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Maggie Hirschauer

I spend much of my time at VulPro watching the copulation behaviours of Cape vultures, hauling carcasses in varying states of decay, or smashing bones with a sledge hammer. You would not be the first to call me crazy for considering these enjoyable pastimes. I am conducting my Master’s research in South Africa alongside VulPro’s Cape vulture captive-breeding program. My study is the first to investigate captive-bred release success of the highly threatened species. I spent my early 20’s travelling East Africa while managing chimpanzee and blue monkey research projects. In my spare time I explored the region in self-guided mountaineering and hiking expeditions. I was born in America but have always found (or created) reasons to keep returning to Africa – what now feels like my home continent.

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Maggie explains how the endangered Cape vultures are hatched at VulPro.

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