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Experience an art safari in the Big 5 Greater Kruger

Safari report-back: Art safari in Big 5 Greater Kruger with a professional wildlife artist. What my guests had to say. By Alison Nicholls

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Klaserie Capers

He emerged silently from the gloom and ambled towards us with that gentle rocking gait that big bull elephants use to cover vast distances with minimal effort. His white tusks glowed in the moonshine, but otherwise, he was just a huge dark grey smudge that loomed larger by the second. The eight of us sat …

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African grey parrots: How social media is facilitating both illegal trade and the fight against it

A recent study examines how social media marketplaces facilitate trafficking of endangered African grey parrots.

Natural history, News

Okapi conservation gets a boost, with new DRC reserve management partner

Okapi conservation has received a boost, with the signing of a new management agreement for The Okapi Wildlife Reserve in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Elephants and trees
Decoding science, Natural history

Elephants and trees

Does removing elephants save trees? This fascinating report delves into this important conservation issue.

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Gonarezhou – Land of Giants

It was pitch dark and a bit chilly as I made my way cautiously to the outside privy, scanning the inkiness with my head torch for predators and things that go bump in the night. There had been plenty of hippo and elephant activity all night, and so I was wary. And there she was, …

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Off the beaten track: Camping at the Maasai village of Monduli Juu

Discovering Monduli Juu in Tanzania – an off-the-beaten-track campsite run by the indigenous Maasai people.

Decoding science

Vultures of the Old World

“When one thinks about vultures, one envisions a bald-headed, blood-thirsty scavenger waiting for something or someone to perish. We have been brought up to believe that evil surrounds vultures, and this has led to cinematography portraying the species in a negative and unloved light. This has most certainly contributed to the species being disliked and …


CITES CoP18 – most controversial one ever? Here are the results for African species

CITES CoP18 – all the results for African species, including rulings for elephant and rhino trade that have some African range states questioning their ongoing participation in CITES.

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The Wodaabe – Nomads of the North

The Wodaabe tribe are nomadic pastoralists of the Sahel region in Africa. Their migratory journeys cover the expanse of northern Africa, where they travel with their cattle and families across the arid areas of Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and the Central African Republic. They are a small, isolated branch of the Fulani ethnic group and …

Natural history

Bushbabies – The Southern Lesser Galago

With their large saucepan eyes, big ears and bushy tails, galagos, also known as bushbabies, are one of Africa’s most endearing creatures of the night. Often referred to in South Africa as nagapies, meaning “little night monkeys” in Afrikaans, they are regarded as one of the smallest of the prosimian primate species. Although reasonably common throughout parts …

Decoding science, Natural history

The Brown Hyena

Steeped in myths and legends regarding magical powers, hermaphroditism and black magic, and more recently cast as villains by Disney, the hyena family undoubtedly suffers from a bad reputation. With their gentle, social interactions and strong kin bonds rarely witnessed, and their reputation amongst farmers as a livestock predator, the misunderstood and secretive brown hyena …

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St. Helena – Treasure Chest of the Atlantic Ocean

We bounced across the water on the lookout for our quarry. We had been searching for a while now and were starting to lose hope of any success when suddenly there came a shout: “There’s one!” Just below us, swimming effortlessly in the pristine water, was a gentle giant – a whale shark. In no …

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Walking Safari in the Greater Kruger

This walking safari got off to a rollicking start. The previous day I met up with my UK-based Africa Geographic colleague and long-time friend Christian Boix, two safari first-timers and our trail guides Hanri and AD and spent our first night in the mobile camp deep in the Greater Kruger. The husband and wife first-timers …

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Finding my purpose on a safari adventure

Connecting ethical adventure travel with the purpose of making a difference. A member from the latest Journeys with Purpose expedition shares her insights.

Hunting, Opinion Editorial, Poaching

Life with elephants

Botswana elephant debate: We speak to the MOST important people in this equation – those living with elephants. Beyond the politics and ideologies, what do rural Batswana feel about elephants? Read more.

Destinations, Kenya, Natural history

Taita Hills: The cloud forest in a fragmented landscape

Kenya’s Taita Hills is a dense cloud forest teeming with wildlife. While that may sound like paradise, the forest is threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation – which is raising concerns amongst researchers.

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Opinion: The future is here – safari game drives will never be the same again

Our CEO test drives the best electric 4×4 vehicle around, and wants one.

