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Not all safaris are born equal. Some are so special by the very nature of what they offer, that even our seasoned teamAG keep them in their personal ‘must-do’ lists. Some refer to them as ‘bucket-list’ safaris; we simply suggest that you really should consider embarking on these journeys before you kick the bucket.

Remember that if none of these grabs your fancy, we can design that safari of a lifetime – just for you. The best time to plan your next safari is right now!

Our 3 epic safaris to do before you kick the bucket are:

Walking with Giants in Tsavo 

Join us in Kenya’s legendary Tsavo East National Park as we follow the wise old elephant herds over an 80 km walking route along the Galana River as it winds through the park, from Tabangunji Camp to the park boundary and then onwards by vehicle to the Indian Ocean shore at Malindi.

Sharing the elephants’ home on equal footing surely supersedes any previous game viewing experience you may have had, and of course, we’ll also encounter other wildlife such as the famous maneless lions of Tsavo, hirola (the rarest antelope in the world), range-restricted fringe-eared oryx, the weird long-necked gerenuk and many of the over 500 bird species.

Tsavo elephants

Maasai Mara Specialist Photographic Safari

Join award-winning photographer Arnfinn Johansen on this exclusive safari for four guests in the famous Maasai Mara in Kenya, with daily game drives into the park from your community-owned safari camp bordering the park (there are no fences). Your small group will enjoy the use of a specially modified photographer’s vehicle and an off-road permit – only available to those who have a proven track record of responsible driving. This off-road permit, issued by the authorities on a trip-by-trip basis, means that the possibility of obtaining unique pictures is significantly higher.

Your basecamp is in a Maasai village, offering a unique and authentic insight into the traditional lives of these pastoral herdsmen. This unique safari offers genuine empowerment for local people, and so helps to conserve the greater Serengeti/Maasai Mara ecosystem. There are no fences between the park and the community land, and the wildlife roams throughout the area.

See this gallery of Arnfinn’s spectacular photos from the Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara leopard © Arnfinn Johansen

Mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda 

Mountain gorilla trekking is rightfully heralded as one of the world’s most exhilarating bucket list pilgrimages. And Rwanda is Africa’s mecca for ‘convenient’ trekking – gorillas can be seen within hours of arrival in Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park in northwest Rwanda is prime mountain gorilla territory.

This compact safari can be supplemented with incredible primate viewing opportunities in neighbouring DR Congo. So in addition to mountain gorillas, we could send you to see troops of golden monkeys and track Grauer’s lowland gorillas – the largest and most endangered gorilla in the world. Add chimpanzees and mega troops of pied colobus monkeys and you have the ultimate primate safari!

Rwanda mountain gorilla trekking © Christian Boix

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