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Capturing that something special in a photo

Adding that something extra to your wildlife photography.

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7 tips for improving your wildlife photography

Some good advice for all you aspiring wildlife photographers!

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Natural Splendours of South Africa

Planning a holiday to South Africa? Find out all you need to know about the rainbow nation according to renowned photographer Gerald Cubitt.

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© Will Kent

Appreciating South Africa through photos

Will Kent talks about some of the experiences he had in South Africa as a volunteer.

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Too close, too personal. This hippo was a few meters from me at one of the pools on the Biyamiti River.

Kruger – lions, kingfishers and on foot with ellies

Scott Ramsay’s travels take him to the Kruger National Park, a landmark area in the history of wildlife conservation.

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Wildlife photography – leave nothing to chance

A good wildlife photograph is produced by leaving nothing to chance – know your stuff with these great photography tips.

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Think before you click

Wildlife photography has never been so popular, so here are some tips to keep you ahead of the rest of the pack.

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A word about composition

Chris Martin gives us some tips on how to take care in the initial composition when photographing a variety of subject matters…

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Shooting with a dinosaur

A wildlife photographer tells us how using old DSLR cameras can be just as rewarding as using modern cameras.

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Mother and leopard cub get unwanted visitors

By the time we neared the sighting spot, the two leopards disappeared into some incredibly thick bush along the river. I asked Kevin what my best approach was and he said that I should try get down into the river.

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yellow mongoose

Wildlife photography tips from Chad Wright

Firstly, your equipment is good enough despite what you think or have been told! I’ve seen some amazing images taken with an entry level DSLR and kit lens (regardless of the make). Even the most expensive equipment isn’t going to get you

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© Marcus Westberg (Life through a Lens Photography)

Sibling rivalry in the African bush

Original source: If I was born into a family of Verreaux Eagles, my sister would have pushed me out of the nest a long time ago. Beth and I had a love-hate relationship growing up. Sometimes we were best

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5 Reasons To Go On Safari In Etosha

On the edge of the Etosha Pan all of the animals scatter when the “king of the beasts” approaches the waterhole. Etosha means “Great White Place of Dry Water” and is dominated by the vast white expanse of the Etosha

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Africa Geographic Blog June 2013_001

13 Things I Have Learnt About Photography

It has been a while since I have been here to share my stories, but I hope that you are all at least enjoying my Khaki Fever page in Africa Geographic magazine each month. The months between my last blog

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Playing with young caracals is not only fun but gives you excellent opportunities.

A photographer's perspective: The Wild vs Captive debate

In this blog post I have decided to discuss the wild vs captive debate, as I feel this is somewhat a grey area that has been on photographers minds for a long time. So what is it really all about?

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Elephants (1)

Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana – A photo exploration continued

Below you will find the remainder of photographs taken whilst on safari in Ethiopia, Zambia and Botswana. If you missed the first part to this blog post, which contains a collection of portrait photographs, you can read it here. All photos

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2 lions, 1 cheetah – who wins?

Young lions learn the meaning of inter-species competition. It was an uncharacteristically cold and rainy day in the bush, my family arrived to visit me from England after one of my photographic safaris and we decided to make the most

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Unique perspectives of African Wildlife

These incredible photographs are courtesy of Anup Shah and were captured using remote-controlled, hidden cameras which he camouflaged to look like they were part of the natural landscape. More photographs can be found on his website Looking for tips on

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Marlon’s Mana Memories and plans for another exciting safari in Mana Pools

The sound of a coffee tin falling to the ground woke me from a light sleep. I peeked outside my tent to see a genet sniffing around the table where we had prepared dinner the night before. It is 4am

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Elephant Crossing at Chobe

A herd of elephants use their trunks as snorkels to cross the Chobe River after warning off a group of buffalo trying to tag along behind them. We crossed over from Zimbabwe into northern Botswana, going no further than Kasane,

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rhino Ayesha-Cantor-2

15 Of the Cutest Wildlife Shots

We asked our readers to send in their cutest wildlife shots so that we could pick the top 10, but they were all so dam cute we could only cut it down to 15. Enjoy… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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leopard cub, Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Finding Leopard Cubs in a Tree and other Photographic Adventures

“Leopard,” I heard our guide, Andrew, shout, “And a cub in that tree”. We had barely left camp on our first game drive and we had already struck leopard. It was too much for my eyes to comprehend. It was

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Photographing from the vulture hide at Golden Gate national Park

The Golden Gate Vulture Hide: Photography Tips

Recently Tim Jackson and Morgan Trimble took a trip to try out the new Sasol-sponsored vulture hide at the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. Here he gives you the low-down from a photographer’s persepctive…   The hide You approach the

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Rhino Clash © Ben Coley

Clash of the Titans

In a heartbeat, the harmony of the Sabi Sabi bush was unceremoniously shattered. To our right, the thick vegetation was flattened as two angry rhinos erupted from its depths and emerged onto the open plain in front of us. The

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A tale as long as a neck

Recently, I was asked a question I have been asked many times before. ‘How long is a giraffe’s neck and how many bones does it have?’ My standard response is to answer, ‘Depends how tall the giraffe is!’ But the

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Africa Geographic blog, © Chad Cocking

A pizza, a beer and a couple of white lions please

People come from all over the world to visit Africa, and in particular the ‘wilds of Africa’, to see for themselves a host of fierce creatures such as crocodiles, elephants, lions and, occasionally, tigers (yes, I regularly get asked if

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Chris Martin Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography: Chris Martin's top tips

Sharing views, sharing images, sharing tips and techniques … for me that is the essence of photography. Pro and amateur alike … we will all learn from each other and we never stop learning.  So this week I wanted to

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