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Tuesday, 14 February 2023

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Our Photographer of the Year 2023 is open for submissions, with cash prizes of US$10,000 for the winner and two runners-up. Winners and their partners will also join our CEO Simon Espley and his wife Lizz on the ultimate private safari in Botswana.

We are open for entries from 1 February 2023 to midnight on 30 April 2023. Judging for Photographer of the Year will take place throughout those months and for the month of May 2023, and the winners will be announced in early June 2023.

Proudly brought to you by Hemmersbach Rhino Force and Mashatu Botswana.

Here are the best submissions for this week 

Photographer of the Year
A phantasm of buffaloes in the mist. The fog hangs heavily on Busanga Plains on a cold June morning. Kafue National Park, Zambia. © Andre Erlich
Photographer of the Year
A critically endangered Perrier’s sifaka, one of the world’s rarest lemurs, clings to a tree – its disproportionate limbs designed for arboreal life. Anjahankely, Madagascar. © Andrew Macdonald
Photographer of the Year
A Maasai man in full ceremonial dress. Kenya. © Carl Naurori
Photographer of the Year
Safe from harm. A baby chacma baboon, in the midst of a late-afternoon grooming session, is the picture of contentment. Kruger National Park, South Africa. © Charmaine Joubert
Photographer of the Year
Bearded vulture on blue canvas. An elegant snapshot captured against the blue hue of the mountains. Giant’s Castle, Maloti-Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site, South Africa. © Darren Donovan
Photographer of the Year
Drenched by the pouring rains of late November on the eastern plains of the Serengeti, two cheetah cubs play tug of war with their dinner. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. © Gabriella Comi
Photographer of the Year
Down to earth. A black-backed jackal stealthily sneaks up on a Burchell’s sandgrouse at a waterhole in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa. © Geir Olaf Gjerden
Africa Geographic Travel
Photographer of the Year
A Natal forest tree frog calls for a mate in the dead of a rainy night. Durban, South Africa. © Hendrik Louw
Photographer of the Year
A mantis – villainous in its pose – settles in amidst the rose petals, contemplating the imminent breaking of a thunderstorm. Kathu, Northern Cape, South Africa. © Hendrik Louw
Photographer of the Year
A pair of endangered Cape gannets – mates for life – playing house before breeding season sets in on Bird Island Nature Reserve. Lambert’s Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. © John Mullineux
Photographer of the Year
Inquisitive weaver ants (Oecophylla sp.) gather outside the nest to inspect the photographer. St Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. © John Mullineux
“After a tough hike to Wolfberg Arch in the Cederberg, I was greeted with clear skies and marvellous rocks.” Western Cape, South Africa. © John Mullineux
A brown-headed parrot adorned in a smorgasbord of tasty weeping boer-bean buds. Kruger National Park, South Africa. © Joschka Voss
Africa Geographic Travel
Shades of night descending. A squacco heron performs evening grooming rites in the last light of day. Kruger National Park, South Africa. © Mart-Mari Duvenhage
Equine linocut. A lone zebra braves a crossing over the Mara River. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. (Editorial note: Frame added by teamAG to show picture border) © Mike George
A thin strip of beach forms a tightrope for horses against a backdrop of dramatic clouds, perfectly mirrored by the Noordhoek Wetlands. Western Cape, South Africa. © Neil Bradfield
A rotund olive baboon shouts a warning in the campsite. Mount Kenya, Kenya. © Paul Brennan
Photographing a nose fly (Fainia albitarsis of the family Rhiniidae) on a bug safari. “The little things can be as amazing as the more obvious. It just takes a little observation,” says the photographer. “I recommend a daily bug safari.” Nairobi, Kenya. © Peter Derry
Chasing the dust storm. A frame from Amboseli National Park, captured in the height of the recent drought. Kenya. © Remya Warrier
African civet caught on DSLR camera trap. Though widespread, these generally nocturnal animals are not often seen. Ruiri, Kenya. © Robin James Backhouse
Africa Geographic Travel
A capture of Giza, one of Laikipia’s better-known melanistic leopards. “I was on an evening game drive and was lucky enough to see Giza in the last light before evening. She had just killed a dik-dik and was about to take her meal up into a tree.” Laikipia, Kenya. © Suzanne Evans
A well-deserved rest. A leopard reclines in the branches, not long after giving birth to her cub nearby. Mara Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya. © Thorsten Hanewald
Surrounded by giants. “We spotted a pride of lions warming up in the morning sun. One lioness completely overslept the retreat of her pride as a herd of elephants came by, awaking to find herself in the middle of the herd.” Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. © Thorsten Hanewald
The solitary gaze of a curious wild dog. Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa. © Werner Hoetzel

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