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Discovering Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a fascinating country. Rapidly recovering since 1991 from the ravages of Marxism, and only relatively recently discovered by cultural and wildlife tourists, it is one of three countries in the world that has never been colonised. It is the second-most populous country in Africa, after Nigeria, with 105 million people, comprising 80 ethnic groups, …

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Become an Eco-warrior and donate towards educational conservation comics for children

Become an ‘Eco-warrior’ and help the Southern African Conservation Trust educate the less privileged children by making a small donation towards their educational conservation comics.

Natural history, News

What CITES will debate at CoP18 in May for these African species

CITES debates: White rhino, elephant, giraffe and other African species come under the spotlight at the May CoP18 sessions.

Decoding science, Natural history

The Honey Badger

There is an expression in Afrikaans that goes “so taai soos ‘n ratel” – which translates to “as tough as a honey badger”. Across the continent honey badgers have earned the reputation of being tough, even lending their name to an armoured personnel carrier used by the South African Defence Force. This reputation is in part …

Karoo, Natural history, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Samara – Rewilding the Great Karoo

It was late in the evening when we sat down for a beautifully prepared three-course dinner at the impeccably decorated Manor House in Samara – a private game reserve located near Graaff-Reinet in the Great Karoo. The main topic making the rounds was about the much-anticipated lion release, which took place earlier in the day. …

Destinations, Serengeti, Tanzania, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Serengeti: Ultimate Walking Safari

Safari report-back: My walking safari in the vast Serengeti wilderness – a fantastic experience for adventurous souls. By Simon Espley

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Nanzhila Plains – Hidden Kafue Gem

Zambia’s Kafue National Park is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets, an unspoilt wilderness with an extraordinary diversity of wildlife. Nowhere else in Africa can you see blue duiker, sable, roan, red lechwe, Lichenstein’s hartebeest, puku, elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, painted wolf, hippo and yellow-backed duiker all in one park. Covering 22,480 km2, Kafue represents 36% …

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World’s rarest duck released back into the wild

A duck thought to be extinct for 15 years has been brought back from the brink and given a new home on a remote lake in Madagascar.

Competitions, Natural history

The winners of our Best Video Clip 2018 competition

Announcing the winners of our Best Video Clip 2018 competition! Take a look to see who has won the $500 prizes!

Cape Town, Destinations, Natural history, South Africa

Penguins: What’s being done and how you can help

Cape Town is synonymous with many things, like Table Mountain, picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, and of course our iconic African penguin.

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Magnificent Masoala

Bouncing over a line of assailing waves, our boat speeds away from the riverine town of Maroansetra, bound for the lushly forested Masoala Peninsula. Nosy Mangabe clogs the horizon, a perfectly placed puff of cloud lending the 520-hectare islet the appearance of a smouldering volcano. I almost expect to see dinosaurs wandering the island’s liana-tangled …

Destinations, Mozambique, Natural history, News

A great year for wildlife in Maputo Special Reserve

In a conservation success story, more than 4,200 animals have been translocated to Maputo Special Reserve since 2013 through a multi-year rewilding project led by Peace Parks Foundation.

Decoding science, Natural history

The Cheetah

“A cheetah in full flight is one of Africa’s most breathtaking sights – that blindingly rapid and yet sublimely smooth acceleration and the ability to swerve at full speed take one’s breath away. And, with a hunting success rate above 50%, cheetahs are amongst the most successful of Africa’s large carnivores when it comes to …

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New citrus farm on Kruger border – have your say

A citrus farming enterprise has purchased a small but ecologically pivotal farm on the border of the Klaserie and Timbavati private nature reserves (Greater Kruger) near the town of Hoedspruit, and plans to develop a citrus orchard in this vital game reserve area.

