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This footage by Latest Sightings shows how the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, plays its part in this poor buffalo’s life when a lioness, who was from a different pride from the lions killing it, indirectly saves its life.

Mike Kirkman, a professional guide at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve, filmed this once in a lifetime scene while guiding a drive with guests in the Greater Kruger National Park.


Mike was at a sighting where he was watching two prides of lions a close distance apart from each other. One pride was named the Eyrefield pride and the other was call the Matshapiri pride. The lionesses of the Eyrefield pride chased the buffalo through the riverbed in a spectacular fashion and caught one buffalo that couldn’t make it up the embankment in time.


Then males of the Matshapiri pride saw an opportunity for a meal and quickly ran over to help the lionesses bring down the buffalo.


When everyone watching thinks that it’s all over, that the buffalo is dead and the lions are set to have a big meal, a lioness, which belonged to the Matshapiri pride, tried to sneak in and join the action.


The rivalry between the two prides doesn’t let the Eyrefield lioness tolerate this and a huge fight ensues with all the lions attacking one another, regardless of which side they are on. Not only do the two males attack one another, but they also attack the lioness on their own team!


In all this confusion, the buffalo gets up and makes its escape, while the lions run after one another roaring. It’s like nothing even happened.

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