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Beach lions again hunting seals and coastal birds in Namibia, after 35 years

Research has revealed that the desert-adapted lions eking out a living on the harsh northwest coast of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast National Park (SCNP) are again specialising in hunting seals and coastal birds such as flamingos and cormorants, after an absence of 35 years.

Destinations, Kenya, Maasai Mara, Natural history

Discovering the forest birds of Maasai Mara

The banks of the Mara River in the Maasai Mara of Kenya offer ideal habitat for birds – and for bird-watchers, especially if you find a puddle of water, and especially during the heat of the day.

Natural history

Shoebill – 7 reasons to love this dinosaur of birds

The shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) looks like a bird that belongs in the prehistoric age. Found in the marshes of East Africa, the shoebill is classified as vulnerable and is a bucket-list sighting for any avid birder. Here are seven reasons to love this big bird.

Destinations, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle, Uganda

Birds, great apes, and so much more in Uganda

Safari report-back: A trip of a lifetime to Uganda – spectacular sightings of birds, great apes, and so much more. By Malcolm and Trish Lund


Samburu National Park’s top 10 birds

Your Samburu birding bucketlist!


Photographing birds in action

Birder, Mark Drysdale, explains how to photograph birds using a pair of mating pin-tailed whydahs as an example.


Observing purple-banded sunbirds

Purple-banded sunbirds feed their chicks in KwaZulu Natal


Just hatched! One of South Africa’s rarest birds

Rare footage of the South Africa’s rarest bird, the blue swallow, hatching from an egg.


Kingdom of the birds, a pied piper and a vegetarian vulture

Scott Ramsay visits Ndumo, home to about 85% of the 500 species in the Kwa-Zulu Natal area, making it one of the best birding spots in the country.

Destinations, Uganda

Top 10 Ugandan birds

Uganda, is known as Africa’s premier birding destination and with the list of birds found here topping 1 000, it is difficult to narrow down what we would consider the top 10, but here goes….


The 10 Most Remarkable Birds in Ghana

Here they are – the most interesting and sought-after birds in all of Ghana according to Africa Geographic travel director Christian Boix. 1. White-necked Picathartes Bounds through the forest stealthily and effortlessly from one liana to the next in gollum-like fashion. These birds gather in silent and mysterious crowds by cave entrances to breed  in …

Destinations, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle

Northern Madagascar – biodiversity hotspot

Northern Madagascar – biodiversity, lush rainforests, mangroves, azure lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, lemurs and ferocious fossa


Proposed wind farm in Addo buffer zone

A proposed wind farm within the acclaimed Addo Elephant National Park buffer zone has created an uproar from tourism stakeholders.

teamAG - comment
Opinion Editorial

Comment – teamAG – Friday 03 September 2021

Comment – teamAG – Friday 03 September 2021

Travel & Lifestyle

Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda’s Murchison Falls NP: home to a smorgasbord of wildlife and diversity set against the backdrop of the spectacular Nile River

Travel & Lifestyle

Western Namibia – shades of ochre

Western Namibia is a land of heat, sand, sea and remarkable biodiversity surviving against the backdrop of harsh but stunning scenery

Comment - teamAG
Opinion Editorial

Comment – teamAG – Friday 13 August 2021

Comment – teamAG – Friday 13 August 2021

Natural history

Marvellous meerkats – mongooses of the desert

Marvellous Meerkats – socially complex and fascinating little mongooses found across the deserts of Southern Africa.

Natural history

A journey to see Africa’s threatened sea turtles

Five of the world’s seven magnificent sea turtles swim Africa’s oceans and nest on the beaches – all are threatened by human beings

Destinations, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle

Luangwa Valley – vast Zambian wilderness

The Luangwa Valley is a vast Zambian wilderness and playground for tourists seeking an authentic safari experience

Opinion Editorial

Casketts citrus farm and Greater Kruger are now bedfellows

The Casketts citrus farm on the Greater Kruger border is here to stay. We consider the context and settle a few rumours and untruths

Natural history

Otters of Africa – four adorable mustelids

There are four species of otter in Africa – all of them intelligent, playful, fascinating predators.

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: And the winners are …

CEO note: And the winners are …

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year 2021 Winners

Our 2021 Photographer of the Year has come to a glorious finale as we present the best submissions. The winner and two runners-up will share the princely sum of USD 10 000 and join their partners and our CEO Simon Espley and his wife Lizz on the ultimate private safari in Botswana, where they’ll take …

Decoding science, Natural history

Do tracking collars impact animals negatively?

