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Jurassic Niassa

“Are we seriously landing there?” The Cessna Caravan was heading towards a massive rocky dome, and what appeared to be a short dirt track in a dense sea of woodland. But, as we skimmed over a wide sandy riverbed, the track morphed into a landing strip. We bumped down and taxied to a halt. Paradise …

Natural history

Private game reserves are vital for conservation

Without detracting from the wonderful and critical role that our national parks play in conservation we would like to take an opportunity to focus on the positive achievements of the private sector in this regard.

Destinations, Natural history, Uganda

Mabamba Swamp: A bird-lovers paradise!

Mabamba Swamp is a bird-lovers dream destination. It is home to 260 bird species, including the massive shoebill – Uganda’s most sought-after bird!

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On Foot in North Luangwa

Brent, our guide, and Lazarus, our scout, took the lead. Special, our tea bearer and the extra set of sharp eyes, brought up the rear. With final instructions ringing in our ears – “No loud noises, pay attention, DO NOT wander off!” – we set out in single file. I’ve been going on safari in Africa …


Born Free: 50 years on

There is a moving moment in the film Born Free, when Elsa the lioness walks towards Joy and George Adamson, played by actors Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna. Elsa had spent a week trying to fend for herself in northern Kenya. As she approaches the couple, they see that their experiment hasn’t worked: she is …

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Kruger Walking Magic

This is a trip report of our five-night stay in the Kruger National Park, which included the three-night Mphongolo Backpack Trail – a trail that not only takes you into the largest wilderness area in the Kruger but also takes your soul to a deeper level than you could ever have imagined. Our travelling group, …

News, Poaching

Namibians challenge Chinese over wildlife crime

Outrage at the looting of Africa’s wildlife and environmental destruction by Chinese nationals boiled over in Namibia last month in a strongly worded letter of protest to the Chinese Ambassador, Xiun Shunkang, signed by almost every environmental protection and research organisation in the country.

South Luangwa
Destinations, South Luangwa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Zambia

Super Natural South Luangwa

“Turn left. Continue along the road, through a dry riverbed. When the road forks, keep to the left.” We were 371km from home, six hours into our journey, and at the bottom of page two of a three-page printout of detailed instructions describing how to get to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. We weren’t …

Kruger Photographic Safari with Brendon Jennings

A 5 day Big Five Photo Safari in the magnificent Timbavati Game Reserve.

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At thirteen minutes to midnight, I looked over my shoulder. My blood temperature dropped to match the chilly Hwange night. There he was, hugely muscled with a big black mane, padding silently, dangerously under the full moon. The fully-grown male lion stood six metres behind me. I stood, swaddled in a blanket and beanie, in …

black sparrow hawk project
Natural history

5 things I learnt about ringing black sparrowhawks

Interesting insights gained from helping the Black Sparrowhawk Project to ring three chicks.

Botswana, Savute, Travel & Lifestyle

A photographic bonanza of predators in Savuti

A photographic bonanza safari – predators galore in Botswana’s Savute, Chobe National Parl. This is an Africa Geographic safari

Nairobi National Museum
People, Travel & Lifestyle

3 must-visit Nairobi museums

Discover the rich history of Kenya in these three Nairobi museums.

Natural history

Protecting wildlife with drones

Could drones be a good short-term solution to curbing human-wildlife conflict?

Damaraland, Destinations, Etosha, Kaokoland, Namibia, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Walvis Bay, Windhoek

Classic Namibia

This fantastic photo gallery showcases the fascinating tribal cultures, wildlife and breathtaking vistas of Namibia and will get you packing your bags

Natural history, News

Palm oil trade to develop in Congo Basin

Gorillas, forest elephants and bonobos threatened by plans to make the world’s second largest rainforest the next frontier in the global palm oil trade.


Global trade in African grey parrots banned

Delegates at a global wildlife conference on Sunday voted to ban international trade in African grey parrots, one of the world’s most trafficked birds.

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Kgalagadi versus Kruger

A daring comparison of two popular Southern African transfrontier parks.


Wüstenquell in Namibia offers unique rock formations for photographers

Wüstenquell in Namibia’s abundant rock formations make it one of most spectacular locations for any landscape photographer.

Destinations, Kruger, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries


As if Kruger wasn’t enough in itself, find out just how much there is to explore around it!

Natural history

Black-footed cats, bat-eared foxes and bountiful birdlife at Benfontein

From tracking the black-footed cat to ticking a pygmy falcon off the wishlist, a research assistant shares his favourite moments from his time spent in Benfontein Nature Reserve.

Natural history, Opinion Editorial, Poaching

Why you should vote to stop trade in African grey parrots

Sign this petition and help to save thousands of wild African grey parrots!

Destinations, Swaziland, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Swaziland: Africa’s Little Secret

A royal experience in the Kingdom of Swaziland.


