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Second round of treatments for Elandela rhinos

Yvonne and Rocco Gioia, owners of the Elandela Private Game Reserve near Hoedspruit, looked about anxiously as ‘Precious’ was treated. She is the third rhino to receive medical care out of the four that were injured during an unsuccessful poaching attempt some weeks ago. It is important to monitor a rhino’s body temperature during times […]

Helping rhinos when they most need it

Four rhinos were injured by bullet shots during an unsuccessful poaching attempt in the Elandela Private Game Reserve near Hoedspruit last week. We are happy to announce that they escaped with their horns and lives intact. This is primarily due to the great efforts undertaken by the reserve in collaboration with Investec Rhino Lifeline, the […]

South Africa’s human impacts: Too Much Too Many

Statistics? No, thank you. It’s the personal stories that matter. It is only after David Johnson turned his back on his profession as a lawyer and moved to South Africa from rainy London in 2003 that he found his true calling as environmentalist. I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his new project, Too […]

Mind your language: how to speak ‘shark’

Interactions between humans and sharks are often mirrored by bad press. Recent research shows how the repeated use of words such as ‘monster’ and ‘attack’ can influence the way we perceive these ocean predators. Most of you might remember Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws and Steven Spielberg’s subsequent movie in which the great white shark was referred […]

How to snorkel with seal pups

Prior to my trip to Duiker Island off Hout Bay, friends had warned me about a possible addiction. They were right! 1. Seek adventure outside your comfort zone The ocean is both a magical and majestic place and more often than not you only get to experience its amazing underwater world when you seek adventure […]

‘Her Deepness’ Dr Sylvia Earle launches Sea Pledge Coastal Tour

Make waves for our oceans by sharing what you know and protecting what you love… …in a collective effort to support coastal conservation in South Africa and to involve local communities whose livelihoods depend on our oceans! The Sea Pledge Saldanha to Sodwana Coastal Tour is a 2 000-kilometre journey and will offer amazing opportunities […]

Former NBA star Yao Ming stands up to poaching

Former NBA player and Chinese icon, Yao Ming, launches a major public awareness campaign against the sky-rocketing consumption of rhino horn and ivory in China. Partnered with WildAid (WA), Save the Elephants (STE), African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and the Yao Ming Foundation, this initiative is taking a major step towards closing the bushveld slaughterhouse, once […]

Of dancing cheetahs and sculptures

Imagine a childhood dream of a ferocious lion on your heels, ready to pounce. Would you keep running away forever? Or one day turn around to face your fears? I interviewed American sculptress Rosetta to find out how she fought her recurring nightmares of big cats, and how this has spawned her love for dancing […]