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Where to begin. I spent a few weeks in Morocco, Africa back in December 2012 – January 2013. On my 3rd day there I caught an infection which later grew into bronchitis. I was in a lot of pain, and there were days when I had no energy even to hold 1 of my smallest cameras. Thankfully antibiotics did the work (eventually, when I was able to visit a hospital to see what’s happening) and I am fully recovered now.

It was definitely an experience of a lifetime!

During the day it’s pretty warm in Morocco with about 16-21C, but the temperature would get down to about +4C at night and in some areas I’ve had to experience -5C while having no heat. Electricity and hot water seem like expensive commodities in rural areas, and not many people have constant access to it. Luckily, winter does not last long, and during the summer, the temperature is scorching 24/7. Although I can’t really comment on summer food, in the winter, meats such as chicken, beef and lamb are very popular, along with tajine, rice, olives, vegetable soup, couscous and bread. Areas near the ocean tend to consume more seafood. I loved the lamb kebabs – they didn’t have that pungent taste and smell. It’s incredibly delicious! Mint tea and coffee are very popular drinks, and unlike coffee shops in other countries, they are served in very tiny cups. Prices for a cup of coffee or tea ranges from about 0.30 cents to a more common ~$1-1.30 , even for locals. Definitely not cheap.

As in some other countries, photography is challenging as nobody in general likes to have their photo taken. Women and girls usually quickly cover their face as soon as they even see a camera.

I have here almost all the pictures I was able to take. There’s a bit more information provided under certain images with more explanation.



Streets of Fez
Street food is delicious. I took a picture of a man cooking my lamb kabobs ($3 for a meal)
Morocco Africa Geographic Travel
Fez, birds-view of the rooftops.
Tannery in Fez. This is where they dye leather products you find at markets in the country. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well, and when you bend say a leather belt, it leaves a permanent mark.
Men working at a Tannery in Fez. It’s located in the Old Medina
Kids playing at a school’s playground… I found it very creative, considering there are no other toys available.
Street food is delicious. I took a picture of a man cooking my lamb kabobs ($3 for a meal)
Morocco Morocco
Sahara Desert
Sahara at sunrise


Sweets for sale at Marrakech’s market. On the right is a picture of Mohammed VI, who is currently the king of Morocco. It seemed to be loved by many as pictures of them are everywhere(restaurants, houses, streets, restaurants and shops)

All photographs © Dmitri Markine

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