Leopard kills 33 Endangered African penguins

A leopard has killed 33 Endangered African penguins in a single incident in Betty’s Bay, South Africa

Destinations, Kenya, Photo Galleries, Tanzania, Travel & Lifestyle

The Wilds of East Africa

These magical black & white images of Kenya and Tanzania by Federico Veronesi will have you contacting us to arrange your next African safari

Travel & Lifestyle

Why Etosha is the perfect place to sketch wildlife

Etosha in Namibia provided the perfect African wildlife experience for an art safari lead by an artist from Spain!

Travel & Lifestyle

Uncovering the remains of an ancient civilisation at the Gede Ruins

A visit to the Gede Ruins uncovers a lost Swahili civilisation and tells stories of how they used to live.

Natural history

Zooming in on mesocarnivores

A camera trap study contributes new insights into the diverse world of small and medium-sized carnivores.

Africa’s Ultimate Primate Safari

Meet the mountain gorillas, watch a troop of golden monkeys, track Grauer’s lowland gorillas, spend a morning in the company of a chimpanzee family and join Africa’s biggest mega troop of pied colobus monkeys! Join our ultimate primate safari now.


More incidences of vulture poisoning in South Africa

14 more vultures have been found in KwaZulu-Natal that are thought to have been poisoned by an unknown chemical.

News, Poaching

Kenya’s ivory burn: the story in pictures

Photos documenting the biggest ivory burn in history, which took place in Nairobi National Park last weekend.

Destinations, Kenya, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

A Kenyan Safari

An East African bush and beach exploration of epic proportions.


African grey parrot bust in the DRC

Illegal shipments of African grey parrots intercepted in the DRC and local governors make efforts to crack down on the trade before it is too late.


Coral trees of South Africa – a study in scarlet

There is nothing in Africa quite as emblematic of the colour scarlet as the flaming coral tree. Find out more about this family of colourful fauna.


Exploring the conflict between vultures and traditional healers

Can tradition and conservation sit side by side when it comes to vultures – a species that soars across boundaries?

Natural history

Hooray for hippos

Hippos are crucial ecosystem farmers & engineers. They are also fascinating and entertaining to watch, so chat to us about your next safari & pack your bag

Kruger Photographic Safari with Albie Venter

The Timbavati Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park is well known for providing a fantastic photo safari experience and excellent sightings. Participants on this photo safari can expect several sightings of the highly coveted Big Five, plus an additional array of iconic species such as wild dog, cheetah and up to 40 other mammal species.

Walking Safari in Klaserie with Brett Horley

Can you no longer ignore the calls of the bush? Look no further… join veteran and professional trail guide Brett Horley in the Klaserie Game Reserve on a five-day walking safari in one of Africa’s prime wildlife areas.

Destinations, Garden Route, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

The Secret Garden Route

Off the beaten track in one of South Africa’s most loved tourist destinations.

Destinations, Selous, Tanzania, Travel & Lifestyle

Selous: A Long Way From Anywhere

Selous is Africa’s oldest and largest protected area. This fantastic gallery of images will have you contacting our safari team and packing your bags

Destinations, Kruger, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Kruger Addicts

An Australian couple share why they are so crazy about Kruger National Park.

Kenya – Watamu Treehouse and Malindi

Consider rounding off your Kenyan safari experience with a stay at Watamu Treehouse where flair, fantasy, turquoise waters and white sands combine to deliver the most fitting finale to your bush and beach break.

Destinations, Etosha, Namibia, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Exploring Etosha

Everything you need to know about Etosha National Park in Namibia – home of giant white elephants & crowded waterholes during the dry season


Nearly 99% of African grey parrots wiped out in Ghana

Researchers have found that since 1992, Ghana has lost between 90 to 99 percent of its grey parrots as a result of the pet trade and habitat loss.

Classic South Luangwa Photo Safari with Ed Selfe

South Luangwa is one of the best wildlife areas on the planet. The itinerary is split between two camps, which are located in two different areas of South Luangwa National Park. By combining Flatdogs and Lion Camp, this trip incorporates a variety of creative photographic settings and opportunities.


iSimangaliso’s December drought – the harsh reality

iSimangaliso is dealing with the harsh reality of drought.

Affordable Walking Safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Stroll along game trails, glide down meandering waterways, be dazzled by Botswana’s prolific birdlife and get ready to track resident lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs and wild dogs in this swampy paradise.


Why you should care about thickets

A thicket is a dense, almost impenetrable tangle of trees, shrubs, and vines, that is home to a host of biodiversity. Here is why you should spare a thought for thickets.

Destinations, Namibia, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

I Love Namibia

11,862km, 4 countries, 5 weeks and 7 punctures make for a different kind of honeymoon.

