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Written by: Jami Compton

I am new to the world of artists, although I’ve been interested in the environment my entire life. Born and raised on Florida’s Sanibel Island, where the majority of the island is a protected nature reserve, I learned to respect nature and all the animals living there.


Right after college I began working for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Research Institute working with marine invertebrates, but I never felt like I was doing enough. Growing up with an art teacher for a mother, and a grandmother who also dabbled in art, I was comfortable with a paintbrush in my hand, although I had never pursued it as a career and when I started painting again at age 24, and I realised this is what I wanted to do everyday of my life.  So, after 3 long years, I left Fish & Wildlife, and as the paint flowed, I knew something had clicked.

All of the species I painted for my first show were painted on large canvases. I wanted to give people a chance to make eye contact with the stylised versions of these wild animals. I still dream to be able to travel to Africa to visit these incredible creatures I’ve been painting, and one day I’ll get there.


But for now percentage of all of my sales are being donated to multiple organisations, depending on the painting. For example, my chimpanzee and gorilla proceeds with be donated to The Jane Goodall Institute, while my lion painting proceeds will be donated to The Kevin Richardson Foundation.

My goal isn’t to make a living, although, that would be nice. My goal is to raise awareness about these incredible animals living so close to the cliff of extinction. My paintings will hopefully remind people of this. Out of sight, out of mind isn’t an option anymore. Lock eyes and feel love for these creatures.


Originals or prints of my artwork can be purchased on my website:


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