New research indicates that animals fitted with tracking collars, experience no long-term, negative effects. Further research is needed however.

Natural history


With its long limbs, spotted coat and characteristic spring-loaded pounce, the serval is one of the most striking cat species in Africa

Botswana, Destinations, Natural history, Tuli Block


Botswana’s Tuli is a place where the wind carries stories of the past, whispering over rocks, around baobabs and across the vast wilderness

Amboseli, Destinations, Kenya

Amboseli National Park – Kenya

Amboseli National Park in Kenya nestles in the shadow of mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a land of exquisite contrasts, iconic scenery and extraordinary biodiversity.


Recreational hunting: 50 years of scientific research

Trophy hunting: Massive meta-analysis on recreational hunting fails to find answers to the crucial questions of the polarising hunting debate

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: Lions | lions | lions

CEO note: Lions | lions | lions

Amboseli, Destinations, Kenya

Community stops avocado farm in the Amboseli region

Success story – avocado farm in Kenya’s Amboseli region loses license after local Maasai people and conservationists protest

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: Hope 4 elephants | Mundari | safari tips

CEO note: Hope 4 elephants | Mundari | safari tips

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: Lions vs giraffes | parrot voodoo | Gorongosa

CEO note: Lions vs giraffes | parrot voodoo | Gorongosa

Islands, Mauritius, Natural history


Mauritius – an island beach paradise that also offers volcanic mountains, ancient forest & incredible biodiversity – the perfect green safari

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: Makeup monkey + elephant hunting

CEO note: Makeup monkey + elephant hunting

Destinations, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle

Safari Season – visit Africa in Sept, Oct, Nov

When is the best safari season in Africa? We answer one of the most common safari questions with a comprehensive look at the best African destinations and when to visit them in September, October and November.

Destinations, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle

Safari Season – visit Africa in Dec, Jan, Feb

When is the best safari season in Africa? We answer one of the most common safari questions with a comprehensive look at the best African destinations and when to visit them in December, January and February,

Natural history

Mandrill – a colourful character

The mandrill is a colourful, tool-using, socially complex monkey that lives in groups called hordes in the forests of western Central Africa.

Natural history

African canids – 11 fascinating species

Today, 11 African canids, from excitable African painted wolves and shrewd jackals to the tiny fox species, hunt the continent’s desert, alpine grassland, savanna and woodland.  

Kasanka, Natural history

Kasanka Bat Migration – an astonishing natural wonder

The Kasanka bat migration in Zambia is the largest mammal migration on planet earth. It’s a spectacular must-see for nature lovers

Natural history

Laikipia – land of staggering natural beauty

Laikipia in Kenya – a land of staggering beauty & biodiversity – a mosaic of wildlife conservancies, ranchlands & commercial farms

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year 2021 Weekly Selection: Week 8

Fantastic images from our Photographer of the Year 2021. Enter now to win US$10,000 cash and a Botswana safari

Destinations, Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park is one of Rwanda’s best kept secrets – a magical tract of montane forest bursting with extraordinary biodiversity

Natural history

African Wildcat

African wildcats are one of Africa’s “Secret 7” – tough little cats are just as untamed and fierce as their iconic big cat cousins

Natural history


The aardwolf is one of the most specialised carnivores on the planet – eating termites – and the undeniable black sheep of the hyena family

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year 2021 Weekly Selection: Week 3

Fantastic images from our Photographer of the Year 2021. Enter now to win US$10,000 cash and a Botswana safari

Kruger, People, South Africa


Thulamela is an ancient and sacred walled kingdom in Kruger National Park that unlocks some of the fascinating history of southern Africa

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year 2021 Weekly Selection: Week 1

Fantastic images from our Photographer of the Year 2021. Enter now to win US$10,000 cash and a Botswana safari

Natural history

Cape Parrot

This is Africa’s rarest parrot. The Cape parrot is found only in small fragmented patches of the remaining mistbelt forests in South Africa

Decoding science

The extinction business – South Africa’s cold-blooded reptile trade

South Africa’s amphibian & reptile trade is a growing industry that is unregulated, unsustainable, and unethical – says report

News, Uncategorized

Paradise is closing down: The ghastly spectre of oil drilling and fracking in fragile Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta under threat as oil drilling and fracking loom on the horizon after Canadian company tests massive prospecting concessions

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: Free at last + Hwange + the edge

CEO note: Free at last + Hwange + the edge

Destinations, Hwange, Natural history, Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe’s oldest and largest national park, Hwange is a safari paradise that hosts large populations of elephants, lions and wild dogs

