa’s longest land migration revealed – can you guess?

Witnessing approximately 30,000 striped steeds move across the Kalahari Desert as they journey to the remote, and briefly fertile salt pans of the Okavango Delta, is an unforgettable sight.

Two more lions killed in Namibia

Two lions were shot and killed last week in communal farmland west of Etosha National Park in Namibia. The lions attacked a cow at night, and were killed in retaliation.

Why Namibia’s desert lions are being killed

Namibia’s desert-adapted lions in the Tomakas region of Namibia are being killed off in a sad whirlpool of human politics, with the recent killing of the last of the famous ‘5 Musketeers’ being one such example.

Elephant-back riding awaits baby elephants at Dubai zoo

According to a YouTube video hosted by Show Me Dubai, the five wild baby elephants recently captured on a Namibian game reserve and heading for a new Dubai zoo, Dubai Safari Park, will be subjected to elephant-back riding.

Namibia will not legalise trade in rhino horn and ivory

A spokesman for Namibia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) has said that the country will not consider legalising the trade of rhino horns and elephant tusks.

ET the aardvark goes home

ET was found and brought to me at ZURI Orphanage in Namibia in August 2015. Small and alien-like in appearance, ET settled in quickly with life on the farm. We have a house full of cats and dogs but settling in an aardvark was a completely different experience. There is very little written about aardvark so we had to learn as we went along.

Baby elephants to be exported to Dubai zoo

A game farm in Namibia has been issued permits to sell five baby elephants to a zoo in Dubai. The elephants range in age from four to eight years old. The sale, at an undisclosed price, will be finalised later this year when the elephants are exported.

We dream of Africa

We dream of Africa frequently, even those living in Africa can dream of an Africa that is molded from a picture, a book or a dream. Africa is a place where one can develop ambitions; craft out personal stories and fulfill desires. The above scenarios were all sculptured from our own experiences and from what we have stored deep in our brain that is locked and saved forever.

The link between hunting & tourism in Namibia

I am not a hunter. Nor have I ever been. I am a vegetarian (since the age of about 11), I am part of the environmental NGO sector and I have interests in the tourism industry in Namibia. So, it might surprise you that I am a strong supporter of the hunting industry in Namibia, and indeed, throughout Africa.

3 unique romantic experiences in Africa

Whether you’re popping the question, planning a honeymoon, or just treating your loved one to a well-deserved getaway; it’s hard to beat the romance of Africa.

Photoseries: lions battle for territory

Two nomadic male lions fend off the resident male near Jackalberry Tented Camp in Namibia

Food for thought, food for drought in Namibia

Pioneers such as Jan Oelofse, and the team at Mount Etjo, have proven that even in a dry county such as Namibia, making use of all facets that generate an income from wildlife can be re-used for its survival.

Man kills elephant to protect his crop

A rural villager in Namibia’s Caprivi Strip has shot and killed a bull elephant that was raiding his crops and reportedly attacked him.

Video: holiday chats with a rock hyrax


Early morning conversations with a rock hyrax in Nambia leave this traveller enchanted.

Namibians challenge Chinese over wildlife crime

Outrage at the looting of Africa’s wildlife and environmental destruction by Chinese nationals boiled over in Namibia last month in a strongly worded letter of protest to the Chinese Ambassador, Xiun Shunkang, signed by almost every environmental protection and research organisation in the country.

Hunting: Namibian government issues permit to hunt N$1,4m rhino

GOVERNMENT last month issued a permit to a private farmer to shoot a white rhino bull as a trophy worth N$1,4 million for a Chinese client.

Trophy Hunting: unethical Namibian hunters to blame for poor image

Hunters who engage in unethical and illegal practices are largely to blame for the decline in the “overall acceptance” of trophy hunting by the general public and influential institutions across the globe says Namibian Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) immediate-past president Kai-Uwe Denker.

The most dramatic hunters in Namibia

Namibia is home to some of the world’s most dramatic hunters. The ancient battle between predator and prey can be seen vividly enacted and re-enacted across its grasslands.

Chinese company seeks to capture orcas in Namibia

Proposal points to troubling explosion in captive animal entertainment in China and their interest in capturing orcas in Namibia

How not to control nature

A look at the need to address issues compassionately to resolve the human-wildlife conflict in Namibia.

Namibia: land of sand, sun and fun

Discover Namibia – a country best known for its vast landscapes, blue skies, sand dunes and endless variety of places to see!

Lions brawl in Etosha

An unusual interaction between two male lions in Etosha National Park.

Meet the black rhino orphans

Support baby rhino orphans by staying at Mount Etjo Safari Lodge in Namibia.

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