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year


With over 25,593 entries received for our Photographer of the Year 2018 competition, our judges had a tough time deciding on our overall winner. However, one photo stood out among the thousands, and it spoke to the judges on all levels. Sushil Chauhan’s photo of a Rüppell’s vulture portrayed vultures for what they are – majestic and …

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Kruger Glamping

Glamorous camping (glamping) should be an authentic way of enjoying what safari used to be all about. But not too authentic, right? I mean you don’t want to have to catch your dinner or dig a pit latrine. Sure, do away with the permanent lodge structures, but I still want to feel safe and comfortable. …

Destinations, Kenya, Maasai Mara, Photo Galleries, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Mara Magic

My dream Maasai Mara safari, designed by the Africa Geographic team. By keen traveller and amateur photographer Gavin Duffy

Destinations, Serengeti, Tanzania, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Epic Serengeti

Safari report-back: My luxury Serengeti safari during the wildebeest migration – drama, excitement, awe and wonder. By Simon Espley

Destinations, Hwange, Natural history, Zimbabwe

Understanding elephant migration in the world’s largest transfrontier conservation area

What you should know about elephant migration in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park – the world’s largest transfrontier conservation area.

Natural history, Poaching

REST – Rehabilitation & Conservation in Action

The morning sun was starting to make us sweat as we sat on the ground in a circle and waited. There wasn’t a breath of wind as small puffs of pale-yellow dust rose into the air, kicked up by four inquisitive creatures who were making their way towards us. Slowly but surely, they got within …

Destinations, Madagascar, Photo Galleries


This fantastic photo gallery of Madagascar wildlife will have you contacting Africa Geographic to arrange your next safari, and packing your bags

Destinations, Lower Zambezi, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Zambia

Lower Zambezi: Where the Wild Things Are

The Lower Zambezi valley, with its majestic escarpment sloping down to meet the river, protects a massive rift in the earth’s crust through which the Zambezi River flows. Over millennia, mineral-rich volcanic soils deposited by the river have given rise to lush vegetation, while the many channels and oxbow lakes attract an array of wildlife. …

Destinations, Etosha, Namibia, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Etosha Through My Eyes

There is a distinct excitement in the air as we make our way through the Von Lindequist Gate on the eastern side of Etosha National Park in Namibia. The sun has just risen, dappling the leaves of the mopane shrubs lining the road in mottled shades of gold and green. Barely a few minutes into …

Destinations, Kibale Forest National Park, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle, Uganda

Video: Searching for the elusive green-breasted pitta

The green-breasted pitta already holds the dubiously honourable rank of number ONE African bogey bird in my books, a title am hoping to strip off today.

Destinations, Kenya, Maasai Mara, Ruaha, Selous, Tanzania, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Our Secret Season Safari in East Africa

Safari report-back: My luxury green (secret) season adventure in Kenya and Tanzania – arranged by Africa Geographic. By Mark Paul

Damaraland, Destinations, Etosha, Kids, Namibia, Safari Tips, Swakopmund, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Walvis Bay

Namibia – On safari with my kid

It’s a familiar ritual to anyone who has camped at Okaukuejo in Etosha National Park in Namibia in June; it takes some effort to hammer your tent pegs securely into the hard, chalky ground, but it’s worth it when the wind blows. Our toddler, Sanne (18 months old), had seen us pitching our tent at …

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Safari tips: Going on safari with kids

Travelling with kids on a safari in Africa may seem like a daunting task. They can get bored very easily, especially on long road trips, and keeping their attention and interest piqued about wildlife can become a tedious, exhausting and stressful task. However, with proper planning and armed with the knowledge of what your kids enjoy, you can make a safari quite an enjoyable and memorable experience for the whole family.

Boteti, Botswana, Destinations, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Botswana’s Boteti

Shortly after arriving at camp, I was relishing a moment of pure bliss, washing off the heat and the dust under the best outdoor shower ever. I was reminiscing about the short flight from cold and foggy Cape Town to the hot, sunny land of beautiful Botswana. Filled with a sense of freedom and oneness …

Decoding science, Natural history

The Cape Leopard

The Cape leopard is the stuff of legends. This seldom seen, highly elusive apex predator survives in some of the most inhospitable habitat possible – the rugged, low nutritional fynbos biome of the Cape Fold Mountain ranges. Despite the habitat limitations, this region did historically host many wildlife species such as black rhino, Cape mountain …

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Aldabra Atoll

In 1874 Charles Darwin, along with six other eminent contemporaries, wrote to the Governor of Mauritius and its dependencies: “We the undersigned respectfully beg to call the attention of the Colonial Government of Mauritius to the imminent extermination of the gigantic Land Tortoises of the Mascarenes, commonly called ‘Indian Tortoises’… No means being taken for …

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year


This fantastic photo gallery of African wildlife will have you booking your next safari with Africa Geographic and packing those bags

Natural history, News

Elephants with a purpose

Why did 53 elephants travel more than 1,250 km across three different countries this month? Here’s why.