DR Congo, News, Poaching

Confiscated parrots fly free again over DR Congo forests

39 poached & confiscated African grey parrots released in eastern DR Congo after being rehabilitated at Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre

Natural history

Chacma Baboon

The baboon is one of the largest monkeys in the world, with human-like cunning and 4cm canines that rival those of leopards

Opinion Editorial

CEO note: Captive-bred lion hunting not ‘fair chase’ + Lost & found

CEO note: Captive-bred lion hunting not ‘fair chase’ + Lost & found

Madagascar, Natural history

Lemurs of Madagascar

The lemurs of Madagascar are a fascinating family of primates of all shapes & sizes that have evolved to fill every niche on the island

Natural history

HERE BE DRAGONS – The Nile crocodile

The Nile crocodile has evolved over millennia to be a cunning, patient and ferocious predator that is capable of taking down large prey

Destinations, Namibia, Photo Galleries, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay

The Colours of Salt

AERIAL ART is a coffee table book by photographers Jay & Jan Roode who celebrate the spectacular Namibian coastline with astonishing images

Destinations, Ruaha, Tanzania


The ancient Ruaha landscape, dominated by huge baobabs & elephants, is home to a wide variety of wildlife for the prefect wilderness safari

Natural history

Bee wise

On the south-western tip of Africa, a bee conservation group has spent the last seven years discovering the wisdom of our wild honeybees

Decoding science

Cyanobacteria to blame for elephant deaths – Botswana officials

Elephant deaths: The sudden deaths of over 300 elephants in Botswana were caused by cyanotoxins produced by blue-green algae, say officials

Natural history

FOSSA: 5 fascinating facts

The fossa of Madagascar has the predatory skills of mongooses and civets – acrobatic and lightning-fast – and the strength of a cat

Decoding science

Domestic cat predation on wild animals in Cape Town

The domestic cat is a honed killing machine whose impact on biodiversity in South Africa is only now being fully revealed

Kruger, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle

A different safari – photographic hides

Fantastic images from a day in the photographic hides of Indlovu River Lodge in Karongwe Private Game Reserve near the town of Hoedspruit

Photo Galleries

A Black and White Photo Safari

An exquisite gallery of black and white images that will have you contacting Africa Geographic about your next safari

Natural history

Are Namibia’s carnivores at risk? Calling on citizen scientists

Namibia is conducting an assessment of its carnivores and you can help by using an app to report your sightings as a citizen scientist

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Natural history, Uganda


Bwindi is the fairy-tale forest we dreamed about as children; it is also where you can meet and spend time with gentle mountain gorillas

Natural history


The sitatunga is Africa’s only amphibious antelope; specially adapted to their habitat by virtue of elongated, widely splayed hooves

Botswana, Khwai, Moremi, Okavango Delta

Understanding the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is an enormous watery oasis, home to an astonishing variety of wildlife and host to some of the best Botswana safaris

Decoding science

Aardvarks and climate change

Aardvarks are being severely impacted by climate change, says research being conducted in arid areas where temperatures are expected to rise

Natural history

Chameleons – 6 must-know facts

Chameleons are unique, weird & wonderful – changing their skin colour & shooting their tongues out to reach 100 km/hr in 1/100 of a second !

Destinations, North Luangwa, Travel & Lifestyle, Zambia

North Luangwa

North Luangwa in Zambia is remote and wild, accessible only by air or tough 4×4 vehicle – the perfect place for walking safaris 

Natural history

Leopards: silent, secretive and full of surprises

Leopards: These breathtakingly beautiful, charismatic, powerful & mysterious creatures are the top request on safari. Learn about them here.

Kruger, Opinion Editorial, Travel & Lifestyle

COVID-19 safari during lockdown: we test-drive

What will a Covid-19 safari be like under South Africa’s lockdown rules? We test-drive a lockdown safari in Timbavati, Greater Kruger

Photo Galleries

Rescued green mamba eggs hatching

A fantastic gallery of images showing the hatching eggs of a green mamba. The rescued mother and babies were released back to the wild

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year 2020 Winners

These fantastic images from WINNERS in Africa Geographic’s Photographer of the Year will have you contacting AG to arrange your next safari

Natural history

The 10 cat species of Africa

Africa has 10 cat species, from the iconic lion and leopard to tiny secretive species that few people have seen or even heard of.

Natural history

Why are rhinos important for ecosystems?

