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Witnessing an elephant relocation in northern Kenya

We get an insiders view as to what happens during the relocation process of an elephant heading to a new home from Lewa to Tsavo in Kenya.

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Video: Horrific conditions for elephants at Beijing Zoo

Incredibly distressing video footage has emerged of the horrific conditions being endured by elephants at Beijing Zoo in China.

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5 Curious facts about the dik-dik

Here are five curious facts about dik-diks that make them an exciting case for evolutionary study.

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Inquisitive leopard braves the heat to hunt birds

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park offers a great sighting of a leopard trying to hunt birds in the heat of the day.

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Africa comes out tops in megafauna conservation survey

Safari tourism instrumental as African countries dominate as best worldwide in large mammal conservation, according to study.

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Safari tips: Preparing for gorilla and chimp trekking

Many people think that going on a mountain gorilla expedition is like running a marathon, or taking on Mount Everest. Well, the good news is that it isn’t – but being prepared for the trek is always a good idea!

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Rhino calf attempts to befriend leopard tortoise

A rhino calf tries to make friends with a leopard tortoise, who will have none of it.

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Pair of rare twin elephant calves thrill conservationists in Tanzania

A pair of rare twin elephant calves have recently joined their mother’s herd in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.

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Art safari Q&A: What will I learn on my art safari?

Artist Alison Nicholls answers some frequently asked questions regarding the Africa Geographic Travel art safaris that she runs in the Kruger National Park and Madikwe in South Africa.

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NEWS WRAP: Tanzania launches largest elephant collaring effort + Britain to ban sale of ivory

In this week’s news wrap Tanzania has launched the country’s largest ever elephant collaring effort to protect its dwindling elephant population; Britain will ban the sale of ivory items regardless of their age in an effort to restrict the illegal ivory trade; Taiwan is to revise laws for a complete ban in ivory trade from 2020; two Chinese nationals have been held in Nepal with 162 kg of pangolin scales; fifty-eight years jail time has been handed down to rhino poachers; a report states that donkey skins are the new ivory; and Kenya’s tourism minister advocates life sentences for ivory possession.

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Video: Wild dogs take on menacing hyenas

As wild dogs take down an adult impala, within seconds, two large and fearless hyenas come barrelling in to steal the carcass.

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Taiwan to revise laws for complete ban in ivory trade from 2020

Taiwanese officials are working to revise regulations so that a solid ban against trade in ivory can be put into force in 2020.

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7 Reasons to love the shoebill

The shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) looks like a bird that belongs in the prehistoric age. Found in the marshes of East Africa, the shoebill is classified as vulnerable and is a bucket-list sighting for any avid birder. Here are seven reasons to love this big bird.

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Britain to ban sale of ivory items, regardless of age

With a prohibition on the sale of nearly all antiques containing ivory, the new legislation will create the toughest ban on ivory in Europe.


Anyone for a virtual safari?

Virtual safari anyone? Should nature be censored to suit our peculiar, relative, and ever-changing aesthetic and moral sensibilities?

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NEWS WRAP: Hunter kills collared elephant + 3 rangers drown in Lower Zambezi

In this week’s news wrap a giant elephant was killed by a Russian hunter – despite wearing a research collar; three rangers have drowned in Lower Zambezi; the South African DA says that the illegal abalone trade is fuelled by the Department of Agriculture; Kenya considers hunting as land-use model for community and private land; reports say that Grace Mugabe allegedly gifted ivory to Asian first ladies; five people were arrested over possession of elephant tusks valued at R600k; and a man has been jailed for 18 months over possession of elephant bones in Malawi.

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Giant rats: A pangolin’s best friend

The pangolin, the world’s most trafficked animal, might have just found a new best friend – the African giant pouched rat.

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Patience pays: Success for a cheetah on the prowl

So often we need only to look to nature to see valuable life lessons, such as patience – shown by a cheetah mother who was on the prowl.

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Boat safari magic on the Kazinga channel

The famous Kazinga channel links Lake Edward and Lake George over a distance of about 32 kilometres, and is one of the primary features in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

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Hunting causes life-threatening build-up of toxic lead in vultures

Research in Botswana has revealed that fragments of lead from recreational hunter ammunition are finding their way into vulture bloodstreams, and represent a significant threat to these critically endangered scavengers.

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Kenya considers hunting as land-use model for community and private land

The Kenyan Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife has set up a task force to look into the modalities of wildlife utilisation.