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News wrap: Lions kill over 250 livestock + Tanzania ends UAE hunting deal

Tanzania, Arusha Region, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, Maasai in Ngorongoro Crater with their herds of cattle

In this week’s news wrap a lion pride has killed over 250 livestock in Namibia in the last week; Tanzania terminates hunting deal with Dubai royal family; a top anti-poaching cop is fired; and two tragic cases where elephants have killed tourists – one occurring in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and the other in Livingstone in Zambia.

Spectacular sighting: White baboon spotted in Arusha

I was driving my three-door RAV4 on the road leading to the part of the national park called ‘small Serengeti’ with Mount Meru standing majestically in front of me while I watched the nearby giraffes, zebras, baboons and buffaloes, when a brilliant flash of white caught my eye!

Video: Maasai coming of age ceremony

For the Maasai, the Emuratare is one of their most important ceremonies, and a life-changing milestone for the boys and girls who celebrate their transition into adulthood.

November safari in Africa

November is a great time in Africa, and the ideal time to go on safari thanks to lower prices at lodges and fewer tourists.

Can carbon measuring save Tanzania’s forests?

Up until now I have never been involved in projects that mitigate climate change, however during my last expedition, I had the opportunity to spend some time exploring the greater Mahale ecosystem and Carbon Tanzania’s newest project site.

Paragliding Kili

paragliding off Mount Kilimanjaro

For the more adventurous (or crazy – subject on how you look at it), climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is only the first step, before you throw yourself off it… I mean paraglide off it.

Video: Protecting Maasai cattle

Maasai warriors and their cattle © Stephanie Fuchs

The importance of the Maasai’s livestock is mirrored in the way their homestead is constructed, with the cattle enclosure positioned in the centre of it.

Safari tips: Understanding accommodation types

Comfortable accommodation while on safari in Africa

When it comes to going on a safari in Africa, you will soon discover that the selection of accommodation options is vast. From straw huts and mobile camps, to ultra-luxury hotels and lodges, your choice of where you’ll unload your bags will be influenced mainly by your needs and budget.

Opinion: Are Maasai cattle to blame for overgrazing in Tanzania?

Maasai cattle grazing © Stephanie Fuchs

Living with the Maasai has taught me that conservation is not only about animals but is just as much about us humans; that to preserve any one place we have to be mindful of the local communities that live within it and try to understand the way they view the world to be able to work alongside them to protect mother nature.

Kilimanjaro: Place of myth, legend, and conservation

Hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, past one of the glaciers

This wasn’t my first time up Kilimanjaro and it won’t be my last; but it was the first time I had climbed with a team so passionate about a cause: climbing to raise funds for elephant conservation.

The advantages of choosing a shorter safari

Viewing an elephant while on safari in Africa © Mark Smeltz

Explore the advantages of going on a shorter African safari, where fly-in safaris can deliver you right into the thick of the action without wasting time on overland journeys and lengthy internal transfers.

Video: Maasai warriors water their cattle – their wealth

Maasai, cattle, water, culture, Maasai Steppe, Tanzania

For the Maasai, cattle is considered extremely valuable and form an intrinsic part of their daily lives. Their cattle are at the centre of everything, providing food and materials, as well as playing an important role in their rituals and representing their wealth and status

Cape Town + bush safari combos

A view of Table Mountain from the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa

How does one exactly combine Cape Town’s summer splendours with a wild Big 5 bushveld safari? We provide four fantastic summer/autumn combos!

A love story made in Tanzania

I dreamt of him, and of what would await me at his home, his boma, where he lived with his entire family. Nerve-wracking enough to visit your boyfriend’s home for the first time, never mind meeting his parents, grandmother, brothers, sisters, cousins and whoever else lived at the place.

Marine flatworms: The butterflies of the sea

a vibrant marine flatworm in Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania

Labelled the butterflies of the sea, we often ask ourselves why are marine flatworms so vibrantly coloured? Is it simply that they can be, therefore they are? Or is there a deeper significance?

The best places to see wild lions in Africa

lion viewing from a game drive vehicle, Khwai, Botswana

Aptly named the ‘King of Beasts’, lions are an iconic African wildlife species and are often high up on many travellers’ list of things to see when visiting Africa.

Video: Lion encounters at Lake Manze Camp in Selous

Usually on every traveller’s mind when going on a safari game drive are spotting those elusive lions.

Restless nomads and the walking safari

walking safari, South Africa

A myriad of African adventures awaits the fervent traveller: tented camps, off-the-beaten-track destinations, luxury lodges, camps and mobile camps that follow the natural migration route of the wildebeest throughout the year.

Killing crop-raiding elephants won’t solve problem, say scientists

elephant, camera trap, wildlife, conservation

One of the most pressing and challenging issues currently facing African conservation is ensuring that wildlife and humans can coexist peacefully in the same area.

Tanzania named top African safari destination by travellers

An analysis of 2,500 reviews by both tourists and expert travellers declared Tanzania the best place to experience an African safari.

Pemba and Mafia Island: Why Zanzibar isn’t the only paradise in Tanzania 

Shhh! We’ll let you in on a little secret. Two little secrets, in fact. You’ll already know that Zanzibar is a tropical paradise – but it’s not Tanzania’s only one. There are two others: Pemba and Mafia Islands.

5 Things to do in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, city view

Home to over 4 million people, Dar es Salaam is a fusion of African, Arab and European influences and worth a long stopover, at the very least.

