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This week - 22 April 2022
‘I see you’ – Etosha cheetah – 2017 Photographer of the Year entrant. 2022 entries close in twelve days.

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Epic pics (last chance to enter) + best pools + Mara family safari

There has been much ANGER and polarised debate about two of Africa’s largest elephants in Botswana being reduced to hunting trophies on some needy person’s wall. And so it should be – these critical issues need to be broadcast to the world so that decision-makers understand the gravity of the situation and work to stop this annihilation of Africa’s icons. Thanks to those who weighed into the debate in the comments beneath our breaking news report. As often happens, many of the large news networks picked up on our story and repackaged it for their audiences – excellent!

What has this got to do with your next African safari?

Our profound belief is that people should safari in Africa knowing the brutal truths, the SPECTACULAR joys, and the real difference they can make when choosing a long-haul African safari over a short-haul beach vacation. This is why teamAG blends these flavours into our eclectic story recipe for you – we believe that YOU want to know what makes Africa tick and how you can get involved via discussion, safari or donations. Sadly many safaris are still sold based on myths and a sanitised version of Africa.

We are currently awash with safari enquiries – proving that increasing numbers of people are taking our Manifesto seriously. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Safari njema!

Keep the passion

Simon Espley – CEO, Africa Geographic

From our Editor – Taryn van Jaarsveld

Only one week left! If you haven’t entered Photographer of the Year, now’s your chance. The entries are boiling beyond fever pitch. This week’s selection (below) is one of our hottest yet, featuring famous gorilla Ndakasi and her rescuer André Bauma, and magnificent cats of the Mara. Enter now!

This week we’re also bringing some poolside magic to top off your safari. Whether your vibe is gazing out over the big blue in an oceanside pool, or spending your safari break taking a fresh dip while gazing over wildlife at a waterhole – we’ve got a recommendation for you in our second story.

Safe travels to you all.

From our Scientific Editor – Jamie Paterson

If you haven’t seen the documentary Virunga, do yourself a favour and watch it immediately (or as soon as you have finished reading this newsletter). When you do, you will understand how André Bauma (see this week’s Photographer of the Year gallery) became beloved by millions worldwide. His unflinching refusal to leave his gorilla charges as the M23 rebel fighters invaded the national park was an act of absolute heroism.

Animals have always paid the price of our wars. Did you know that curlew sandpipers and many other bird species depart from Africa on their migration back to Europe in the next week or two? For many, their path will take them directly across the skies of Ukraine… Somewhat unsurprisingly, “warfare ecology” is becoming an increasingly important field of study.

Story 1
This week’s selection for Photographer of the Year. Winners will receive their share of a US$10,000 cash prize and an epic Botswana safari. Don’t miss out.

Story 2
Our list of THE 30 best swimming pools in Africa. Best views, best sightings, spots for sundowners & more!


This could be the BEST INVESTMENT you ever make
Family safari SPECIAL OFFER – stay 4, pay 3. This classic 6-day safari at Enkewa Camp in Kenya’s Maasai Mara is what families dream of – for kids of all ages ;-). Expect fun activities in camp, a local village and the bushveld. And, of course, the usual Mara wildlife Big 5 extravaganza – enjoyed in a game drive vehicle, on foot or in a hot air balloon.

Zen Safari moments
This 4-day SALT PANS add-on to your Botswana safari is ideal for that feeling (we all know it) at the end of an enthralling, exhausting wildlife safari when you want to chill out and reboot. Price ranges to suit all pockets

WATCH: The largest mammal migration on Earth. Can you guess the species? (0:44). Click here to watch

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