Destinations, Kenya, Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Tanzania, Travel & Lifestyle

The Great Wildebeest Migration

The Serengeti and Maasai Mara ecosystems see huge herds of wildebeest and zebras migrating in a continuous search for the best food and water. Although this journey follows a similar annual route, exact timing varies based on rainfall. When the rains beckon, the wildebeest go. In spite of the big cats in waiting, or the …

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Celebrating Africa’s Avian Candy

This fantastic photo gallery of African birds will have you booking your next safari with Africa Geographic, and dusting off your camera

Natural history

Video: Processionary caterpillars

Processionary caterpillars are recognised by their behaviour of following each other head to tail in long, single file trails.

Botswana, Destinations, Khwai, Moremi, Okavango Delta, Savute, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Botswana: My Dream Safari

Safari report back: My epic mobile tented adventure through the wildlife paradise of Botswana – Okavango, Khwai and Savute. By Ruzdi Ekenheim

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Will Zambia’s Luangwa River be dammed? Have your say

Zambia’s wildlife paradise and legendary safari mecca of Luangwa Valley may in future partially function as one giant tap for some of Zambia’s growing water needs. Gone will be the seasonal, natural water cycles that sustain and nurture this incredibly fecund river valley. You see, a sizeable chunk of Luangwa Valley may be dammed in the near future, at Ndevu Gorge

Destinations, Limpopo, Natural history, News, Poaching, South Africa

Guarding Limpopo National Park’s carnivores

A new carnivore protection ranger force, the Limpopo Lion Protection Team, has been trained and deployed – specifically assigned to support the Greater Limpopo Carnivore Programme and tasked with securing known lion ranges from targeted lion poaching.

Destinations, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Victoria Falls (Livingstone), Zambia

Lavish Livingstone

It is not hard to see why Victoria Falls is one of the most spectacular natural sites on the planet, and continues to delight and capture the imagination of travellers. Even as early as 1855, David Livingstone described the Falls in a way that reflects this sentiment: “Creeping with awe to the verge, I peered …

Natural history

The black & white of African wildlife explained

Every now and then nature experiments by producing a black or white mutation of an animal or bird that is otherwise normally coloured. There is something magical about seeing a white lion, black leopard or ‘king’ cheetah in the wild, as if it were a spiritual shadow of the species, a form of higher being.

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year 2018 Winners

These fantastic images from Africa Geographic’s Photographer of the Year 2018 winners will have you dusting your camera off and booking your next safari

logging © Simon Espley
Natural history, News

Tanzania invites bids for logging in Selous to pave way for huge hydropower plant

The Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) has invited tenders for large-scale logging in the Selous Game Reserve, a world-renowned wildlife area, where it plans to construct a large hydropower plant.

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Celebrating Africa’s Elephants

This fantastic photo gallery of African elephants will have you booking your next safari with Africa Geographic and packing those bags

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Celebrating Africa’s Big Cats

This fantastic photo gallery celebrating Africa’s Big Cats will have you contacting us to arrange your next safari and packing your bags

Natural history, Opinion Editorial, Poaching

Wild grey parrot trapping methods are ruinous, says new research

A research paper has investigated how different capture methods and other aspects of the grey parrot trade, other than just the actual volume of birds taken from the wild, can affect sustainability of harvest.

Destinations, DR Congo, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Virunga National Park

The Ultimate Primate Experience

Safari report-back: Trekking for gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes NP is the is the ultimate primate experience. By Björn Persson

Destinations, Kruger, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Manyeleti: The Place of Stars

Manyeleti Game Reserve is a bit of an open secret amongst those in the know. But the secret details depend on who you speak to. Jaundiced, local Kruger National Park die-hards have either never heard of it, or write the reserve off as not worthy of their holiday time (most never having been there). Others …

Hunting, Natural history

Hunting causes life-threatening build-up of toxic lead in vultures

Research in Botswana has revealed that fragments of lead from recreational hunter ammunition are finding their way into vulture bloodstreams, and represent a significant threat to these critically endangered scavengers.