Five families on safari in Tanzania

Family safari in the green season? No animals to be seen in the thick green bush? Nonsense – it was a serious win and we’ll definitely be back again!

When the wild dogs met the lion cubs

two lions

So there we were out on the landrover, checking out some of our our new lion cubs, when the pack of wild dogs that often frequent our area came bouncing out of the bush right in front of us!

The Great Migration: Africa’s most glorious spectacle

Every true adventurer should witness the spectacle of the Great Migration at least once in their lifetime. The sheer scale of the herd’s movements make it an unbeatable natural phenomenon – and although there’s a traditional high season, the migration never really stops as the as the mega herds keep moving in pursuit of rain and grass.

A world first: Photos of wild lioness nursing a leopard cub

In a world first, a wild lioness has been spotted nursing a leopard cub in Tanzania – a highly unique and unusual occurrence for big cats and cross-species adoption.

Africa’s best kept secret island

It’s not hard to see how Lupita Island Resort is considered to be one of the most exclusive holiday destinations on the planet – a jewel in the crown of Tanzania and its share of the beautiful Lake Tanganyika.

It’s not just Kilimanjaro: Tanzania for the adventurous!

Tanzania is a country built for adventure. The hardest part is choosing which adventure you’d like.

Tanzania: A quick guide to Swahili greetings

Language and everyday culture are intertwined, so it’s worth learning some polite phrases in Swahili, as making the effort to speak another’s language is welcome in any country.

On the trail of giants: Giraffe research and conservation in Tanzania

Giraffe numbers have plummeted to the point where they are now vulnerable to extinction with fewer than 100,000 individuals.

Tanzania’s task force tightens noose on international traffickers

Tanzania has managed to revolutionise conventional anti-poaching tactics that were clearly failing, demonstrating how the intelligence-led multi-agency approach to endangered species protection offers an efficient and cost-effective solution to the urgent issue of wildlife security.

Mafia Island’s whale sharks: A brief study of abuse

An international code of conduct for whale shark tourism is voluntarily adhered to by a few. It should therefore be no surprise that most whale sharks that we see around Mafia Island, off the coast of Tanzania, bear the scars and wounds of human disregard and exploitation.

Photographic safari: Tips for the Serengeti

With collective migrating game numbers in the millions, the opportunities for great photographs are not in short supply. Although there is a richness of wildlife to focus your eyes and your camera on, great photographs are about more than just getting hundreds of shots and picking the best ones.

Safety in Tanzania: 9 top tips for solo female travellers

We believe that the world is a safe place and that none of us, male or female, should let worry about safety stop us from exploring this beautiful world of ours. But every country has danger lurking for the unwary, and Tanzania is no different. If you’re a woman travelling on your own, you might feel especially vulnerable, so here are our top 9 tips for keeping safe for solo girls-on-the-go.

Family-friendly Tanzania

Tanzania is famous for the majestic Kilimanjaro, for the golden wildlife-rich savannah of the Serengeti and the geological uniqueness of the Ngorongoro Crater. But did you know that Tanzania is also family-friendly?

Experiencing the ultimate bush adventure in Tanzania

Mdonya Old River Camp in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, has been closed for the rains of April and May, and also for refurbishing. We open again very soon on 1st June and can’t wait to meet our incoming guests. There are loads of animals around as it has been so quiet here, so there’s plenty to see.

12 inspirational reasons to love Tanzania

Tanzania is 12 holidays in one. Its varied, beautiful landscape is home to the rooftop of Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro – and it also has some of the best diving sites in the Indian Ocean. It’s packed full of World Heritage areas such as the plains of the Serengeti and the unique Ngorongoro crater, both buzzing with the most amazing wildlife, including the Big 5.

Video: baby elephant calf tries to fight off a pride of lions

Andrea Pompele, Mdonya Old River Camp, lion

A sad story unfolded last season in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania. Guests of Mdonya Old River camp saw a gruelling fight between a pride of lions and a baby elephant who had become separated from its herd.

The lions of the Serengeti

Living in the grasslands, scrub, and open woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa, lions persist in a handful of countries across southeastern Africa. Tanzania’s lion population is, by far, the largest in Africa.

Tanzania: more than just the Serengeti

Tanzania has more to it than the Serengeti and the Great Migration and here we at Wild Frontiers explore why this beautiful country is fast becoming one of Africa’s main tourist hotspots.

Six Swahili food dishes you won’t want to miss!

Swahili food

Swahili cuisine is tasty, filling and plentiful. Here are six Swahili dishes you won’t want to miss on your travels in Tanzania.

Zanzibar: more than just beaches and sunshine

Six non-sunbathey things that you can delight in during your time on the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

Hike two African mountains in one adventurous holiday!


Planning a hiking/mountaineering adventure in Africa? Learn more about the two best mountains that can be hiked during an adventure holiday in Africa.

Getting to know your safari guide


Meet the latest editions to the Kichaka guide team – together Moli and Jacques have over 45 years of experience in the bush, it doesn’t get better than that!

10 record breaking facts about Tanzania


Tanzania has all the exotic charm, mystique and wild flair to evoke travellers’ imaginations. Here are 10 fun facts about Tanzania that will make you want to visit!

Living in luxury in northern Tanzania


Amazing locations, unique experiences and awesome comfort levels, make these lodges the ultimate Tanzanian destinations.

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