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10 most useful items for a Serengeti camping safari


Packing for any vacation is a challenge, but it’s even tougher when you’re off on a camping safari to the Serengeti. So here’s a list of must-packs so that you know what you can ditch.

What can guests expect from a safari visit to Cheetah Plains?


What do folks actually pay for when they come to Cheetah Plains?

Is it just the soft down-feather duvets; a steaming mug of fabulous filter coffee; a zesty gin and tonic on safari; a lion’s portion of deliciously prepared dinner and a tick-off on the Big Five checklist?

Botswana is the ideal destination for solo travellers


Travelling alone can be a slightly daunting prospect, knowing that you are going all the way to a remote location on your own, with little knowledge of the people or country itself.

Top 10 Safety Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda


Self-drive tours are becoming very popular in Uganda, and car rental companies are mushrooming in Kampala and other towns like Entebbe, Mbarara, Kabale and Jinja among others.

Video: A pack of wild dogs turn on a pesky hyena


While staying at Mfuwe Lodge, in Zambia’s beautiful South Luangwa National Park, professional photographer Isak Pretorius witnessed a unique interaction between wild dogs and a pesky hyena.

Video: A vervet monkey takes on an eagle villain in defence of its baby


When my 2-way radio crackles to life and ‘Charlie 11’ is called, my stomach starts to tingle and the excitement builds. On the radio here in the Zululand Rhino Reserve, all Leopard Mountain staff go by the call sign ‘Charlie’. Invariably it means that something awesome is going down

The link between technology and wildlife


Having been a professional guide for the past 16 years has meant I have seen the industry and how guests experience the bush change. Some of it is for the better, and some of it I will with hold my judgement for now.

Highlights of a safari experience in Uganda


Crowned the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill in 1907, Uganda is renown for its beautiful landscapes, abundant flora and fauna, the 1057 bird species that make up 50% of Africa’s bird species and 11% of the World`s bird species and a diversity of over 56 tribal cultures that combine to make Uganda a unique and bucket list destination

Curious encounters with the most misunderstood animal in the bush, the hyena


It is no coincidence that the inspiration behind the name Sephiri Tours came from the spotted hyena and that the logo is a picture of an animal that has given us some of the best wildlife encounters we have ever had.

Banded brothers, the mongooses of Marula Lodge


Many people recognise meerkats thanks to a TV series and a UK comparison site but are less familiar with one of our more entertaining garden visitors. Both belong to the same family but there are no meerkats here, just our own banded mongoose

Zimbabwe – a country like no other


You won’t be blamed for knowing very little about Zimbabwe besides its rocky political history which doesn’t do this humble sub-Saharan African country any justice

Challenge yourself with photography at Jacis Lodges


I’ve worked as the photographic guide at Jaci’s lodges in Madikwe since the beginning of the year and just like with any type of guiding, there are plenty of opportunities to learn something new every day.

Going on adventures makes people happy, smart and attractive


Reminiscing about my family vacation in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe this past summer and all the wonderful adventures had.

Predators clashing in the wild is not a pretty sight


Ruaha National Park in Southern Tanzania is well known for its diverse landscapes, big elephant population and high density of predators.

5 proven ways to do a gorilla safari cheaply


Going on a gorilla safari in Rwanda or Uganda has been proved expensive by travellers, from flights and accommodation to permits and catering, we’re here to help make it a little less expensive for you.

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary


Covering an area of 28,000 acres Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is a private game sanctuary situated just across the road from the vast Tsavo west.

Rainfall in the bush means wildlife sightings galore


From baron landscapes to wildlife in distress, the drought that the Greater Kruger has been experiencing has been very well documented over the past few months.

Magic moments in the Maasai Mara caught on camera


The well-known phrase “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints” is Journey’s Discovering Africa’s unofficial mantra, and we took that with us to the Mara

Treat yourself in Pakamisa’s bush pantry


As the world turns more and more towards organic and holistic practices, it’s time we sat up and looked at what is happening on the ground in traditional cultures.