Natural history

11 Leopard facts you need to know

Discover 11 facts about the African leopard – the most secretive and elusive big cat and the most popular request during a safari game drive

Decoding science, Natural history

The Mighty Zambezi: More than a River

She goes from lazy and beguiling to a raging beast capable of pounding a man and his ambitions into submission. Indeed, the Zambezi River is quite a lady… Most people know the Zambezi as that intoxicating cauldron of the elements and humankind at Victoria Falls – where that massive river inhales and forces itself into …

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Destinations, Entebbe, Kibale Forest National Park, Lake Mburo, Murchison Falls National Park, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Uganda

16 days in Uganda

It was in the early 2000s when my father started seriously talking about gorilla trekking as one of his bucket-list adventures. But it would take another 16 years of reading, research, and reluctance before it would finally become a reality. Finally, on the 1st of July 2017, my father, along with my two brothers, sister-in-law and …

Natural history

Can elephants run, or do they just walk faster?

A fascinating study has revealed that although elephants can move at considerable pace, there is a question as to whether they can run.

Destinations, Kalahari, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Tantalising Tswalu: The Kalahari’s diamond in the rough

It was like a scene out of the movie Jurassic Park. You know, that adrenaline-fuelled, chaotic scene when the bad guys arrive on the island in their vehicles and speed through the bush while dinosaurs scatter out of their way as they hunt for the ultimate dinosaur trophy. Well, this was like that, except I …

Destinations, Kafue, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Zambia

Kafue: A River Runs Through It

Karen Blixen, the author of Out of Africa, once said, “If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again”. Well, here I was, indeed on safari again, reclining in my bathtub, luxuriously located on the verandah of our room just metres above the Kafue River at Mukambi Safari …

Safari Tips, Travel & Lifestyle

Safari tips: How to find luxury safari lodges at a discount

Planning an African safari? We provide a breakdown of the various ‘safari seasons’ and when best to travel so as to avoid the crowds.

Kids, Photo Galleries

A new generation of Kruger photographers

The Wild Shots Outreach programme began just over two years ago in November 2015. The programme aims to give students from disadvantaged communities that border the Greater Kruger National Park area in South Africa the opportunity to experience the wonder of the wild and immortalise moments through the lens of a camera. The majority of …

Natural history, Photo Galleries

Macro photography: Up close & personal

How often can you say that to take photographs of your subjects you have to lie down on the ground? Well, how else would you be able to get a ground-level perspective of the life of an ant, or peer in close to fully appreciate the form of a spider? Most people don’t. We walk …

Natural history, Safari Tips, Travel & Lifestyle

Safari tips: 10 safety points about wild animals

Here are 10 important pieces of information to keep in mind about wild animals when on safari in Africa.

Leopard in Botswana with Africa Geographic
Botswana, Destinations, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle

Why the green season is the time to visit Botswana

Botswana’s green season, the months of November to March, is known by locals as the “secret season” – when you will have game drives to yourself, and enjoy amazing sighting

Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Quirimbas: A Diver’s Paradise

“You won’t believe its beauty,” I heard our pilot Chris say, crackling and popping into the headset, over the whirring and grinding of the helicopter blades as we rose beating into the air. I was relieved to be making a welcome retreat from the dry heat and dusty red-sand streets of Pemba, northern Mozambique. “Ho-hum”, …

Black-maned lion in the Kalahari
Destinations, Natural history, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle

South Africa’s top tourist attractions

If there was a checklist for the perfect travel destination, South Africa would tick most of the boxes. Famed for its amazing wildlife and landscapes, superb local cuisine, warm hospitality and great weather, (plus the added bonus that its affordable) it’s easy to understand why tourism is so big in South Africa.

Botswana, Destinations, Okavango Delta, Photo Galleries

Delta Delight

This fantastic gallery of images by Hannes Lochner will have you booking your Okavango Delta (Botswana) safari with us and packing your bags

Destinations, Madagascar, Natural history

The chameleon the size of a house cat: 7 fascinating facts

The Parson’s chameleon is regarded as the largest chameleon in the world, found in the lush rainforests of eastern and northern Madagascar. Here are some fascinating facts about this giant creature of the forest.

Tip box at a safari lodge © Simon Espley
People, Safari Tips, Travel & Lifestyle

Safari tips: Tipping while on safari

The simple act of tipping can be an anxious moment for many people while on safari, and the subject of much discussion and seeking of advice.

