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Coronavirus disrupts Botswana elephant hunts, threatens great apes & causes Malawi bushmeat ban

Coronavirus is impacting on elephant hunting in Botswana, the great apes and poaching of bushmeat in Malawi

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Coronavirus has finally made us recognise that illegal wildlife trade is a public health issue

The global Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic may prove to be an important moment in the attempts to address the illegal wildlife trade.


Meet the lion coalitions & prides of the Greater Kruger

Meet the famous Mapogos and other celebrity lion coalitions of the Greater Kruger – the warriors, the courageous and the notorious.

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American parrot breeder wants to import wild-caught African grey parrots for a captive breeding scheme for the pet trade

An American parrot breeder has applied to import wild-caught endangered African grey parrots into the United States of America

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COVID-19: Will African governments now crackdown on illegal wildlife trade?

With COVID-19 killing people and wrecking economies, will African governments at last treat wildlife trade as a serious issue?

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Front-row seats: a kill in the Kruger

Hungry lions take down a kudu in front of awed guests in the Kruger National Park.

white giraffes
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Poachers kill white giraffes in Kenya

The famous white giraffes of Kenya have been dealt a devastating blow, as 2 of the 3 are killed by poachers, leaving only a bull giraffe.

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What exactly is CITES and how does it work?

CITES was established to regulate the international trade of animals & plants, to avoid the over-exploitation of endangered species

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CITES processes are corrupt, says report

A report from TRAFFIC explains how corruption undermines the CITES-authorised trade in wildlife and offers suggestions as to how to mitigate its effects.

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Tracking the primates of western Uganda

Tracking gorillas, chimpanzees and a host of assorted monkey species in Uganda’s forests-a bucketlist experience for wildlife enthusiasts.

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3 Reasons to saddle up on safari in Botswana

A horseback safari is an exhilirating way of journeying across the contrasting landscapes of Botswana and encountering up-close the wildlife that inhabit one of Africa’s most iconic destinations.

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Newly discovered Taita Mountain dwarf galago (bushbaby) could already be on the brink of extinction

Newly-discovered species of bushbaby (galago) in Kenya’s Taita Hills is already on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss, say scientists

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1,000 vultures dead in Guinea-Bissau

648 vultures have died across Guinea-Bissau of what is thought to be poisoning, although the authorities say that the cause is not clear

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Leopard raids ground-hornbill nest

Video: a leopard raids a ground-hornbill nest in the Greater Kruger – yet another threat facing this threatened species

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Elephant body language 101 – a guide for beginners

Elephant body language is a complex topic, yet there are a few simple clues and signals that explain elephant emotions and intentions

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If the shoe fits…

Never leave your shoes unattended in the bush – you just never know what might find them.

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Q&A with Time + Tide Photographer, Andrew Macdonald

Photography tips from Time + Tide’s resident photographer, Andrew Macdonald.

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There’s a cheetah on the roof – when wildlife viewing crosses the line

How close is too close? Cheetahs regularly climb onto safari vehicles. Here is why this practice is unethical, dangerous and invasive.

Painted wolf (African wild dog) release with Africa Geographic
Animal Encounters, News

Painted wolves (African wild dogs) released after rescue

Ten wild dogs have been released into a private game reserve near Kruger National Park after being rescued from intolerant landowners

Conservation, Wildlife

Goshawks hunting a scrub hare

Two pale chanting goshawks hunting a scrub hare in Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa


Escaping and evading predation in the wild

Evading predation is essential for all animals, and seemingly helpless prey species use a variety of techniques to survive another day.