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Hunting buffalo is so exhausting. Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.
Photographer of the Year 2021 entrant.

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Safari seasons + African penguins + Mara photographic safari

Sixteen million. That’s how many of you have read the natural history stories on our website during the last decade. Our largest support base continues to be USA and Canada (39%), with African countries coming in second (23%) and UK/Euro just behind at 21%. Thanks for joining us on our journey to celebrate Africa and do good via education.

That’s 16m individuals that have taken on board the science and considered opinions that reflect the complexity and reality of life at ground level here in Africa.

But 16m is not nearly enough, and we have a long road ahead. The misleading versions of African realities peddled by social media algorithms and some mainstream news media continue to receive more attention than ‘boring’ accurate facts. And that, ladies and gents, is the battle ahead. How to keep humankind’s focus on the biological realities and away from agenda-driven misinformation.

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Asante sana

Keep the passion

Simon Espley – CEO, Africa Geographic


Bush or beach? We have two exceptional safaris to share this week: a unique option for avid wildlife photographers, and a special offer for the sun seekers:

Maasai Mara specialist photographic safari – 9 days – From US$ 5,100pps
Join award-winning photographer Arnfinn Johansen on this exclusive safari for four guests to Maasai Mara, Kenya. Enjoy use of a modified photographer’s vehicle and off-roading permit – increasing your opportunity for taking truly unique photos.

Zanzibar beach holiday – 8 days – From US$ 3,180pps
This special offer on an 8-day escape to the island PARADISE of Zanzibar will have your toes curling in delight. Spend your days at Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar chilling in a hammock gazing over the ocean, or out snorkelling, kayaking and enjoying the warm azure-blue waters.

From our Editor – Taryn van Jaarsveld

Those blessed to have spent the past festive season on the white beaches of Boulders Beach, Cape Town, can confirm that there are not many creatures as endearing as the tuxedoed African penguin. These endangered birds are well-known for their comical nature, monogamous partnerships and for adapting to life among people where necessary. Read all there is to know about these charming penguins, and the threats they face, in our first story below.

When is the best time to safari in Africa? The African continent encompasses diverse vegetation, climates, topography and animal life – meaning completely unique safaris can be enjoyed at different times of year in varying locations. So where is the best place to go for your safari in the coming months? We’ve put together a guide for your safari in March, April and May. Check it out in our second story below.

Story 1
The African penguin is an endangered bird found along the coasts of southern Africa, drawing thousands of tourists every year

Story 2
When is the best safari season in Africa? Find the best places to go on safari in Africa from March to May

From our Scientific Editor – Jamie Paterson

Did you know that when Stevenson-Hamilton became warden of the Kruger National Park (then Sabie Game Reserve) in 1902, there were no elephants? Having just spent a few days driving through the park, I found that almost impossible to imagine.

In the 19th century, the Ivory Trail (which ran straight through Kruger) attracted an assortment of larger-than-life hunters and ivory traders, crooks and conspirators. They, along with several wars, denuded the region of most of its elephants. The survivors fled to neighbouring Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Harry Wolhuter (one of the first game rangers of the park) described the return of the first elephants in his memoirs. Today, the Kruger teems with elephants – thanks largely to the devoted rangers who poured sweat, tears and no small amount of blood back into the park to protect them.

I’m not one for resolutions, but going into 2023, I am thankful for those who give hope for the future of our protected spaces and species – be they rangers, scientists or enthusiastic visitors.


Trudy Duffy recently joined our Greater Kruger art safaris led by professional artist Alison Nicholls in Timbavati Private Nature Reserve and Manyeleti Game Reserve. Read her touching note to teamAG:

I am writing to thank you for organising our art safaris. You stuck with us through challenging times, adapting to new conditions and individualising itineraries. All travel and connections went smoothly. And once in South Africa, you checked in on us to make sure we were safe and satisfied.

These art safaris go beyond looking at animals to “seeing” animals and their environments, as artist strive to do. The variety of wildlife and plant life in such a short time, in such a small space, was incredible, precious and overwhelming. We had the best line of sight and company, and the expertise of our guides and trackers. And Alison was a wonderful, patient, encouraging teacher, leader and artist.

My sketchbook is filled with lines, shapes, impressions
from the animals moving about their lives
My sketchbook reflects my experience at this point
still unformed, rough draft
South Africa, beautiful, complex, teasing, soulful

Regards, Trudy

WATCH: Our lives depend on biodiversity, and biodiversity depends on us. But our footprint is threatening it all. Can the human race invent new ways to inhabit our planet – to safeguard biodiversity? A thought-provoking short from UNESCO (01:28). Click here to watch

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