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A lost whale brings new significance to Namibia's coast

The confirmation, two days ago, of the presence of a grey whale in Walvis Bay, Namibia has caused some excitement not only locally but also throughout the international community of whale & dolphin researchers and beyond. Grey whales (scientific name: Eschrichtius robustus) used to inhabit the Atlantic, but were extinct by the 18th century, possibly […]

Searching for the elusive Sousa & the mythical sawfish – Part II.

To read part one go here First things first. No, sawfish are not cetaceans. Whales and dolphins are cetaceans; sawfish are sharks. But since my interest in Guinea-Bissau’s dolphins led me to the sawfish project, I have developed a fascination with this mysterious species which seems poised for extinction. I am still filled with disbelief […]

Searching for the elusive Sousa & the mythical sawfish – Part I.

– ‘Where are you off to?’ – ‘Guinea-Bissau’ Queue quizzical look, which led me to explain that Guinea-Bissau (hereafter GB) was a small country to the south of Senegal, on the coast of West Africa. Quizzical look replaced by a blank nod.Very few people have heard of GB, or know anything about it, yet this […]

A Close Encounter With the World's Smallest Whale

The rough road through the salt pans, lined with greater and lesser flamingos, glossy white pelicans and scurrying speckled waders, led us to the salt works’ pump station. A good 50 metres and more from the waters edge lay a long, thin creature, bedecked in a patchwork jacket of red, purple, black and white that […]