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Two black rhino carcasses discovered in Zakouma

Two of the black rhinos reintroduced into Zakouma National Park in Chad earlier this year have died. They were not poached, however, the exact cause of death is not yet known.

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The prettiest pigeons in Africa

With their bright green plumage, the African green pigeon is undoubtedly the peacock of the pigeon species.

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Adorably naughty leopard cubs

A leopard mother has her paws full as her two adorably naughty cubs prefer to explore the bush rather than hide away in their den.

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NEWS WRAP: US wildlife official resigns after killing baboon family + Kruger’s security measures intensified

In this week’s news wrap a top Idaho wildlife official has resigned amid outrage over a photo of him posing with a baboon family he killed in Namibia; SANParks have intensified security measures in the Kruger to tackle the rise of elephant poaching; 13 rhino horns shipped from South Africa were seized in Vietnam; a New Zealand drone company is helping in the fight against South African rhino poachers; South African rhino film wins top awards at US film festivals; and Ugandan ranger wins prestigious Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2018.

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Discovering the forest birds of Maasai Mara

The banks of the Mara River in the Maasai Mara of Kenya offer ideal habitat for birds – and for bird-watchers, especially if you find a puddle of water, and especially during the heat of the day.

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Video: Live guided sessions from South Luangwa

Watch live guided sessions streamed from within hides in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

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SA rhino film wins top awards at US film festivals

The South African feature documentary STROOP – Journey into the Rhino Horn War has won the coveted Best Documentary award at the prestigious San Diego International Film Festival held this past weekend.

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Newborn giraffe: Defying the odds

It was an honour to watch this giraffe mother expertly care for her newborn in his first moments, magical to watch as he finally stood and heartwarming to witness his first steps.

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Magnificent and mesmerising Madikwe!

Explore the Big 5, malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa while on a photographic safari with professional photographer, Matrishva Vyas.

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Winter wildlife highlights in the Karoo

During the long winter months in the Karoo, it is always a thrill to see nocturnal animals out and about in the daylight hours foraging.

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Ugandan ranger wins prestigious Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2018

Ugandan Wildlife Ranger Julius Obwona has been announced as the winner of the prestigious Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award 2018.

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Photoseries: Adorable elephant calf

A regular visitor to the Kruger National Park comes across an incredibly cute and small elephant calf with its mother.

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Video: A special close encounter with elephants in Tanzania’s Ruaha

Meeting an elephant in Ruaha on foot, ‘eye to eye’ so to speak, is very different from watching them from the safety of a car. One can feel the power within their massive bodies, while they soft-footedly, and without making a sound, move past you.

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3 Epic safaris to do before you kick the bucket

Not all safaris are born equal. Some are so special by the very nature of what they offer, that even our seasoned team here at Africa Geographic keep them in their personal ‘must-do’ lists. Some refer to them as ‘bucket-list’ safaris; we simply suggest that you really should consider embarking on these journeys before you kick the bucket (list).

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Intriguing facts about the dwarf mongoose

Despite their diminutive stature, dwarf mongoose are a fascinating species with a range of intriguing habits and adaptations to their name.

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Buffalo leaves farmer in critical condition after attack

A farmer has been airlifted to a specialist hospital in Johannesburg after he was attacked by a buffalo on a farm in Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga.

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Kruger’s roaming lions

“Never a dull moment in the bush” is something my husband and I tell each other all the time. Well, that is certainly true for the events of a few weekends ago when a male lion got out of our stunning Kruger National Park!

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NEWS WRAP: Elephants trample tourists in two incidents + massive pangolin scale seizure

In this week’s news wrap there have been two cases of an elephant trampling a tourist in Zimbabwe; authorities in Vietnam discovered almost a ton of pangolin scales and ivory flown in from Nigeria; the DR Congo president torched an ivory and pangolin scale stockpile; an analysis revealed social media’s role in advertising illegal wildlife trade, including cheetah trafficking; and Singapore Airlines has announced that it has stopped accepting lion bones for cargo.

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Kruger 10-year management plan

SANParks has released its Kruger National Park management plan covering the next 10 years. This 259-page report is essential reading for Kruger fans who enjoy debating the issues that the Kruger management team has to deal with on a regular basis, such as problem-animal management, hotels in Kruger and trophy hunting of free-roaming wildlife on reserves adjoining Kruger.

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Video: How cracks in an elephant’s skin keep it cool

An in-depth study of the African elephant’s wrinkly skin has revealed how its intricate design helps to keep the animal cool, protect them from parasites and prevent dehydration in their dry habitat.

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Cannibal cobras

While Cape cobras are known to eat other snake species – up to a third of their diet – recorded instances of Cape cobras eating individuals of the same species has been extremely rare… until now, when researchers investigated and discovered how common and widespread cannibalism in cobras really is.