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A weekend away in the Paarl winelands

Exploring the wondrous scenery, historical charm, impressive architecture, glorious wine and fruit farms, and environmental delights that Paarl has to offer.

Dog Food Drive: for the love of dogs and rhinos

A Dog Food Drive – For the Love of Dogs & Rhinos on #WorldRhinoDay to support the K9 Unit in the Kruger National Park by donating food for these canine heroes in the fight against poaching.

6 things to do in the Robertson Wine Valley

The towns of Robertson, McGregor, Montagu, Ashton and Bonnievale combine to make up the Robertson Wine Valley – an area that features stunning scenery with awesome opportunities to wine and dine, all led by the most friendly wine-makers, chefs and farm owners.

A bird sanctuary within a shopping centre

Intaka Island is a wetland and bird sanctuary situated in the heart of Century City – what is more commonly known as a bustling shopping centre, residential area and office park.

Book review: African Icons

Travel to a selection of 21 of the most iconic places on the African continent with the ‘African Icons’ coffee table book.

10 things to do in Kogelberg

The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, which stretches between Elgin, Grabouw, Kleinmond and Betty’s Bay, has so many things to offer!

A tea party for rhinos

A fundraising tea party in order to raise money for a illustrated children’s book about rhinos.

Engaged at White Pearl

A romantic proposal at White Pearl Resorts made a holiday for two, something truly special!

The people make a place

When Janine’s vehicle packs up in the middle of Kruger, she discovers that it is the people that make a place what it is.

How to do Kruger right

Janine gives some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of a visit to Kruger National Park.

The little things

On a recent trip to Mozambique, Janine discovers that when it comes to accommodation its all in the details.

Why I love Kruger

Janine Mare explains why Kruger National Park holds a special place in her heart.

The 5 symptoms of khaki fever

Khaki Fever is the age old aliment of being attracted to a man in uniform that spreads like wildfire through the savannah where rangers in khaki gear are found.

The sounds of the bush

There is something special about the sound of the bush and while utterly indescribable, Janine tries her best to put it into words.

The makings of a great guide

While at Tanda Tula Field Camp, Janine comes to realise that the quality of your guide can make or break the safari experience.

Book review: Life on a Cape Farm

Life on a Cape Farm is more than a cookbook, it is a story book. It is the story of an old-worldly farm in the Cape, a story about two twin sisters living their dream, a story of traditional South African cooking and beyond that it is an inspiration for my food stories.

The many dunes of Namibia

After five days in the Namib desert of Namibia, a dune is a dune is just another dune – but its really not.

Orchids that look like animals

Orchids are some of the most diverse and exquisite plants in the world and their flowers boggle the mind – particularly these strange and amusing examples that take on the appearance of certain animals!

Flocks of flamingos in Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay in Namibia is synonymous with flamingos and a trip to the area would not be complete without some time spent with these pink birds.

A sense of surreal in strange Solitaire

In the middle of nowhere in Namibia, somewhere between Sossusvlei and Walvis Bay, lies the one petrol-station town of Solitaire – a photographers dream come true.

The legend of the fairy circles

In a thin stretch that traverses the vast Namib desert lies hundreds upon hundreds of mysterious fairy circles, and there are many legends as to how they formed…

Darling – a spring sensation

Snow in spring can really dampen the spirits but when you live in Cape Town and the bright, flower-carperted fields of Darling are less than an hour away, snow is welcomed as a dramatic backdrop to nature’s very own colour festival!

Lusty leopard toads

The noise is deafening as a hundred males compete for the attention of the ladies. No this is not the annual motorbike rally – its simply the Western Leopard Toads mating.

10 African animals in rapid decline

A number of Africa’s most famous, beloved and beautiful species are in rapid decline.  It is often shouted from the rooftops those animals that are listed as endangered or only have limited numbers left, and rightly so. However there are other species whose numbers, although appearing great in number, are fast being depleted. The population […]

6 kids that are making a difference

If the kids can do it, why can’t we? Kids don’t take no for an answer and if they want something badly enough they will make it happen. Meet these six amazing children that have set their sights on projects close to their hearts and are making history as they teach us adults that one […]