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Victoria Falls drying up? Fake news versus fact

Victoria Falls is not running dry, despite what some international news media keep telling us. Here are the facts.

Zambezi mine

Breaking: copper mine in Lower Zambezi NP cancelled

The planned open-pit Kangaluwi copper mine in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park WILL NOT proceed, says the Zambian government

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Animals’ eyes are the windows to their survival strategy – research

Read about the research done to find out why lions don’t have ‘normal’ cats’ eyes and what determines the shape and function of animal eyes.

northern white rhino
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Saving the Northern White Rhino: Third Embryo Successfully Created

International scientists and Kenyan conservation authorities have successfully created the third viable embryo of the near-extinct northern white rhino. The global initiative has taken yet another step in the long journey to pull this subspecies back from the brink.

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Communities delivering conservation impact & wildlife recoveries

Opinion: Communities are delivering significant conservation results equivalent to those of government parks and reserves.


Killifish – suspended animation & shortest lifespan of any animal with a backbone

The killifish is a survivor that scientists are desperate to learn from. Using suspended animation to survive being entombed in dry mud, combined with the shortest lifespan of any animal with a backbone, killifish could unlock secrets to human ageing.

Elephants in Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi
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Conservation needs diversified approaches – opinion

Scientists suggest alternative land-use models to trophy hunting – models that are more inclusive of local people.

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Greater Kruger sightings: The arrival of the wet season

Catch up on the latest wildlife-viewing highlights from the team at Tinstwalo in the Greater Kruger’s Manyeleti Private Game Reserve.

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A leopard hunts baby warthogs

The sombre reality of nature comes to the fore in this account of a mother leopard and her cub killing tiny warthog piglets.

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Finding and training tomorrow’s conservationists

This lodge is giving back to the local community by supporting the education of children in wildlife and conservation.

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Lion poaching: Escalating demand for claws and teeth

The escalating demand for lion teeth and claws in Asian markets is driving the increased poaching of wild lions, says report.

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The fabulous frogs of the Greater Kruger

Very little compares to the sound of the African bush on a summer’s night. One of the most intriguing of those sounds are the electronic-sounding beeps, bips and bops emitted by some of our smallest and most numerous inhabitants – frogs.

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Another mass vulture poisoning raises alarm in South Africa

Yet another mass vulture poisoning raises alarm bells that deliberate poisoning of vultures for belief-based use is on the increase, say experts.

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The winner of our Best Video Clip 2019 competition

Announcing the winner of our Best Video Clip 2019 competition! Take a look to see who has won the $500 prize!

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Elephant poaching decimates key Gabon reserve

Elephant population in Gabon’s Minkébé National Park have been decimated, with 25,000 being poached in 10 years (80% reduction), says research results.

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Tragedy as elephant kills woman in Laikipia, Kenya

A 36-year-old woman has been trampled to death by an elephant at Ol Arabel Forest, on the borders of Baringo and Laikipia counties, Kenya. 

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Large herd of elephants seen in Nigeria’s war-torn northeast

In an exciting discovery, a previously-unknown herd of 250-300 elephants has been spotted in Nigeria’s far northeast corner, making it the first reported sighting of elephants in the region since the Boko Haram insurgency began a decade ago.

Research, Wildlife

Leopard hunting: CITES quotas not sustainable, say researchers

CITES trophy hunting quotas for leopards are arbitrary and not sustainable, says research. Read here to find what the 3 researchers recommend.

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Smoked baby chimpanzee on hotel menu, says NGO

Smoked baby chimpanzee on the menu at prominent DRC hotel, says NGO.

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Top 6 video clips of 2019

Our Best Video Clip 2019 Top 6 list is out! Take a look to see who stands a chance of winning our $500 prize!

Rhino poaching
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Rhino poaching continues to escalate in Botswana

Rhino poaching in Botswana has escalated alarmingly, with 13 rhinos being killed for their horns in the last two months, and a total of 31 since October 2018.