Video: An unusual sighting at Tanda Tula


A sighting was recently experienced by guests at Tanda Tula, Kevin Hill and his fiancé, during a game drive they happened upon this unusual interaction between a lion looking to hunt a baby rhino.

Starting out in Kenya and the magic of the Maasai culture


Starting out in Kenya and the magic of the Maasai culture

Summit Mount Kilimanjaro Along With Thousands of Other Climbers


Plan your trip up Tanzania’s most beloved landmark Mount Kilimanjaro with one of the top tour companies in the country.

5 fantastic wildlife sightings at rhino river lodge


One of my favourite questions to ask a game ranger is “What has been your favourite wildlife sighting so far?”

The very best gorilla tracking options for you


Tracking for gorillas is an unforgettable wildlife experience, one you should attempt at least once in your lifetime.

48 Hours in Moshi on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro


If you’re climbing Kilimanjaro and are wondering whether to spend some time in Moshi, then the answer is yes!

10 swoon-worthy reasons to go on a honeymoon safari


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the most difficult decision for newlyweds – where should we go on honeymoon?

What is responsible tourism?


Some advice from Pioneer camps in Zambia about responsible tourism.

Africa inbound with Outbound in Africa


You will fall in love with Africa almost as soon as your feet touch African soil, and once you’ve been, you’ll most likely be forever yearning to return.

Cheetahs on the edge


Cheetahs are often overlooked whilst on safari. However, their species is incredibly unique and their population is facing tough times as they become more endangered.

13 tips for taking children on safari


Taking an African safari with your children can be a very rewarding experience, creating some unforgettable family memories!

What to expect on safari in Rwanda


Rwanda Gorilla Safaris tempts us out of our daily routines with this blog post about why you should go on holiday to Rwanda.

Making dreams come true in Kenya


Falling in love with Africa’s vast landscapes and wilderness areas, and the beginning of a journey to making dreams come true in Kenya.

The many reasons to visit Chobe in the green season


The green season in Chobe is full of hidden gems – with birding at its best, as well as an abundance of very young wildlife, it is a rewarding time to visit the region

Baby elephant born at lodge


Guests at Nkasa Lupala Tented Lodge enjoy a special sighting of a newborn elephant calf!

Lioness outrun by baby puku in a race for life


A lioness in the Luangwa valley fails to hunt a baby puku.

A rare rhino encounter


An incredibly fortuitous sighting of a black rhino mother and her calf.

7 reasons why Africa is best after sunset

over Somalisa Camp in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Seven reasons why your day doesn’t stop when the sun sets after a long day in the wilds of Africa.

Walking Chief’s Island, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Delta (13 of 46)

A trip of a lifetime in the Okavango Delta – buffalo on foot, elephants playing in the water and a birdwatchers’ paradise.

Top 6 ways to safari in Etosha National Park

Giraffes - Wim

Etosha is a unique and dramatic destination that may spoil you for life with its fascinating wildlife. Here are the best ways to see it.

Tourists answer our 2016 African travel survey


The answers to our 2016 travel survey on travellers preferences while on safari holidays.

SANParks concerned about the use of mobile apps at wildlife sightings


The introduction of mobile applications designed to share information on interesting animal sightings in national parks has become a major cause for concern for South African National Parks (SANParks).

Video: 60 hyenas take on a lion


A brawl between hyenas and lions over a buffalo in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

5 tips for taking better lodge photos on holiday

Photo at Kosi Bay . Kosi Forest Lodge near Lake Shengwedzi

Some photographic secrets to capturing that perfect holiday snap of your creative and unusual safari accommodation.

A birdwatcher’s paradise at Lake Nakuru National Park

kenya pelican flamingo

Lake Nakuru National Park is home to over 450 species of birds, including some of the largest flocks of the bright pink lesser flamingo in the world.

10 overlooked animal families to see in Kenya


Kenya has more to offer than just the Big Five. Here are 10 more animal families worth watching out for.

Travel companies call for an end to activities that exploit lions


African safari and ecotourism companies call for an end to captive breeding and canned lion hunting.

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