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baby genets
© Zuri Orphanage
Curled up in a blanket, sleeping next to their furry little friends, these two baby genets stole the heart of their caretaker, Erika, at ZURI Orphanage in Namibia. The two genets arrived at different times and are being raised for release back into the wild.
baby genet and friend
© Zuri Orphanage
babies and Erika, the caretaker
© Zuri Orphanage
cute baby genet
© Zuri Orphanage

Here is what Dr Erika de Jager shared with Africa Geographic:

“I received a phone call from one of my clients asking me if I would like to take care of a baby genet. It was love at first sight! We fed him kitty milk and he loved it. During the same time my cat had a litter of kittens. This was a lifesaver as the kittens loved to play with the baby genet.  It is pure magic to watch them play. Then, it  was an even greater surprise when Onguma Lodge asked me if I could take care of another baby genet.

“We are so grateful that they entrusted him to us as he was only a day old. We fed him with an intravenous catheter the first two days with kitty milk and then he started drinking on his own – his eyes only opened after 10 days. The genets are both doing very well and are still drinking from the bottle. They are not ready to be released yet.”

ZURI Orphanage is currently raising funds to build a large cage to prepare the genets to be released. Any donations would be appreciated. Please note that genets are wild animals and do not make good pets.

feeding baby genet
© Zuri Orphanage
sleeping babies
© Zuri Orphanage
baby genet and his kitten friends
© Zuri Orphanage
baby genet and friends
© Zuri Orphanage
a day old genet
© Zuri Orphanage
baby genet
© Zuri Orphanage
baby genet and a friend
© Zuri Orphanage
baby genets and Erika
© Zuri Orphanage
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