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This was a true safari – from a bygone era! 

Africa Geographic guests recently spent five days following elephants in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park. The 80km route winds through the park, following the Galana River and the wise old matriarchs as they lead their herds – undoubtedly one of the best Bucket List experiences ever, as evidenced by these pictures and quotes:

tsavo tsavo tsavo

“Walking with Giants through Tsavo feels just like taking a walk to the past, to times were humankind and nature lived harmonically sharing this amazing planet of ours. But it is also a walk to oneself’s inner being. A once in a lifetime experience that we are very much looking forward to repeat.” – Marilena Feito


“I spent some time photographing the camp, the amazing cook, Nguyu, the incredible kitchen made of steel pans and a steel box (the oven) all placed on the earth, fueled by charcoal (brought to the camp for that purpose, they do not use any Tsavo wood for that, only for the bonfires at night). The food was a chapter apart! It was amazing!” – Ana Zinger


“One of the most enjoyable parts of any African safari is meeting people from other parts of the world who are of like-mind. From the first moment, the 6 of us on this trip were like old friends.” – Jeff and Elizabeth Muller


“Thomas and I spent the six days in Tsavo looking for the elusive maneless Tsavo lions. We could hear them every night, but could not spot them during the day. At last, on the last day, as Thomas beautifully put, “they came to us”.” – Ana Zinger

tsavo elephantwalk_tsavo tsavo

“Any safari guide will tell you that the survival of the African Elephant, particularly in Tsavo, hangs in the balance. If this magnificent animal is to be there for my children, then the world needs to hear its cry. What better way to spread this message than to walk amongst these giants with people from all over the world. Let them echo the cry of the elephant.” – Julian Wright, Tsavo National Park safari guide

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Images Copyright: © Ana Zinger

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