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An insider’s guide to mobile walking safaris in South Luangwa

Ditching the confines of the game drive vehicle for a pair of walking boots as you venture out in the bush on a mobile walking safari is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling wilderness experiences in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

Botswana elephant hunting
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Collared elephant hunted in Botswana, tracking device destroyed

A large bull elephant carrying a research collar with a tracking device has been killed by trophy hunters in Botswana, and the tracking device destroyed.

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Lions in Gorongosa show population increase

Lions in Gorongosa National Park (Mozambique) are benefitting from better conservation measures, and show a population increase to 146, the nature reserve announced on Wednesday.

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Painted wolves (African wild dogs) hunt pregnant impala

Not for sensitive viewers: An extreme sighting as a pack of painted wolves (African wild dogs), take down a pregnant impala in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.

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Fascinating sighting: The amusing antics of two young leopards

A fantastic sighting in the Greater Kruger of two young leopards .

Budongo, Uganda birding with Africa Geographic
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Uganda birding – 10 best spots

The 10 best birding spots in Uganda, which hosts 1065 species – the ideal place to improve your life bird species list

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Safari lodges: Bridging the gap between tourism and conservation

Bridging the gap between tourism and conservation – the role camps and lodges play in educating guests on conservation issues.

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The science behind turtle nesting sites along South Africa’s St. Lucia coastline

Find out more about the science behind the loggerhead and leatherback turtles using South Africa’s St. Lucia coastline as their nesting site.

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Watch: Newborn elephant protected by his herd

An exquisite sighting of the moment an elephant calf is born amongst a family herd in the Maasai Mara.

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5 Reasons to do a bush walk

If you only do one thing while on safari, make sure it’s a guided bush walk.

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STROOP wins Kudu Award and donates prize money

South African filmmakers win top conservation award and donate prize money to the Kruger National Park Special Ranger K9 Unit.

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Riff Raff the “problem” elephant receives extended protection against destruction

Good news as Riff Raff – the “problem” elephant destined to be destroyed – has been granted extended protection at his current reserve by the South African High Court.

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Strange (non)case of pangolin killings in Mozambique

Investigation: Pangolin poaching and torture case hits a brick wall at court in Mozambique.

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Giraffe facts you need to know

Learn more about the magnificent giraffe with this fascinating facts!

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Namibia: Spectacular colours of a magnificent wilderness destination

Be inspired by this selection of images that capture Namibia’s extraordinary light. Expect a visual feast!

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Painted wolves: 5 facts you may not know

Painted wolves, also known as African wild dogs, are remarkable creatures. Here are a five intriguing facts about them.

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Critically endangered addax antelope to be reintroduced in Chad

The critically endangered addax antelope is to be brought back from the edge of extinction through reintroducing captive-bred species into the wild in Chad.

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Experience an art safari in the Big 5 Greater Kruger

Join professional artist Alison Nicholls on a special Big 5 art safari in the Greater Kruger.

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Using ‘chilli balls’ to reduce human-elephant conflict in Zambia

Crop-raiding elephants in Zambia are being deterred humanely through the use of ‘chilli balls’ which are fired at their rumps.


Escape and evade strategies in the reptile world

Taking a look at the diverse escape and evade strategies of reptiles in southern Africa.

Animal Encounters, Destinations, Serengeti, Tanzania, Wildlife

Malkia the cheetah – Queen of the Ngare Nanyukie

Once again Lemala Nanyukie has proven to be at the heart of big cat action, this time with a cheetah attempting to hunt gazelle right in front of the camp.