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5 reasons to visit the Waterberg in 2015

The Waterberg, in South Africa’s Limpopo province, is a safari to add to your bucket list!

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5 ways to avoid paying a single supplement

Here are five ways for single travellers to find deals without paying a single supplement.

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A guide to planning your Botswana safari

Some tips for making the most out of a Botswana safari.

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Planning a family-friendly safari in Botswana

Here is what you need to know for planning a safari with children.

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Three incredible game drives in the Sabi Sands

Two amazing leopard sightings in two days!

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Giraffe eating Acacia leaves

9 odd questions guests ask on safari

On our scheduled Kruger Park safaris, our guides sometimes battle to keep a straight face when they get questions like these…

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A response to the hunting debate

A response from well-known conservationist Gail Potgieter on the hunting debate.

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Catch and release tiger fishing, and more, on the Okavango

The Okavango Delta is a fisherman’s dream but there is also so much more on offer.

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Safari engagements at Rhino River Lodge

Two couples tell us about their safari proposals at Rhino River Lodge in the Zululand wilderness.

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5 reasons why a safari is the best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve

If you’re thinking of doing a safari over New Year, here are five reasons you should book it – now!

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5 strangest animals to see on safari

Africa has many animals that are considered strange but the following five are very unusual. If you do spot any of these animals on safari consider yourself very lucky.

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Canoeing with elephants in Malawi

During an early morning canoe safari guests to the Tongole Wilderness Lodge were recently thrilled by a spectacular sighting of a breeding herd of elephants.

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The 2014 Ebola outbreak and proximity to safari travel destinations by Luke Hardiman

Is safari travel safe during Ebola?

Here’s why you shouldn’t cancel your African safari because of Ebola.

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South Luangwa’s emerald season and river journeys

Discover South Luangwa by way of a river journey in Emerald Season discover a landscape that is alive with greenery and wildlife.

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10 reasons why your safari should include time in a hide

10 reasons why safari hides are not just for bird watchers and wildlife documentary photographers.

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Mbalageti Safari Lodge, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Go glamping on safari

Go safari glamping and find out why this accommodation option is better than staying in a lodge.

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© Leopard Hills Private Game Reserve

March countdown begins with a great competition

The countdown to this Saturday’s Global March for Elephants and Rhinos has kicked off this week with the announcement of a fantastic, world-wide competition, valued at US$60 000!

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A Luangwa guide’s tale

Meet Frederick ‘Fred’ Phiri, a safari guide from Nkwali Camp in Zambia’s South Luangwa.

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Kenya: Removing the blinkers

Discovering that there is more to Kenya than what meets the eye.

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The food on safari

Jennifer Goetz describes her apprehension and subsequent delight regarding the food on safari.

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Video footage emerges showing why Tanzanian hunting company was banned

Motherboard has gotten its hands on some horrifying video footage of hunting and wild animal abuse in Tanzania with a company known as Green Mile Safari.

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An icon of Kruger - the underrated impala

Why I love Kruger

Janine Mare explains why Kruger National Park holds a special place in her heart.

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How to prepare for a photo safari

Some tips and tricks on preparing for your first photo safari along with a list of what you should pack.

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Africa on Foot guests enjoyed watching an elephant drink from a near distance on foot.

Walking safaris in the Kruger region

Getting a closer look at the African bushveld and all its components is one of the highlights of a safari holiday. Walking in a Big 5 reserve offers an element of excitement and speaks to some of the keenest adventurers.

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Africa Geographic: always going the extra length!!. ©Brendon Jennings

Kariega Game Reserve photographic safari

Guests comment on a successful photographic expedition to Kariega Game Reserve

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Watch as Alison Nicholls helps in the painting of a school in rural Tanzania.

Where is the lion’s eye?

Watch as Alison Nicholls helps in the painting of a school in rural Tanzania.

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Sketching in Tanzania © African People & Wildlife Fund/Deirdre Leowinata

Sketching among the Maasai

Alison Nicholls talks about sketching with, and for, the Maasai in Tanzania.

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Tourists answer our African travel survey

Africa Geographic is running an ongoing online survey aimed at finding out more about the modern day African traveller.

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Welgevonden: A quintessential safari experience

Michael Schwartz reminisces about the splendid sights of Welgevonden Game Reserve in South Africa, on his first ever African Safari. Although, one of the smaller African parks it still left a huge impression.

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The 5 symptoms of khaki fever

Khaki Fever is the age old aliment of being attracted to a man in uniform that spreads like wildfire through the savannah where rangers in khaki gear are found.

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The makings of a great guide

While at Tanda Tula Field Camp, Janine comes to realise that the quality of your guide can make or break the safari experience.

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Make the most of a winter safari

Winters in the African bush are a truly special time. Yes it may be a little chilly during winter, but the incredible game viewing is absolutely worth it and all you need is a warm jacket and a hot beverage to keep you cozy and warm.

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On safari with Robin Pope

Robin Pope is probably the most experienced and respected safari operator in the whole of Africa. His speciality is mobile camping and walking safaris, but his superb permanent camps and bush lodges are unrivalled.

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A walk on the wildside

There’s an added dimension of excitement and anticipation when walking through the bush as opposed to embarking on the typical game drive.

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Looking out for the little things

A game drive safari should not only be about the big five but the small creatures as well. Here are some often-forgotten animals in the African bush.

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Why Malawi is ideal for your next family holiday

We believe that Malawi might just offer that perfect mix of off the beaten track adventures, cultural interaction, safari, adventure and a safe and welcoming environment for your next family holiday!

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The 25 best guides in Africa

Safari guides hold it in their hands to make or break dreams, yet finding a good one can be vexing for the uninitiated. Graham Boynton has spent 18 months traveling through the bush with guides in 6 countries to come up with this list of his 25 top safari guides.

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4 African cats you’d be lucky to see on safari

Here are 4 of Africa’s smaller cat species you’d be lucky to see on safari. These elusive wild cats, highly specialised for their own survival, are often categorised as vermin and persecuted as such.

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5 safety questions to ask when going on a guided safari

While a guided safari may sound the safest option for the newbie safari goer there are some questions you should ask be asking before you book your trip.

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Socialising your safari

This blogger embarks on an adventure to the Kgalagadi and meets some new friends along the way. She share her tips on how to socialise while on safari.

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Spotting the elusive leopard in the Pilanesberg

Until a recent trip to Pilanesberg National Park, this travel writer had never seen the elusive leopard. We follow him as he comes face to face with a leopard for the first time.

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A winter wonderland at Sabi Sabi

There is something magical about Sabi Sabi in winter as the bush fades from its lush greens to dead browns, the rains disappear and the parched earth cries out for a drink.

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5 reasons why you should visit Chyulu Hills

The legendary Chyulu Hills offer a unique and inspiring African safari experience. It is here where visitors can find luxury accommodation, amazing wildlife and wilderness adventures, and an authentic experience with the Maasai people.

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A love affair with the bush

Aleema Noormohamed rediscovers her love for the bush on a trip to Selenkay Conservancy in Kenya. Read about her adventure here.

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5 things NOT to forget for your next camping safari

You get your normal camping safari packing list for what to take into Africa, but there are a few items which don’t make the usual lists, but do make all the difference when you have them. 1. Hot water bottle

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Walking with Giants in Tsavo

This was a true safari – from a bygone era!  Africa Geographic guests recently spent 5 days following elephants in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park. The 80km route winds through the park, following the Galana River and the wise old matriarchs

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