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Ruth Leeney

Ruth Leeney is a researcher and training provider, with a PhD in marine biology. She grew up in Ireland and the UK and now lives in Namibia, but work has taken her to the Arctic, the USA, Greece and a handful of West African countries. She has spent the last decade and more, working on conservation and research projects focusing mostly on whales and dolphins. She also works on community education initiatives and the development of sustainable marine tourism, and has an interest in culture and traditions in coastal communities, particularly in West Africa. Her work, adventures and the colourful challenges of the ‘dark continent’ are documented on her blog, West Africa Cetaceans.


The confirmation, two days ago, of the presence of a grey whale in Walvis Bay, Namibia has caused some excitement not only locally but also throughout the international community of whale & dolphin researchers and beyond. Grey whales (scientific name:

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