Destinations, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

iSimangaliso: Park for the people

Discover the diversity of South Africa’s first World Heritage Site.

7 Day Maasai Mara Safari

Join Africa Geographic Travel as we explore the northern-most limits of the Maasai Mara-Serengeti ecosystem in search of its famous lion prides, plains game, birds, ancient acacias and insanely gorgeous sunsets – all key ingredients in the quintessential Mara experience.


12 edible indigenous South African plants

Connect to your food and the rhythm of nature in a new, fresh and wild way by growing these 12 indigenous edible plants.


Where did all the penguins go?

Penguins are in trouble. A 1930’s video clip with Cherry Kearton gives an insight into the extent of the endangered African penguin population decline.

Cape Winelands, Destinations, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

The Cape Winelands with a difference

Four Cap Classique-filled days spent discovering vineyards that are making a difference in the beautiful Cape Winelands.

Cape Town, Destinations, South Africa, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Hermanus & the not so False Bay

The waterside wonders just beyond Cape Town.

Destinations, Photo Galleries, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries, Uganda

Uganda dreaming

Chris and his father went on a fantastic Uganda safari to see shoebills in Murchison Falls, chimpanzees in Kibale & mountain gorillas in Bwindi.


Is it possible to save Congo’s parrots?

An examination of the African grey parrot populations in the DRC and suggestions of what can be done to prevent their extirpation.

Natural history

Golden jackal: A new wolf species hiding in plain sight

New research suggests that the golden jackal should actually be classified as a species of wolf.

Destinations, Kalahari, Photo Galleries, South Africa

Life in a Land of Thirst

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a vast wildlife paradise and photographer’s dream. This fantastic image gallery will have you packing your safari bags


Rehabilitated secretarybird goes back into the wild

A secretarybird has successfully been released back into the wild after a lengthy period of treatment to one of its eyes.

zebras at waterhole

The effects of drought in iSimangaliso

Understanding the problem of drought in iSimangaliso Wetland Park and finding the solution.

african penguin

A second chance at life for 19-year old penguin

A 19 year old penguin, rescued by SANCCOB in 1997, has been released after recent oil spill.

soaring white-headed vulture
Natural history

Increased poaching causes surge in African vulture deaths

Facing multiple threats including poisoning by poachers, African vultures are declining at a critical rate and researchers suggest that they are heading towards extinction.


Family Safari in Kenya

This safe, stimulating holiday is bound to keep children entertained while you enjoy a relaxing bush break in Kenya, complete with a range of activities suitable for the entire family.

Natural history

In the Name of Ugly

The plight of rhino and elephant due to the poaching crisis has taken over the media in recent years, and rightly so. However people tend to overlook those less charismatic species, hidden in the soil, trees and plants that are also threatened and need to be protected. Bees, worms, vultures, bats, dung beetles and ants …

Bat-eared fox in Limpopo-Lipadi
Natural history

4 fun facts about the bat-eared fox

Interest facts about bat-eared foxes


Rehabilitated penguins to be released after mystery oil spill

Watch the first rehabilitated endangered African penguins be released in Cape St Francis this Saturday, after recovering from mystery oil spill in Algoa Bay.

Natural history

Rescued penguins responding well to rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of oiled penguins continues at SANCCOB in the Eastern Cape

Poisoned vultures in Mpumulanga
Natural history, News

Vultures poisoned in Mpumalanga

Endangered white-backed vultures found poisoned; two rescued in time.


Oiled African penguins and chicks rescued

SANCCOB rescues 30 penguins from an oil spill in the Eastern Cape.

black mamba
Natural history

Putting right the black mamba’s reputation

South African snake catcher corrects popular myths about the black mamba.


Horse Riding Safari in Mavuradonha, Zimbabwe

Horse riding in Africa has to be one of the best ways to experience the African bush. You can ride for days on horseback, exploring the woodlands in search of elephant, buffalo, eland, sable, kudu, zebra and many other species in Zimbabwe’s Mavuradonha wilderness area.


A Horse Safari in the Okavango Delta

A horse safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta is surely the ultimate rush for confident riders looking for an unforgettable wilderness experience in big game country.

Art on Safari with Alison Nicholls in Kruger National Park

This art safari is the perfect opportunity to improve your creative skills, while based at Africa on foot camp, Klaserie Private Game Reserve.


Art Safari with Francisco Hernandez

A four night art safari at the ‘The Bush House’ in South Africa’s game-rich, malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve with professional wildlife artist Francisco Hernandez.

vulture poisoning
News, Poaching

65 endangered vultures killed in poisoning incident

65 vultures and a tawny eagle found dead in a poisoning incident on a private farm north-west of Hoedspruit.


