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The Endangered Wildlife Trust breaks the population taboo

The Endangered Wildlife Trust became the newest member of the Population and Sustainability Network, an independent body that coordinates an international network of organisations recognising the importance of population and consumption impacts as significant factors in sustainable development.

Monkey paws at Durban's muthi market

Need a monkey paw? I know where to go. I wanted to see if Durban’s muthi (medicine) market was brimming with as many monkey paws, snake skins and owl carcasses as I had heard. Annually the South African traditional muthi trade is worth around R 2.9 billion, dispenses around 128 million courses of medication and employs […]

The mighty springbok migration

Gert van der Merwe’s personal account of the great springbok migration is told in Lawrence G. Green’s book Karoo. Towards the end of the 19th century, Gert’s family moved their sheep and cattle between decent grazing lands, helped by their shepherds and a San wagon leader who must have previously experienced the migration. “The trek […]