Learn about why rhinos are vital ecosystem engineers & why Africa’s wild places would never be the same again if rhinos were to disappear

Natural history

The importance of bats

Bats are vital role-players for biodiversity & farm crops. It’s time for humankind to acknowledge & protect these hard-working mammals

Elephant collaring
Decoding science, Natural history

Elephant Warriors

Elephant collaring in the Greater Kruger by Elephants Alive and Blue Sky Society Trust – a process driven by science and the need for data

News, Poaching

American parrot breeder wants to import wild-caught African grey parrots for a captive breeding scheme for the pet trade

An American parrot breeder has applied to import wild-caught endangered African grey parrots into the United States of America

Busanga Plains, Destinations, Kafue, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Zambia

Bountiful Busanga

This travel diary to Busanga Plains in Kafue National Park (Zambia) will have you contacting Africa Geographic to arrange your next safari

white giraffes
News, Poaching

Poachers kill white giraffes in Kenya

The famous white giraffes of Kenya have been dealt a devastating blow, as 2 of the 3 are killed by poachers, leaving only a bull giraffe.

Destinations, Kenya, Maasai Mara, Travel & Lifestyle

Maasai Mara

This interesting introduction to Kenya’s Maasai Mara will have you contacting Africa Geographic to book your next African safari

Decoding science, Natural history

Leopard raids ground-hornbill nest

Video: a leopard raids a ground-hornbill nest in the Greater Kruger – yet another threat facing this threatened species

Bangweulu, Destinations, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Zambia

Bangweulu – Where the water meets the sky

This is Bangweulu, where the water meets the sky. Owned by remote Zambian community members, this important wetland is one of Africa’s most successful conservation projects.

News, Poaching

Another mass vulture poisoning raises alarm in South Africa

Yet another mass vulture poisoning raises alarm bells that deliberate poisoning of vultures for belief-based use is on the increase, say experts.

Bar-tailed trogon on safari with Africa Geographic
Destinations, Safari Tips, Travel & Lifestyle, Uganda

Uganda birding – 10 best spots

The 10 best birding spots in Uganda, which hosts 1065 species – the ideal place to improve your life bird species list

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Spider Macro Magic

With a record-breaking, never-before-seen 29,887 entries received for our Photographer of the Year 2019 competition, our judges had an incredibly tough time deciding on our winner and runners-up. But at the end of the day, it was the pure macro-magic of Eraine van Schalkwyk’s jumping spider that caught the eye of our judges, and she …

Destinations, Namibia, Photo Galleries

Namibia: Spectacular colours of a magnificent wilderness destination

Be inspired by this selection of images that capture Namibia’s extraordinary light. Expect a visual feast!

Destinations, Kruger, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Experience an art safari in the Big 5 Greater Kruger

Safari report-back: Art safari in Big 5 Greater Kruger with a professional wildlife artist. What my guests had to say. By Alison Nicholls

Destinations, Kruger, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Klaserie Capers

He emerged silently from the gloom and ambled towards us with that gentle rocking gait that big bull elephants use to cover vast distances with minimal effort. His white tusks glowed in the moonshine, but otherwise, he was just a huge dark grey smudge that loomed larger by the second. The eight of us sat …

Decoding science, Natural history, Poaching

African grey parrots: How social media is facilitating both illegal trade and the fight against it

A recent study examines how social media marketplaces facilitate trafficking of endangered African grey parrots.

Natural history, News

Okapi conservation gets a boost, with new DRC reserve management partner

Okapi conservation has received a boost, with the signing of a new management agreement for The Okapi Wildlife Reserve in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Elephants and trees
Decoding science, Natural history

Elephants and trees

Does removing elephants save trees? This fascinating report delves into this important conservation issue.

Destinations, Gonarezhou, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Zimbabwe

Gonarezhou – Land of Giants

It was pitch dark and a bit chilly as I made my way cautiously to the outside privy, scanning the inkiness with my head torch for predators and things that go bump in the night. There had been plenty of hippo and elephant activity all night, and so I was wary. And there she was, …

Destinations, Tanzania, Travel & Lifestyle

Off the beaten track: Camping at the Maasai village of Monduli Juu

Discovering Monduli Juu in Tanzania – an off-the-beaten-track campsite run by the indigenous Maasai people.

Decoding science

Vultures of the Old World

“When one thinks about vultures, one envisions a bald-headed, blood-thirsty scavenger waiting for something or someone to perish. We have been brought up to believe that evil surrounds vultures, and this has led to cinematography portraying the species in a negative and unloved light. This has most certainly contributed to the species being disliked and …