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Meet the nocturnal animals of South Luangwa

South Luangwa National Park is one of the few national parks in Zambia where evening drives can be done. The goal of this rather exciting activity is the search for nocturnal species of the bush which you would normally see less of, or not at all, during the daytime. Of course there is always a chance of seeing leopard or lion during the day, but the big cats come to life after sunset!

Photoseries: a python and his super-sized meal

When we arrived at the location of the mysterious event, we saw the incredible scene of an African rock python wrapped tightly around a gazelle. It was amazing to see Africa’s largest snake with its prey out in the open for all of us to witness.

Exploring the world of black and white photography

As a wildlife photographer I try to pull out all the stops and be creative as possible, and right now I am enjoying black and white photography.

EcoTraining wildlife photography course with Etienne Oosthuizen


If you want to enhance your photographic capabilities, then join EcoTraining on a wildlife photography course from 6 May to 2 June in Kruger National Park.

Photography: 8 easy steps for fantastic backlit wildlife images


How to capture the perfect backlit wildlife image!

Magical Mana Pools: a photographer‘s paradise

Mana Pools is definitely one of Africa’s most unique travel and photo destinations. Already many years ago, this spectacular national park in Hwange, Zimbabwe has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Video: A lesson in motherhood between two elephant herds in Botswana

On a recent visit to South Africa Botswana we planned a safari that was not restricted by lodge schedules or other guests and could spend as much time as needed on each sighting for him to get the shots that he wanted – and a herd of elephants presented us with just that opportunity!

The things you learn on your journey as a wildlife photographer

Experimenting with photography has made me fall in love with Black and White editing. It has broadened my horizons and certainly improved my creative thinking.

Photo series: leopards fighting in the Mara

Incredible images of two leopards fighting in the Mara

Landscape photography along the Wild Coast

Nature’s Light offers an annual landscape photography workshop along South Africa’s iconic Wild Coast.

Child-friendly wildlife photography workshops at Jaci’s Lodges

The perfect place for young wildlife enthusiasts to learn about wildlife photography and hone their photographic skills in the bush at Jaci’s Lodges

A Big Five bonanza!

Guests were treated to a host of Big Five viewing at Cheetah Plains Private Nature Reserve in the Sabi Sand.

Photographic challenges and opportunities in Etosha

The tricks to taking great photos in Etosha National Park.

A new app helps wildlife photographers

A professional photographic safari guide’s top 50 wildlife photography tips are delivered seamlessly in an affordable new app.

Watch out, there’s a pride of lions behind you!

An epic lion hunt is caught on camera in the Luangwa Valley.

Photographing the elusive leopards of Kruger

One guide has a knack for finding and photographic the rarely spotted leopards of Kruger. Here are his photos.

The ‘Big 5’ tips for great wildlife photography


Take great photos on your next safari and build your skill level with these tips from wildlife photographer Heidi Watson.

You don’t always need to leave camp to enjoy the wildlife


Madikwe Game Reserve provides ample photo opportunities, both on game drives or in camp, as wildlife doesn’t always respect fences.

From amateur to pro: A wildlife photographer’s humble beginnings


Every photographer starts out as an amateur, it only takes the right teacher to grow your skills.

First MaYdikwe Photo Festival celebrates wildlife photography

Guests flock to Madikwe Game Reserve to learn some valuable lessons in wildlife photography.

Reflective photography: reality is not always what it seems

Master the art of reflective photography with these pro tips.

Are you making the most of natural light?

Take your wildlife photography to the next level by making the most of natural light.

How to photograph on manual mode with auto ISO

All you need to know about photographing wildlife on manual mode while using auto ISO.

A photographer’s dream leopard sighting

After having no luck on safari, a group of photographers almost gave up hope until a call on the radio signaled the chance for the perfect shot.

Why a morning safari is worth the 5am wake-up call

Wake up with the wildlife and discover a world of unrivaled beauty in the bush.

Natural beauties and tips that do the trick

Get top beauty tips from some of Africa’s most beautiful inhabitants.

Get out of auto mode when taking wildlife photos

How to graduate out of auto mode when taking wildlife photos, and why this is important.

A photographic feast in South Luangwa

Beautiful South Luangwa offers photographers an abundance of opportunities to get the perfect shot. Here are the top 11 wildlife photographs from the diverse region.

7 tips for planning your photo safari to Africa

Be 100% prepared for your next photographic safari and capture some amazing wildlife with these seven essential lessons.

Lessons learnt in wildlife photography

Jaci’s Lodges guide, Anja went to find out more about wildlife photography in order to better help her guests. Here’s what she learnt.

The secret to taking wildlife photos like a pro

Will Burrard-Lucas lets us in on the secret to taking wildlife photos like a pro, using some great entries into our competition to demonstrate his point!

5 tips for mastering the magic of Africa’s golden hour

Learn to take amazing shots of Africa at its finest under the guidance of 2013 Photographer of the Year, Greg Du Toit.

Top tips to building your wildlife photography portfolio

Learn how to create your own wildlife photographic portfolio in just one safari trip.

Top 5 leopard photos of the year at Madikwe Game Reserve


Etali Safari Lodge showcases their top five leopard pictures from the past year at Madikwe Game Reserve.

Getting the perfect focus in your wildlife photographs

Understanding camera focus to enhance your wildlife photography.

5 key points that will help you take better photos while on safari

Understand these 5 things about photography and you’re on your way to capturing great images while on safari.

Tips for hide photography

Why you should photograph from a hide while on safari, and tips and tricks to improve your hide photography.

12 technical things you need to know for photography

12 technical things to think about to improve your photography.

All you need to know about shutter speed

How to improve the sharpness of your images through shutter speed.

10 things to think about in order to master wildlife photography

Some informative ‘hands-on’ know-how so that you can enjoy shooting better images and making the most of your wildlife photography!

9 things to look for when buying a lens for wildlife photography

Here are 9 key things to look for when selecting a lens for wildlife photography.

10 tips to prepare your camera for wildlife photography

10 top wildlife photography tips that could help you on the way to becoming the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2016.

Do you need a DSLR?

With plenty of alternatives to DSLR cameras on the market, including super-zooms and mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, Will Burrard-Lucas answers the question of if you even need a DSLR?

8 things to look for in a camera for wildlife photography

Will Burrard-Lucas explains what camera features are important if you want to get into wildlife photography.

10 things you can do right now to improve your wildlife photography

A summary of Will Burrad-Lucas’ tips for instantly improving your wildlife photography to set you on your way to becoming Africa Geographic’s Photographer of the Year!

An interview with shark researchers: Monique and Chris Fallows

An interview about African wildlife experiences with the husband and wife team who have pioneered the research and photography of the breaching great white sharks of False Bay.

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