Through a Land of Giants

Like any worthwhile destination, the Ruvuma River does not give up her secrets easily. The journey from Arusha in Tanzania is a three-and-a-half-day commitment by Land Rover, made marginally easier by the stretches of blacktop that are gradually being added to the national road network. First to Iringa via Singida, Manyoni and Dodoma, then to …

african penguin

A project for penguins and people

A successful penguin release at Burgher’s Walk Restoration Project in Simon’s Town.

road kill

Strong data from latest roadkill survey

A road kill survey of Pilanesberg National Park produces some interesting results.

long-tailed widowbird

The lovely long-tailed widowbird

From being rather bland the long-tailed widowbird transforms in a Cinderella-like way into the most miraculous bird in the bushveld!

Destinations, Ethiopia, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Ethiopia’s Church Forests

In the highlands of Ethiopia, American scientist Meg Lowman is working with local forest ecologist Alemayehu Wassie to protect ancient church forests. As in many developing countries, much of Ethiopia’s original forests have been cleared for subsistence agriculture and for harvesting timber and firewood, diminishing northern Ethiopia’s forest cover from 45% of its territory in …

Destinations, Gabon, Natural history, Travel & Lifestyle, Travel diaries

Finding Gold in Gabon

I was used to working in the savannahs of eastern and southern Africa, where the animals I studied roamed in full sight. I was used to the relative comfort and safety of getting around in a 4×4, and my camera went everywhere with me. Then, in 2010, I arrived in the Central African country of …


Black-breasted barbet spotted in Zakouma

The first photo of a black-breasted barbet in Chad’s Zakouma National Park!

Travel & Lifestyle

Blown away by Zakouma National Park

Zakouma – a North African safari destination that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the great wildlife and safari destinations of East and Southern Africa.

Natural history

Life in the Ashes

Walking through the ashes of Table Mountain National Park after last week’s monumental fire, I didn’t expect to see it as a landscape teeming with life, and yet it was. The sensation was one mixed with awe at the devastation, and wonder at the nature that has survived or is already emerging. For 5 days …


Rehabilitated Cape parrot thriving

A wild-born female Cape parrot rehabilitated from a deadly viral infection and released back into the wild in 2011 has been seen on several occasions, apparently healthy and living the life.


NSPCA’s formal stance on the selective breeding of wild animals for colour mutations

The NSPCA speaks out on why selective breeding for colour morphs has absolutely no benefit to the individual animal, the species, biodiversity or conservation as a whole.


Liuwa Plain National Park Safari

Africa Geographic Travel and Norman Carr Safaris bring you the exclusive chance to explore Zambia’s Liuwa Plain National Park on foot, and by vehicle, whilst based at Matamanene Camp – the only permanent camp in the park.


Captive bred vultures fly free

10 endangered Cape vultures were released back to the wild this February.

Liuwa Plain, People, Zambia

Living Wild in Liuwa

I have always wanted to meet Lady Liuwa so I must admit to a touch of celebrity fever as we approached her and 4 other lions sheltering in the scant shade offered by a patch of shrubs. She’s clearly an older lady now, what with that gaunt face and sunken eyes, but she still has …


The cuckoo’s nest

The parasitic relationship between cuckoos and sunbirds in Uganda.


Southern African bearded vulture decline

Humans are largely to blame for the rapid demise of one of Africa’s most famous birds – the bearded vulture.

Hunting, Opinion Editorial

The Thing About Hunting

The thing about hunting is that the topic is so polarising that it prevents meaningful discourse between people who probably have more in common than they care to admit. And, while the protagonists battle it out, the grim reapers continue to harvest Africa’s wildlife and other natural resources. We humans tend to silo information to …


Africa’s most common bird viewed by agriculture as a major pest

Every year thousands of tons of wheat, millet and sorghum is lost as a result of millions of queleas devouring crops both from commercial and subsistence farmers.

Affordable South Luangwa Photo Safari with Ed Selfe

This 6 day photo safari in Zambia captures the magic and essence of South Luangwa National Park, one of southern Africa’s best remaining wildernesses. Led by professional guide and photographer Edward (Ed) Selfe.


Beautiful images of Bangweulu Wetlands

Interesting antelope, stunning birds and a caring community make Bangweulu Wetlands a place to visit in 2015!


Climbing Mount Nyiragongo, mountain gorilla trekking and Lake Kivu extravaganza

Mount Nyiragongo is a spectacular stratovolcano that hosts one of the worlds largest and rarest lava lakes, making it one of Africa’s most exciting and rewarding hiking experiences.


Forest saved as community says no to oil

The Arabuko Sokoke Forest is saved from oil mining as communities take a stand to save this critically threatened habitat.

Natural history, People

10 lovely images that capture life in Liuwa

From herds of lechwe in the flood plains to the fishing festival of the Lozi people. Liuwa Plain National Park is place worth visiting!