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Africa GeographicContent Marketing Kit FAQ

Content Marketing Kit FAQ

Q: How do I send through content for blog posts?
A: Blog posts must be written in a Word document and emailed through to us. Please include any links you want within the Word document. Pictures to accompany blogs must be at least 700 pixels wide and can be sent via email or dropbox. Please ensure you have full rights to use any images you send through. Africa Geographic reserves the right to edit any content as we see fit.

Q: Where will my profile be displayed?
A: Your profile will be displayed at the end of each blog post of yours that we publish. A link back to your website will be included with this profile and readers can click on your profile to see a list of all your blog posts on our site.

Q: Can I send through previously published blog posts?
A: We prefer that any text you send through to be published on Africa Geographic is unique and unpublished elsewhere. This is because Google penalises duplicate content. Photos or videos that have been published before are OK but fresh and new text is always preferred.

Q: How do I get Africa Geographic to share my videos and photos via Africa Geographic’s social media?
A: Photos that are stand alone and do not necessarily have a story behind them can be sent to the editorial team and will be saved for future sharing on social media. When these pictures are shared your social pages will receive appropriate mentions.

Photos that have a story behind them will be blogged on the Africa Geographic website and then these blog posts will be shared on social media. Videos can either be hosted on Africa Geographic’s Youtube channel or hosted on your own Youtube channel and then embedded into a blog post on Africa Geographic.

Q: Will you share my social media posts?
A: We tend not to do direct shares on Facebook but prefer instead to schedule photo and blog links at a time best suited to our audience. These posts are then linked back to your social pages by means of a mention in the caption. We do retweat content to our followers should the tweet be of relevance to them.

Q: How do I know what to write about?
A: You will receive a weekly newsletter that showcases the best blog and social media posts from other content marketing kit members during that week. These newsletters should give you an idea on what stories do well. Typically great sightings, travel tips and useful information do well. Awesome photos always do well, so get your guides and guests involved in sharing their amazing experiences with you and us. Before you start putting together your first blog please check out our blogging rules and guidelines:

Q: Can I include links back to my website in our posts?
A: Of course you can, so long as the links are relevant and flow with the story. Be careful not to force links or add too many, as this turns readers off.

Q: How many posts can I submit for consideration?
A: You can submit for consideration up to two blog posts per month. Note that all submissions are subject to our editorial process and approval.  We do not guarantee that all of your submissions will be published and our editorial team has the sole discretion in this regard.


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