Destinations, South Luangwa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Zambia

Capturing South Luangwa

Safari report-back: South Luangwa in Zambia offers a wildlife-rich safari and fantastic photographic opportunities. By Edward Selfe

Natural history, News, Poaching

49 Vultures poisoned near Kruger National Park

The poisoned bodies of nearly 50 vultures have been found by rangers in Mozambique‚ just a short distance from the boundary of the flagship Kruger National Park.

Natural history

The bird-eating heron of the Kgalagadi

The Kgalagadi always delivers unusual opportunities to photograph animal and bird behaviour – such as a bird-eating heron.

Botswana, Destinations, Khwai, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Kwaai Khwai

Safari report-back: My epic adventire in Botswana’s Khwai – a wildlife-rich area near Okavango Delta, Botswana. By Simon Espley

Water for Elephants Trust, Botswana
Natural history

Water for Elephants

There is a crisis of elephantine proportions playing out in the dry sandy Kalahari woodlands of eastern Botswana, and a determined family of caring people is caught in the middle of the drama. A friend and I spent a few days with them in September this year and came away determined to help. I hope that …

Destinations, Madikwe, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Magnificent Madikwe

Safari report-back: My wife and I spent two unforgettable days in Madikwe – the variety of wildlife encounters blew our minds. By Anton Kruger

Botswana, Destinations, Moremi, Okavango Delta

Moremi Magic

What I miss most about fly-in safaris is the satisfaction of having journeyed. After all, the Swahili word ‘safari’ is derived from ‘safar’, the Arabic word for journey. Don’t get me wrong. For time-strapped holidaymakers, flying to your lodge saves time and offers a different perspective of the bushveld. But, there’s something immensely satisfying about …

A view of Table Mountain from the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa
Botswana, Cape Town, Destinations, Natural history, South Africa, Tanzania, Travel & Lifestyle

Cape Town + bush safari combos

How does one exactly combine Cape Town’s summer splendours with a wild Big 5 bushveld safari? We provide four fantastic summer/autumn combos!

Photo Galleries, Photographer of the Year

Monochrome Magic

This fantastic black & white photography gallery of African wildlife will have you grabbing your camera and booking a safari with us

lioness, walking, Madikwe, South Africa
Destinations, Madikwe, Natural history, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle

Is Madikwe the best malaria-free Big 5 safari experience?

After a few days in Madikwe we had already seen cheetahs, lions, wild dogs, spotted & brown hyenas, rhinos & elephants. By Marc de Chalain

aardvark, Kalahari Desert, South Africa
Natural history, News

Aardvarks taking a beating from climate change

The aardvark, a highlight for anyone on a game-viewing African safari, will become increasingly rare due to the effects of climate change

Mount Nyiragongo, lava cauldron, DR Congo

Climbing Mount Nyiragongo and mountain gorilla trekking in Virunga NP

Mount Nyiragongo is a spectacular stratovolcano that hosts one of the world’s largest and rarest lava lakes, making it one of Africa’s most exciting and rewarding hiking experiences.

Photographic Safari in Kariega Game Reserve (May 2018)

  Nestled in the lush rolling hills of the Eastern Cape’s Garden Route lies the increasingly popular and relatively undiscovered Kariega Private Game Reserve. A short flight from Cape Town, or Johannesburg, into Port Elizabeth and easily accessible by road, Kariega is ideally positioned for a short photographic break. The reserve has superb landscape and …

Art Safari with Alison Nicholls in Madikwe Game Reserve

A 5 day/4 night art safari at the ‘The Bush House’ in South Africa’s game-rich, malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve with professional wildlife artist Alison Nicholls. Departure Dates 15-20 September 2018 Introduction This Art Safari is the perfect opportunity to learn and improve your creative skills, while enjoying the camaraderie of other wildlife lovers and the pleasure …

Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle

Trekking the beautiful Bale Mountains in Ethiopia

This was an amazing opportunity to visit Ethiopia’s most important biodiversity hotspot and see some of the rarest creatures in the world.

Destinations, Kruger, Safari Tips, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Kruger- lodges vs self drive

The Kruger National Park is South Africa’s flagship national park. Wherever you are in the world, if you’re even remotely interested in the safari experience in Africa, you’ve likely heard of the Kruger. It offers a wilderness safari experience that is right up there with the best that Africa has to offer. There’s so much …

Natural history

Animals who need better PR

Certain underdog animals deserve better PR than they currently receive. Here are some that would appreciate your attention when you are next on safari